Thursday, January 31, 2008

what comes around..

He called everyone for a staff meeting, including lawyers.
He didn't mince his words, going loggerheads with the undefended staff.
I can see from their eyes, its not fair.

I left early for a meeting with the arbitrator.
And I came late for work (the only one pros of being a lawyer, I guess) at 11 and guess what.
All the laptops were gone.
Somebody broke into the office and took all the Compaqs.
(Alhamdullilah, lucky for me I brought home mine)

(Not a hint of guilt, anyway anyhow we should not cheer for other people's misery but in this rat race, the losing rat gets the occasional cheese)

I don't know how, who dunnit. And I seriously don't want to know who's getting the blame.
But I feel each of us deserve what we do/did for others to suffer as much.

One of the staff told me: see, its karma paying back.


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