Friday, December 28, 2007

random tag

Triviality at its best, Nadia and I'm obliged to reply to the 8 random things about me.

1. I like Keroncong music.
Owe it to my Johorian background.
This is so embarrassing.
So here it goes, the first things that pops to my head:

1. I can't paint without it causing me severe migraine attack.

2. I sleep in bathtubs during cold season at 3 a.m (in hot water laaa!)

3. I don't keep up with friends unless its incidental. (Sorry guys!). But I'll try harder, promise!

4. I want a simple life (and adventures in the right places) read: mountain climbing, backpacking.I hate surprises.

5. I'm still wearing my old Roxy handbag and not upgrading my current ride. So not keeping up with the Joneses. Eh I wrote that already.

6. I skim my read. Bad habit.

7. I don't like crowds. I won't go out with more than a few. I prefer quiet meetings unless it is for adventure.

8. I wear jeans to sleep and never wore a pajama. I'm convinced that I was born into this world wearing overalls (my childhood uniform).

I tag Aja, Yah, Atie.

hahaha.... what a day. I went down to get a drink, when I came up back, the door to my office was locked. It seemed everybody has left for the weekend. Just so happened that I left my own set of keys and handphone AT HOME as well. And me the scatterbrain never did memorise any of our staff's number (not that they're more than 4 pun), so I tried calling Zetty, hoping that she can call any of the staff to make a u-turn and save me.
But she didn't pick up the phone.
Neither did mak.

It was already dark, after trying to call so many times, I got frustrated and bought myself two magazines (things that I won't do in normal circumstance) just to calm me down.

I didn't know what to do. (lucky I'm working near the State, its fashionable to sit on one of the benches and looking cool as the evening dims out.
Deep inside I was cursing. Bodoh sial.
So I waited and every 5 minutes I'll try calling again at the pay phone looking like a deserted mistress trying to call her man. Shit.),

After ONE hour waiting, trying to look cool sitting at one of 'em benches like minding my own business, (God knows how I FEEL INSIDE) the dispatch guy came back to get something.


You should've seen the boy's expression.
I was so jubilated it scared the poor guy.


Bhutto assasinated.

News alert news alert.
(for those who don't have satellite tv at home. Including moi)

Thursday December 27, 2007 2:16 PM
Associated Press Writers
RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a suicide attack that also killed at least 20 others at the end of a campaign rally, aides said.
``The surgeons confirmed that she has been martyred,'' Bhutto's lawyer Babar Awan said.

A party security adviser said Bhutto was shot in neck and chest as she got into her vehicle to leave the rally in Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad. A gunman then blew himself up.

``At 6:16 p.m. she expired,'' said Wasif Ali Khan, a member of Bhutto's party who was at Rawalpindi General Hospital where she was taken after the attack.

Her supporters at the hospital began chanting ``Dog, Musharraf, dog,'' referring to Pakistan's president Pervez Musharraf.

Some smashed the glass door at the main entrance of the emergency unit, others burst into tears. One man with a flag of Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party tied around his head was beating his chest.
In Washington, the State Department said it was seeking confirmation of Bhutto's condition.

``Certainly, we condemn the attack on this rally,'' deputy spokesman Tom Casey said.
'`It demonstrates that there are still those in Pakistan who want to subvert reconciliation and efforts to advance democracy.''

The United States has for months been encouraging Musharraf to reach an accommodation with the opposition, particularly Bhutto, who was seen as having a wide base of support in Pakistan.

Her party had been widely expected to do well in parliamentary elections set for next month.

At least 20 others were killed in the blast that took place as Bhutto left the rally where she addressed thousands of supporters in her campaign for Jan. 8 parliamentary elections.

Bhutto served twice as Pakistan's prime minister between 1988 and 1996. She had returned to Pakistan from an eight-year exile Oct. 18.
On the same day, her homecoming parade in Karachi was also targeted by a suicide attacker, killing more than 140 people. On that occasion she narrowly escaped injury.

I always remembered Bhutto the same way I remembered Maggie Thatcher.
Women Leaders are always different and dignified in such a way they are a threat to men.
So is Condi, (but she is not againt the ones in power, but still).
We Malaysians have different way in meaning "bhuto" but lets us pray for peace, a while in remembrance that one leader assasinated will only give birth to another thousand more fighters.


...dearest monet.

told you she's the smart one.
Congrats nenet.
For your 9 A's.

We're proud of you (always had)
My nenet, my biggu, monet and little monkey.
Habibati, you're my rahmah.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

indebted to you

Yesterday I woke up with Puspa ringing on my ears, a rude awakening to my late meeting this morning that I proposed to meet her at the A&W drive-in after three rounds of running around the Taman Jaya lake with my baby sister.

But I dread waking up. As if all the dreams I had when I sleep are all good.

And no, I didn't dread waking up knowing that I planned to run.
I always liked running.
I love running.

Yesterday did a six, with my two sisters.
But Yah couldn't run, its something she had to compromise for letting the surgeon 'do' her eyes.

Believe me,when I run, I really run,.
Well this I say not even in the same breath to brag, but actually I felt sorry for myself because I just that I hoped I don't abuse the Adidas-run that my him bought for me the same pairs as his).
(That guy takes so long to pick a shoe. Hahaha)

And my pace is picking up since my better half the avid sportman a.k.a running partner is suddenly in India.

It seems I run faster without his sweet smile distracting my run.
And this month I lost another 3kg.

"Bangun, bangun"

That rascal of a lass should've realised that not everyone reads their text messages to wake up.
I sleepily droveto the A&W suddenly realizing why I dread waking up. But it didn't matter anymore. I was already half way through the Federal.

Meeting Puspa had always been a pleasure for me.
No matter if the drive back home from Port Dickson got us suddenly in Bandar Hilir Melaka, getting lost and shouting obscenities at the helpful locals that are all helpful to get us even more lost, it has always been 'different' cuppa friends if that friend of yours belong to Legalaiders Inc.

It makes life more bearable, having these little missions that you thought you're giving something back to the society. You owe nothing but to them, dude.
Ragu-ragu the lawyer said that you don't join legal aid to become angels. Its a duty, thats duly assigned to all of us humankind towards another. You don't choose to become one to feel good.

Puspa came wearing a very cute T-shirt depicting Bush and Mao Tze Tung in cheong sams shaking hands. Bush says "when will you be having your election?", to which the bubble of the latter replied "every morning". No one, could ever wear that t-shirt without sounding serious except her. And we got down to business with sleepy Zetty listened (yes I had to drag her. I'm banned from running alone).

The recent project was about the unlawful detention of Abdul Malek Hussin, I'm sure you've heard of him being awarded 2 millions by KL High Court.
Blame Fadiah for nominating me to cartoon). (Thanks to the sand sculpture I made on the beach during our stay in PD. It looked like Cecil Rajendra (maybe it was because I was delighted that Cecil sent me his poetry book via air mail. The man is an international human right lawyer and a renown I poet). Its a terrible tribute, the sand man. If not for the Gucci sunglasses it would've looked a bit odd with his discoloured eyes and too large a nostril. But nonetheless Fad was convinced I could draw a decent stick man for the project.

After three hours of breakfast and a cancelled run, my sister and I decided to go to our favourite bookstore and not that I regret that my pocket (literally speaking, you) is dry, having bought myself four books, but I regret that Jim Harrison's novel made itself found for me to weep inconsolably. I read his short novel 'Revenge', before reading The Legends (stupid movie made Susannah dated all three of them sibslings) and what I can tell you, this man is a gift to the literature world. This is how I spend my Xmas holidays.

By getting more nonsensically digressed.
In my failed attempt to become more poetical.
I'm an overkill.

Jim Harrison, oh my namesake, and all those people with the name of Harrisons (even so referring to the one in a Liverpool band that created rock n' roll) grace me with some of your talent. Hahaha.

And today aja woke me up "Ek kau kat court?"
when it was 10.30 and I'm not on leave.

I now remember why I dreaded waking up.
I just don't want the day to end when it starts.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

this 23 december again..

[photo deleted]

Rela ku menunggu mu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benar kah hidup aku kan selama ini
Biar berputar utara selatan
Ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Rela ku mengejar mu seribu batu jauh lagi
Tapi benar kah kaki ku kan tahan sepanjang jalan ini
Biar membisu burung bersiulan
Tenang lah gelombang lautan
Ku masih setia

Ada kah engkau yakin ini cinta
Ada kah engkau pasti ini tuk selama lama nya

Rela ku menunggu mu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benar kah hidup ku kan selama ini..yeahh
Biar berputar utara selatan
Ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Jangan putus harapan
Sedia setia..

jiwang mode.
Happy anniv, syg...
You're so good to me, I don't know what I did to deserve someone like you..
Thank you.


Friday, December 21, 2007

of greens and leaves

If I have to give up my current profession, (not that I want to. It's one of the few that guarantees liberty of sort), say in a situation that suddenly money-based occupation is made obsolete by the new government that believes nothing but communism. Just play along, picture the scenario:

While everyone panic and starts being suicidal (and those who lives to shop would just die of anti-depressant overdose. (Tsk tsk) and began to question if the Twin Tower is the reason for power drainage, the high class society will just let open their gates unbarred waiting for the new regime to take their property now deemed as the state property please do not remove. Yes they will do it in dignity, or else they would've fled the country with the ousted government ministers.

But there are people one with peace and serenity, they embrace whatever coming, while the smart ones will start plotting how to overthrow the new current government that is now oh so popular with the introduction of free medical services.

And suddenly everyone else is back at their basics.
Everyone else is a farmer, a labourer, a bread maker, an ice-cream peddler.
Say in this scenario, everyone including the mastermind of the coup, will have to wait for their ration of provisions, everyone now with the small cups, waiting for their keep of the day, in line. No money, nothing to buy, but a small coupon with your social identity number for something to eat.

In that sense of scenario, I will happily become a gardener.

Not everyone knows that I love gardening.
At the old house in damansara, I tended the roses and the sweet scent flooded our house, and the secret garden that can only be accessible via the arched staircase was in bloom.

I love being in the sun, one with the nature, tendering greens while it gives me time to read, not disturbed by any other social-complexities (read: gossip, slander. I don't do it, not even in my blog. We're too noble for that, right?), and I'm my own philosopher.

Socrates, Plato, Ibn Rusyd were herbalists and even Rumi were part-time gardener.
I'd like to think the Bard was one, too, but I can't be sure if he was inclined to be one in moody clouds of England.

But unless and until that happens, I will always be a lawyer.
The closest I can get being philosophical.
By working in the mechanisms of philosophies i.e law.

Or unless, suddenly I'm married with 6 kids.
Haw haw.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

sub judice

Somebody ought to tell Paklah the dangers of sub judice (unless he already knows or God forbid already got to0 comfortable into the practice of knowing).

I get the shock reading the dailies, and began to wonder if no one in the cabinet have a clue of what they're doing.

And began to wander if anyone took notice of this piece of news that ought to shake the nation and crumble the people up there.

But then again, I look beyond my window and see happy ladies shopping stupidly and men smoke their ciggies, oblivious to the happenings in our beloved country.

We're like the Americans, Bush is the Evil but their people is still fighting to become the next Idol while the whole world spate off with distate ahh american idiots.

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Dis - Tindakan PM, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang mengarahkan Peguam Negara menggugurkan pertuduhan cubaan membunuh ke atas 31 demonstran Hindraf membuktikan campurtangan politik yang ketara dalam sistem perundangan negara. Abdullah, dalam satu kenyataan yang disiarkan sebuah stesen tv tempatan dipetik sebagai berkata:

"Dato' Seri Samy Vellu telah menyampaikan kepada saya permohonan ibu bapa pemuda seramai 31 orang agar anak mereka tidak ditahan serta dibebaskan dari tuduhan cubaan membunuh seorang anggota polis semasa demonstrasi Hindraf di Batu Caves tempoh hari.

"Mereka juga sudah insaf serta berjanji tidak mahu lagi ikut serta mana-mana perhimpunan Hindraf di masa akan datang kerana selama ini mereka telah terpedaya. Dan saya meminta Peguam Negara supaya mengkaji semula tuduhan keatas mereka."

Well, if his kindness and mercy is imposed the same to the Batu Burok's accused persons, what do you call it? Since when can somebody decide?

People, this is Malaysia. The land of Boleh-land.

sub ju·di·ce (sb jd-s, sb yd-k)
Under judicial deliberation; before a judge or court of law.

[Latin sub idice : sub, beneath, before + idice, ablative of idex, judge.]

Bloody hell.


Friday, December 14, 2007

of jerseys and names

I was hooting with laughter as my clients looked wary at me, but I can't help myself.
Just gonna do this for 5 minutes, so excuse all the misspellings and grammars.
And I feel so lucky that there's wireless in KLIA so I can post to you this:

This is the most unfortunate surname to be put on a(ny) jersey . My God!

And this is what I got from a Man Utd hater, Nadia MY : Man U(seless)
Aja had this to reply : Arsengal.

Err, like always, I'm with Liverpool, the club with a judicial notice that the jerseys are hideous, the players horrendously underrated, but we escape with any calling-game (just yet, ain't starting any). We peace loving people. People just don't bully us (because we're so... under the radar -nobody likes LFC except me and Sarah engine)

But ugly jerseys aside, I think the Euro kit (minus the iklan arak setan hijau) is superb.
Look how cool the black number is.
Maybe I'm still hot from watching Liv got in for the first knockout stage.
Now its only AC Milan, Celtic, Real Madrid, Olympiakos, Schalke, Chelsea, Porto and Liv.

hint hint to ze boyfriend.
K darling?
mana laaaaa nak cari

hint hint hint e -bay kan ada


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

you lose some, you win some

Got philosophical just by watching LFC play against Reading and Marseille.

Lost 3-1

Won 4-0

This is how I stay grounded.
Not by watching football overdose lah.
But reminding myself, you lose some, you win some.
Unless you're the kind of person who don't earn his keep.
(think Italian football and all the bookies).

I lost so many things/persons in life.

I lost my perfect eyesight through endless reading of books.
But I gained knowledge more than a small person like me could have.

I never knew how to play batu seremban and getah
But I played with the boys (hey! whats so good about that, uh?)

I lost a friend who committed suicide. (Ste, rest in peace. I love thee)
But I found out that love does not end even when the person dies.

I lost my interest in doing maths.
But I found peace reading law (yeah right)

I lost contact with friends because we move around too much
Just to make my circle of friends bigger and the world at large is a playground for me!

I lost touch with all the entertainment industry
just to find that I only need myself to humour my own company.

I lost the marvel in keeping up with trends, fashion and gadgets
but I always will have the luck in discovery of other things (snorkel Kiribati =D)

I lost to a neighbouring school in a volleyball tournament
but I got to be the champion in cross country running.

I lost the chance to make the cut for the netball team
(not that I play decent netball~ ugh too girlish anyway) (gila sourgrape)
but I got myself captained for two years for handball (rawk on!)

I lost all the glamour and oh the glitz by not joining bigger firms
but I got a boss that does not breathe behind my neck (ahh I love ma job, ma!)

I lost the love that I once thought I knew that would save me
but I won the true love of my life.

And more than usual, I still don't get why things have to be bad, but I never question if there is any good in the bad, in the ugly, in the bleak.
For me, its just the way that how Allah shows us His Love, Grace and Mercy.

By not letting us drown deeper in the high.

Ya Allah, jadikanlah kami semakin bersyukur kepada nikmat kurnia-Mu.
Hidup ini, iman ini, dan kasih ini. Ameen.

p/s: I get emotional when LFC wins. Oh really!
We're just a small team. Sob sob. And no one I know supports LFC....hahahaha.

Gon' be buzee this week until new year.
Any meeting shall be made through appointment only. Ahaks.
so I won't be blogging/facebooking/friendstering for awhile. Sob sob.


the word on the street is:

THE word on the street is:
romeo must die
still we laugh about it.

thank you Saharil.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i like to play

ostrich racing.
rock climbing

nextweek: horse riding at Ulu Yam mountain.
Been there twice during a karisma-jim training. They let us go with the horses whereever we want, and only minimal fee of RM3 is charged per day.

I believe in living life to the fullest, and what better way than being with nature. It sets you free. I think that's why I'm always stress-free, and there's always my dearest family and dearest beloved if anything else fail.
Reason why I am always missing in action.
A good excuse to keep me out of trouble and a leeway for me to escape simpletons that annoy. There's more to life than being frustrated with work, bla bla bla.

Hahaha. Now I'm looking for any new friends interested to join in.
Text me ah.

(but Yah is darn more adventurous than I am. Sheesh. tau2 dah kat hutan mana2)the daredevil got me into whiteriver rafting in Parangritis.


Monday, December 10, 2007

lawyers are not above the law

no we're not.
So are you.

Glad that kak Lat and the rest got released today.
I didn't wait for the whole thing to end (because I saw Mr Boss looking at me "I thought you have BP now?"), but Sasha did, but our MBW really did a good job updating the day's chronology even when his laptop's battery's dying on him. So we still have good coverage on the happenings.

It had been a very busy week, the book publisher is hunting on my due dateline since last Friday (I'm still on my first page. Frozen ideas and brain death makes the writer's block makes two peas in a pod). And all this govt getting superbly overly sensitive is getting on everyone's nerve.

I was having lambchop with me favourite lunch mate F. Irina after our brief rendezvous to the Criminal Court to watch our AG in action (twice in Sessions. Whoa. I know) and this kinda came out:

Me: ..after the walk for justice, it seems that every Sunday there's a different Demo..
F : I guess its because they see it even lawyers can march, why not us, but this time this is getting way out of hand lah
Me: you mean Edmund's case?
F: The only rationale I can think of from them doing this is that they don't want show the rakyat something is wrong
Me: Ya, but when they try to shut us up, the whole world knows something is wrong.
F: Haha.

I think that summed everything up, what a bummer because I think in other countries, people demonstrating is as of right and the police would assist in making way for them to demo. But in our country, it seemed that every Demo is associated with something else.

F. and Shamani took a ride with me home, (these ppl have their own shuttle but dread of waiting for it) ,and I was so shocked to see that my car's headlights were still switched on!! Aiya baru-baru pun kena sudah tuka battery kaa? But was glad that the car's a champ and still can be started even after being left for more than four hours (F's fault. )

Otherwise the rest of the day was fine, me off from work tomorrow, watched movies with friends (Atie watched it 3 times she said : its not the movie you're watching, but its the company that counts) thanks Atie, me and my sisters really enjoyed it. Zaza still talked about it.And we managed to drag Toni to

Ahh Enchanted.
My prince was busy playing at a futsal match, but was glad I was kept busy with mandi air terjun the Sunday after. Three hours in the cold water. So relaxing.
And I got a love letter from him (sweet. When you think that we communicate every other hour. I appreciate his efforts for making the distance painless)

Promised the bridesmaid and twinny to treat em lunch. =) baru dapat gaji + bonus!
Boss must have in silence, took notice of his LA yang surfed too long on the internet =p
Or he must have felt guilty because he let me off in the deep ocean the other day without help handling that miserable trial. But he coached me how, and I really appreciate his ways of showing me how to be a good student and maybe someday,I can be as good as he is!

But the pressure to become a better litigator is buildingn up.
All in a good cause.

Life is beautiful.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Feel Good Inc.

The house became suddenly unaccustomed to the usual quiet, as the last few nights some friends came to stay. So it was a busy weekend for me, tiring as well, with a lot of weddings and drama (not ours, but just we just had our time to observe) but the whole lot was good ol' fun.

Its the Feel Good inc.

Straight after work on Friday we realised that what a sucker I am for not knowing the direction to almost every place we go (just because I was born the same day as Sasha it doesn't mean I've to be a good navigator like she is) but we had fun getting lost (oh, sourgrapes!) and while going to Nick and Carol's pre-wedding dinner in Taman Indah (where? exactly) we found ourselves in Kajang Prison. No kidding!

Alas after 2 hours of clueless driving, we arrived at Carol's place, and I could tell you, if there's anyplace that needs proving that Malaysia is a muhibbah -happy-people-live -together, it must be in this neighbourhood. It kinda make you feel warm inside, and knowing Nick and his dear wife, you know how grounded and cultured they are, it must be because where they come from. Families of neighbours of different beliefs and races, celebrate the two newlyweds, and these things must add up to the blessful joyous occasion. I must say I'm impressed. (the fact that Carol's the prettiest bride I've ever seen, too. Nick, lucky guy ;))

We didn't stay for long, as we were expected to be in Bandar Tasik Selatan in anor 20 minutes. With me driving clueless (I'm a good girl -always stays at home one, that's why I'm not good with roads-but who lives in Tasik Selatan anyway?) and my co-driver is even more so hopeless, it takes a miracle for us just to be there. Lucky for us Shun, Hana and Aizudin are the patient bunch ,lucky for us the tomyam is yummy and lucky for us too that it wasn't a big trouble for us to find the way back home. We slept like a log, and waited for Hida the next morning to go to Radzlan's aqad.

Yes d'uh.
We got lost again.
No thanks to the two passengers who actually had been to his house-lah. Hahahaha.
But we arrived just in time (sempat makan hahaha) and if you think its unusual for female friends to come along to a male friend's aqad, I must tell you, this is Radzlan. And its not unusual. Only Adam, Imad and Akhdiat made it to his aqad, the 10% out of 90% female friends who tagged along. Why of course, the girls are needed as his rombongan hantaran (should've suspected it hahahaha) but we were glad to be there. Radzlan is such a dear friend, he had always been there for us and we were just too happy to be there, witnessing his long-awaited happiest day in his life.

There on, we went to OU as we planned to watch Beowulf, and coincidently Zaza was there, doing her shopping, and coincidently Ira wanted drop by,and alas the girls decided to stay for the night at my humble abode, so it was once again slumber party ;)

At 4 am, with the exception for Aliza (nenek susah maaa nak bangon) we went out to pick Toni from the Pudu bus station. And like magnets, everywhere we go, it seemed, one by one drama is unfolded before our eyes; as were heading to Pelita in Bangsar, at 5 am, so close to where I parked the car, a girls' fight over a man was taking place, it was so close to where we were as one of the girls knocked the open door of my car where me and ira was standing (Zaza said later both of us didn't look frightened, but fascinated) while we watched the hair-tugging, the cat-fight, and the matrimonial destruction at 5 in the morning.

At one point, one of the woman, came to me, and reached out for so quickl I must've thought she wants to give me a tight slap, when she came to pull us out from the mess and apologize.

A group of girls clad in tudung at 5 in Bangsar.
So out of place.
But Ira and Toni had to eat, as they're heading to Kuala Kubu Baru for whiteriver-rafting afterwards, (boo hoo we didn't follow as I promised to go ice-skating with hazwani, Zaza and Aliza had plans for the day). But we planned for ostrich-racing next weekend in Rawang, any takers?

Right now I'm back to my office life. To Shera, I told you your desk is superbly done and comfy, just take a look at mine. So boring,I must say I'm so out of touch, at my desk, it must be a sign of me not taking my work seriously. Haha.
I have method in my madness, and no space at my desk is left underutilized with sanity.

Congratulations to Nicholas and Carol, Radzlan and Hanisah.
May you have a blessful family life together, and your love grow stronger each and every day.

to Aliza, Zaza, Ira, Hida, Toni: I had fun.
We're in good company. I cherish the laughter, the stories, the news of the bad and the good.

To Zaza, happy birthday =)
kau dah tua, jangan nak mengelat dah.


smiling kops

Sunday 02December 2007
Barclays Premier League
Liverpool 4 - 0 Bolton
Hyypia 17
Torres 45
Gerrard (pen) 56
Babel 86

Wednesday 28 November 2007
UEFA Champions League
Liverpool 4 – 1 FC Porto
Torres 19 Lopez 33
Torres 78
Gerrard (pen) 84
Crouch 88

Saturday 24 November 2007
Barclays Premier League
Newcastle 0 – 3 Liverpool
Gerrard 28
Kuyt 45
Babel 66

Saturday 10 November 2007
Barclays Premier League
Liverpool 2 – 0 Fulham
Torres 81
Gerrard (pen) 85

Tuesday 6 November 2007
UEFA Champions League
Liverpool 8 – 0 Besiktas
Crouch 19
Benayoun 32
Benayoun 53
Benayoun 56
Gerrard 69
Babel 79
Babel 81
Crouch 89

Bubu, Gerrard is a good buy to your fantasy football team =) mesti dah naik points b, kan?
hehe. I'd always liked Liverpool, since Ian Rush's days but was devastated when Mcmanaman left.

This time both of us are going for the Croatian team.(1st time we're supporting the same club, he's a Chelsea fan (yuck), and during thw World Cup, he's a Swiss and me the France team (since Holland didn't qualify). See how it goes. Usually he will tease me for me liking Liverpool (I don't know why that becomes a embarrassment factor) and I will jeer him for supporting an Israeli-managed team. Haha.

But I still buy him Chelsea FC souvenirs, and he can't do the same to me because:
1) Liverpool mechandise is hideous
2) Liverpool jersey is cursed with an alcoholic endorsement
3) he looks good in Chelsea shirts/jerseys.
4) I'm not really a big fan of football, macam poyo la pulak kan nanti.

But I have Alan Smith's long sleeved jersey.
Ah what betrayal.

nak buat macamana, dah cantik, pakaila.
And it is so comfortable, I'll wear it when I'm out jogging, and will try to act normal when friends see me wearing it.

I'll buy one Torres' jersey if Liverpool changes to Coca-Cola. *grin*


Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm so happy
cause today
I found my friends
they're in my head
I'm so ugly
But that's ok.
'Cause so are you. We've broke our mirrors.
Sunday morning. Is everyday for all I care.
And I'm not scared.

-Kurt Cobain sang to me
(the rest of the song is inapplicable, but its just too funny to put it out)

That's exactly how i felt last Sunday.
I tagged along shopping O2 stealth for Zack (that girl finally upgraded) and Sony mp3 for Nenet. Babies.

We went to Digimall, ss14, close enough to my alma mater to brim me up full of childhood memories. i love PJ so much, Bubu kita beli rumah kat SS3, k?

While on the way back, I saw her car coming out of her house and I was so happy that I straightaway stopped the car at the roadside to say hi (oblivious to the risk that she might take me in as a total stranger and didn't recognise me at all).

The first thing she said to me was this: what took you so long to find me?

Made me feel guilty straightaway.

We went different ways after primary school, I moved to Subang, and she went for Sri Aman. When i met her last Sunday, I almost didn't recognise her (aiyo. So ladylike already). She's an architect now, while we exchanged business cards, we weren't surprised as we had always known what we wanted to be.

It has been more than 10 years since the last time we met: at her house during raya haji, we went out to Nadim's house (the de facto minister's son~ why should we acknowledge him as one??) in 1994. That was it.

I learnt my ways of friendship from the first memory of having her as my first bestfriend.
She taught me how to eat mouthful of tissue, how to be adventurous (we climbed so many "mountains" together), how to look adventurous (carved out the thumb hole out of your socks to make a rugged glove), how to be bookish (we wrote silly poems about boys), easily put: how to be the best tomboys.

This is Hasni for you.
I miss my childhood,... but I don't regret anything.



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

gocoh video, umno gedebe

Hmm. Somehow his manners reminds me of the whole gang.
Gedebe for them, is genetics, apparently.

No wonder they support mat rempit all the way.
They have interest in those young lads, oooh potential pemuda.

Pemuda pemudi saudara saudari cikebom cikebom.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

strings that tie to you

From the wrinkles on my forehead
To the mud upon my shoe
Everything's a memory
With strings that tie to you

In my dream I'm often running
To the place that's out of you
Of every kind of memory
With strings that tie to you

Though a change has taken place
And I no longer do adore her
Still every God forsaken place is always
Right around the corner

Now I know it's either them or me
So I'll bury every clue
And every kind of memory
With strings that tie to you

And every kind of memory
With strings that tie to you

Inspired from my favourite movie.
Got it replayed again and again on the flight to South Africa.
Yah was the one who said me and K are both living evidence of Clem and Joel.
Well, only if I colour my hair blue... (I might you know,Damaris knows well the daredevil in me)

Dearest K,
babes, you're my miracle.

I don't want to be Clementine, I don't want to erase you.(why should I?)
No matter how silly my Joel is to me. (Hahaha)

Everything I see is you. And I see you in everything.
Deep inside, you know, I will always love you.


Monday, November 26, 2007

what will our children remember?

This is not in Iraq.
Not Palestine.

But here in Jalan Ampang.
In Malaysia.

Welcome to Malaysia 2007.

I know I've been selective to peaceful demonstrations (having chaffed by the SB as a curious schoolgirl during the 1998 Reformasi.) but I'd ALWAYS believe in the People's Voice.

I didn't join the demo this time simply because I needed my sleep and even missed Legal Aid's programme that fateful Sunday morning. The real reason must be because the Hindraf call is only to address the economic and social neglect of the Hindu / Indian community, and not the fate of all underprivileged, deprived and marginalised Malaysians, regardless of race.

(I don't quite concur with the way Hindraf leaders espouse their cause, but I respect the personal dignity of Hindraf supporters)

But this.
This is getting too much.

UMNO leaders must be really embarrassed.
What. In Malaysia? Racial riot??

People are in unity with each other only if they are happy with each other.
People are in unity against each other because they are not.

p/s: I was away for the weekend on a short trip with some friends. For Nasreen's wedding. The journey to and fro was fun + hilarious, which understandably the reason that it consumed the normal 5 hours journey to somewhat 8 hours journey to Alor Star.
We made it to Tony's home sweet home for the night, embarrassed to arrive at 3 a.m, still fresh from laughing.

I wish Nasreen and Zul a happy family life.

Now I can live to tell that I've witnessed a bollywood wedding here in Malaysia =)


Saturday, November 24, 2007

drama drama all the way

After being told not to drive to KL for the EGM (thanks Sasha~ever the reliable source of information), (road closure where? Jalan Binjai??? Of all places!) the best alternative is, apart from inviting dejavu feeling, to get on the LRT straight to Ampang Park.

Oh Boy. I really like trains.
It's like watching free short films just being in one.

I was having fun watching dramas (awek pukul boyfren), (awek merajuk), (boyfren tak heran) and few advertisements (mamat pakai Bose headphone), (mamat flicked out his new PDA), (mamat played game and PDA being snatched by a passing thief) and few news line (pakcik reading Times magazine), (pakcik was muttering loudly "yes yes nuclear power is our prerogative" while looking very suspiciously Iranian).

I should have guessed that the whole day yesterday was my drama day.
I was joined later by two Drama Queens Miss Sasha and Miss Aliza, and after awhile, sitting upfront facing my boss during the EGM, I realised that our profession is invaded by Drama Kings and Queens.

Lo, behold: the Kingdom of Drama in the Drama State.


Oh well, you don't expect me to report what the EGM was all about.

You can always read it at The Bar Web.
But if you insist.

(In a whizz):

More than 1500 turned up, yes the currypuff was good~ eh oh, Sivarasa and Malik's motion was passed, unsurprisingly, and Suppiah's was rejected.

In a way I do understand Suppiah's concerns, but it is a bit too far fetched if you are to investigate the 58 ballot papers and the phantoms ballots.


The Bar Council has resolved to urge the judiciary to take a more proactive role in supporting the Bar's quest for judicial reforms.

And other resolutions passed today included the continuous pressure on the government to set up a judicial appointment commission and an internal issue on the Bar Council elections.

However, a motion to move a 'symbolic one-hour boycott of the courts' was adjourned in good faith pending the findings of the royal commission.

And I suppose, there are just people who didn't have any point to bring up but to bring up themselves to our attention that it made the whole thing took nearly 5 hours that kak Lat's motion was duly postponed for the next agm.

And there are always people who are very rules and procedural, and our Pres madam chairman handled everything smoothly (and she did make space for everyone who wants to speak

Ambiga: We;re giving you a chance to speak
Mr. Somebody: No, I don't want to be given a chance to speak! It's my legal rights for freedom of speech.

Sheeesh. Lawyers.

I couldn't help but laughing for the good jokes and imitations one gentleman from Ipoh made. He successfully made his point that when the lawyers walk, indeed, there must be wrong. But when the lawyers talk, there must be something wrong with the Bar~didn't really made his audience tickle as the hall went quiet.

yeah. You can say that too "when young lawyers walk out, things must be boring"

Hey, we left just about time when the meeting was about to end. Ok la.

Oh, leaving this afternoon to Alostaq with Radzlan driving. With Aliza and Tony.
Pray for our safe journey ya!


Friday, November 23, 2007

he's still smiling after gettin the sack

If you see him in Barbados sipping vodka, you know I know we know that he's one sly coach!

Aww come on! your team is even worse than a team that has snow on their fields! you know that doesn't make any sense, pity your passionate people!give em some face.

And to us MALAYSIANS, you know that our place is sunny all year round with perfect greens, this message goes like this: stop being so bloody lazy and you know merempit can actually damage your brains and your body mechanics! Save our national football!!!!!!!!


boo hoo England!

Serves you right.
For a team that thinks so much of themselves.

(Not even worth mentioning in this post of mine, so I won't tell you the details)

But oh, the feeling! Padan muka perasan bagus hahahhahahaa.
You thought God was on you side while Israel let you, but now its obvious things happen for a reason: for you to be a laughing stock.

Oh me going to the Bar Council EGM at 3 pm.
Shall keep you updated.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


Got m.c yesterday, went back home straight after court and slept the whole day.

Nenet the little angel took care of us both while Mom went to work; Yah just underwent an eye operation and I ended up with some funny fever plus backache plus headache. (Please pray for Yah. She's going for another op tomorrow). So Nenet, the short, sweet tempered little girl took care of two whining sickly sibs of hers. Told you she's a little angel.

Apparently now the Doctor told me that I'm allergic to two things:

1. painting
2. milk

Now I've an excuse.
Not that I like painting or drinking milk. But funny how the doctor found out I was doing both that caused me an m.c.

Not that I'm dying to go to work. Hehehe.

Look what I found on the internet yesterday while I was sick (and still surfing the internet. For your pleasure really): A cat with two face, and three eyes.

He's looking for a new owner.
Ein, interested?
This kitten is even scarier than the siamese cat, man.


Monday, November 19, 2007

painting red white.

Bloody. Tiring. I. Tell. You.
At one point I felt like pouring the whole paint on the walls.

Spent the whole Sunday painting my bedroom white.
Boring colour yes I know but have you tried sleeping in a Blinding Bright Red room?

If you can fall asleep, I can assure the next morning you'll have a minor heart attack.
Or dizziness.
Or crankiness.

Thank you nenet for helping out. =)
You're my rahmah.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

love tags


I just came back from Muna's wedding. She looked so happy (she had always been pretty. What lucky guy) and so much in love, them lovebirds.

Here's to you, my dear usrah mate, Muna and hubby : may your love reach and guide you to Jannah! and pray that we be happy neighbours, all of us that we love! ameen.

Play the game and make your sister happy.

Been tagged by the raccoon Zakiah. You're right. So gonna spill on Ethan Hawke.

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.

3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT. (- ____ -)

1. Something like the above looking man.
Ehehe. "Antenna" ears and a troubled, nerdy look. Long hairs such a turn off for me. I like em short cropped. Need not be drop dead gorgeous, but as long as he acts "cute", that is all that it takes.

2. Definitely not a Kelantanese businessman.
Hahaha he must be a family man.

3. Soft spoken and not necessarily funny. Just charming. That'll do.

4. The one that thinks one woman is enough for him. And sees every woman in her.

5. The one that imagines growing old with the wife and actually loves that idea of laughing and giggling romatic old couple, holding hands.

6. Has his own serious hobby/sports. It's just so cute, when his face gets intense with concentration. (Would be a plus if he's riding a super bike) Macho nya.

7. A good protector. Even if it means getting wet to shelter me from the the rain. Definitely means that he's protecting me from vices and bad things, too. yup, some kinda bodyguard. Aku pelik gila laki2 yg tinggalkan bini dia jauh ke belakang. (Terpengaruh dengan cerita A love to Kill kot).

8. Must be Khalis =)

I tag:
any 8 people lah. I'm sure my friends are lazy like me. Hahaha


Saturday, November 17, 2007

we are all in the animal farm

I don't know, I just felt its bloody rude to award something so condescending, even if it is meant for good.

So Khir Toyo adopted the 'look to the east' principle and copy-cated Japanese working style of awarding used jeans, torn slippers to the worst employee/department/etc. But Toyo should understand, The Japanese Working People is different.

They actually Work.
And if they get caught not doing Work, it's only natural if they get chastised.

While I do imply the Work standards in our beloved country is never at par with our friendly Nippons, I must say Toyo must have a lot of nerve to award such things (if you consider his quality of Works, too).

(Oh and yes, local council is not within his jurisdiction pun.
It belongs to Housing Ministry.
So you see... he's awarding to a pbt within his state, but that pbt is with the federal gomen. Aiyoh this people.)

Well I still can't see any broom-stastic improvement in the State of Selangor, if you ask me, I live in Subang USJ (short for U-suka-Jem), and Shah Alam Court is still fantastic, and poor people in Kuala Selangor is still poor.

Though I must admit that there is improvement in err commercial sector like the billboards suddenly emerging out of where old trees used to be and the fact that bukit gasing is spinning away its green is as good as the facial improvement on Toyo's face; licin, tegang dan putih.

before and after

Its good he realises that as a Minister, one must always potray the best in him. Even when it means a lot of vitamin C injection, but no matter. Beauty is personal, but we would love to see our state as pretty as well. You're beautiful.

If you ask me, it seems we live in a zoo.
Or too make it sound familiar to some of us, an animal farm.
We live in a boundary we can not escape, though we love to, but we love our free food and beds of hays.
Hey, we worked our lives for it, whaaat.

It don't matter how shitty or freaking dry the farm is, the big boss Napolean will always know what to do.
With their watchful dogs, we do our own Work.
And get a broom if we're lucky enough to get their attention.
Yeap, we can eat that broom if we get hungry.

And one monkey, managed to escape, and living happily in Russia, where no farms can exist.
Well not like our farm. Lucky one, that kid.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

sentimen anti-k

P/s: aku bukan anti mana pon, tapi saja no.
Would love to make Haundem laugh and let the rest of you know how others view the usual under fire Malaysian #1 son in law in truly different light.


We're talking about this guy.

And I laugh all the way reading this blog.
sorry, its nothing personal.
Just bad politics.
And good jokes.
And bad candid photos.

I think I've heard nadia martin in unapologetic tone telling adib, that he is also referred to as budak hitam. (As well other quirky but appropriate callsigns: lidah pendek, takde tengkuk etc. U have to praise nad for being so original.)
Same theory, eh nad? or you've met the blogger?
Keh keh keh.


current state

p/s: I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired last night and I didn't have the chance of summarising my day to anyone that matters (to me mom and him, sorry) and maybe I was inspired by reading Liverpool's news roundup that today's blog is fashioned is such a way.

current mood: devastated. (exaggerated, I know).

Was supposed to go for a matter this morning, having prepared loads of case
(I hate doing research. Period) last night last minute.
Rushed to Sg Buloh to meet Asma to pick up her robe (I should be getting my own, I know). Weaved in and out the disastrous traffic jam in the Damansara area (don't you think it's funny how a little rain can mess up KL people life and so gives them an excuse to cause a jam).
All that trouble when the matter is not going on this morning.
I feel like strangling somebody.

current read: Sweetness in the belly by Camilla Gibbs.
I was browsing in mph last Saturday, contemplating to buy Cecilia Ahern's p.s I love you when I changed my mind last minute at the casher. I do not regret my curiosity about how a white girl can end up in a mystical sufi surrounding in Africa and becomes a Muslim, or rather how the author genuinely potray the sincerity of such people that everyone else in the world calls terrorists. Nice.

current mobile provider: Digi and Celcom.
I have two handphones, but I found myself using Digi more and more. It's reasonably cheap and Celcom is just too sengkek. I'm still using and keeping the Celcom to avoid the wrath of friends complaining but I will not topup. ("dia ni tuka2 number tiap bulan, menyampah tau")

current music: Timbaland Shock Value
A change from the usual rock number. Seriously this guy is one hella of a composer. But I don't favour the hip-hop sound so much, so I might be getting Shock Value the instrumental. Hey, I heard it is available, kan apis?

current ride: bakri (d'uh)
tayar dah botak. Oh well, that Civic hybrid have to wait. Have to pool some money for something more significant, and a new car fits the same purpose as Bakri gets me from point A to point B. Albeit rather slowly.

current news: bersih rally (yawn)
My friends studying abroad are all hyped up about this yellow fever, much to my annoyance.
Really, its good that they join the spirit, but I doubt they join the suffering.
It's not a fashion show la kids. It's a serious matter. Jangan nak poyo2.
Kudos to the "real" people who walked to Istana Negara and those who honked in support =) (hey they suffered in the two hours long traffic jam. Its a miracle if you can still smile and understand).

current politics: umno menggelabah
with the election is around the corner, they're trying to patch things up and gives us All-Malaysian poster boy and sends him to outer space. In reality, that bloke is a space tourist, while the poor people still exists (watch TV3 bersamamu) and Malaysians are not stupid to differentiate between true efforts or blatant lies.
(eg Not just by paying tickets to the moon, for there must be a research centre, with complete aero-engineer to built our own space sship/shuttle whatnot. The way Proton started to built their own research centre when their sales dropped and drooped. Haha)

Yes, they can marshall more than 10,000 of their people.
But I'm sure it involves nasi bungkus, kuih muih, mineral water and something else.

current state of home: renovating and I miss my lil sib
It's been a week. I sure hope its a good work done, and our home is relatively quiet without the funny whale, the rascal raccoon and the green monkey/froggie.

current health: good but not tip-top
I feel the fasting month is giving me the backhand now I feel sluggish as I eat too much.
Every other meal is a mcd, carl's jr, kfc, pizza hut, kuaytiow kerang, nasi lemak sambal kerang,k erang bakar,kerang rebus.......!
Zaza~! kita jog ahad ni!


toi plus moi =)

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