Thursday, January 10, 2008


few months back I dreamt of Monaco.
Last night it was Lucerne and Hirschen.

Good grief, these places are all giving me nightmares!
(Ghouls and ghost used to scare me more but not nowadays)

If there's one thing that is so unbecoming about being an advocate, its this.
And you're talking to a person who has no immediate plans to further study (well, not for jalan-jalan per se . ) I see myself in deep and going deeper in litigation world in the next five years time at the very least.

Now that I belong in the Dark Underworld, more sleepless nights of dreaming of lakes and swans, of autumn leaves and romancing trains, of sea and ships, of places we used to go,
are all nightmares to me.

All these happening to me.
When I began to love the career.


Soon, when I'm entitled to more leave, (not necessarily more money as I can hop in and out any country sleeping in the bunk beds of hostels. Backpacking is the way to go. ) is when the nightmare stops. Last trip we had was june last year with the Airport security ready to haul me outside for forgetting that the passport is expiring. I miss all that hoo-haah.
Yah, I envy you.


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