Monday, March 30, 2009

and then it rained..

Last Friday, my ol' trusty Satria thinks she is a Motorboat.

Oh yes it rained.
And flooded.

And rained the heaven did like it never rained before.
We were inconveniently sardined into the car, which I thank God for good company, and we were a good company sardined into that hatchback car of mine from 4 pm to 11 pm!

My youngest sister, whom I picked up from school at 1 pm (on the same day lah) told me its like a journey accross the country, but the range of distance clocked was only 31 km.
She was devastated when I read out the numbers.
Would it better if the hours were used to reach some southern beach 400 kms away, hmm?

Massive jams in KL everytime there is rain.
Have to push the responsible authority for a better rain drainage, fools, thinking that it rains seasonally. So as if this thing shall pass.
(If you're not responsible, don't bother lah) Buat rugi airliur.

Haven't you heard of the worst global warming, and we can expect it getting worse.
Earth hour is one good baby step, but still, a long way to go and Mother Earth is beyond repair.
Kesian kat anak2 kita nanti. Huuuu (berkata aku yang memacu kereta berenjin petrol)

Yes yes. Rain drainage. Tol je pandai naik. Jalan (longkang pun) macam hantu.

AND! please cut down the trees that would be hazardous to the road users.
Not the trees in our Forest Reserve. Sheeeeesh.

So these were the thoughts we had while we were stuck in the massive crawl last Friday.
No time is wasted if its with your loved ones.

Boredom is not the usual case.
Panic, is not either.

But then boredom struck the car, which had been toying with the idea 'hey I can float through the flood. And which it did.'
And strikes the Panic when the schizophrenic car finally realizes that a car shall remain a car and cannot float through water. And then it died out of embarrassment.
As we caused the second reason for the traffic jam.

We came back home at 1.
Happy to be home nonetheless.


Monday, March 23, 2009

of March 22

Yesterday was my 26th birthday.
What a marvelous way to celebrate a birthday ~grins~
(Gerro, for your hattrick ~phwoar)

And sweet, Chelsea and Man Utd lost their games.
Arsenal, congrats for your 3-1 yeah.

Happy happy birthday!
Thank you dear family and friends for your wishes..thank you.

Sangat seronok semalam semua geng adik bradik ada (Yah who drove all the way from PPUm to Putrajaya to celebrate walaupun muka macam zombie tak boleh blah. Penat kerja).
Tak sempat amek gambar pon sebab sangat happy berborak sini sana.

And thank you, to dear husband Mr k for the double celebration cake (which I celebrated with Mom last thursday huhu): To the Queens of our Hearts, couldn't be more apt :p
Thank you Mr K (semalam Mak kata dia tolong makankan 'bahagian' pizza abg..sampai dia tersangat full hehe)

Hida and Sasha, my Summer Equinox twins, happy birtday to you babes!

aku tak lupe :D
I had a blast, I hope you had yours too....the last time kita bertiga celebrate sama2 about 2 years ago kat Nando's, kan? Bila laaa boleh celebrate mcm dulu



Friday, March 20, 2009


Here I go again.


Numbers that means nothing to anyone else.
Numbers that I watch closely. Til sweet autumn, that is.

Seconds. Minutes.Hours.Days.Months.Weeks.
Here I go again.

Anyway, the whole gang came with us this morning to the airport to watch Mr K fly off to India.
His family and mine. Their presence did take away some of the galloping sadness of temporary separation, and with them I gather strength. (sangat toyer. Ye ye aku tahu. Biarlah)

(Takde la aku melalak kalau aku drive sorang2 ke airport, pastu kene adjust seat driver bila Mr K dah fly. Sangat sedih ok!)

Nai drove us, with mak accompanying and I slept on Zt's lap (impossible I know, tapi peha katak tu ada isi yang empok rupanya! heheee).

tengok stokin busuk pink --> tu kaki milik cikodok yang kurus tapi empok.
(zetty a.k.a cikodok keroro yang gengster tu pakai tudong itam)

Bila sampai rumah, I straightaway have to go to office, but the alienating emptiness Mr K left us is quite awkward walaupun sebulan je dia kat sini. Mak pun rasa gitu. Oh!

(hehe my mom loves you, darling)

Anyway, kepulangan aku ke tempat kerja bersamaan dengan hari decision yang kami dapat order in terms. Against one big con*struction company.

Dan encik Bos tersenyum sahaja.
Nasib baik. (Setelah gue vacation 2 minggu...harap2 kerja pas ni tak membunuh!)

Semangat Kerja! Oooyeah!
Allahumaana :D


Monday, March 16, 2009

..and then we got married.

Alhamdullilah ya Allah.

Ipoh reception was as fun (and hilarious too!). We got Ayiie (the neighbour) as our jester! Gila lawak la budak tu!

I must admit that the delay to any wedding-flavoured post to this blog is simply because I can't find the right words to portray the happy events.
If I have to describe the wedding to anyone, including to those who comes to us in the future, I would tell them it was simply marvelous.

Funny (very!)
And Blissful with a capital B.

Alhamdullilah ya Allah!

Fara even got her auntie to come all the way from Singapore to be a part of us ;)
I can never thank F.E enough. Angel.

Deep thanks to family members and dearest friends who made it happen.
I got a girlfriend who called me days before the wedding and never thought she would shed a tear for a friend who's about to get married, but did. I love you, sis.. You know who you are.

To our friends who came early for the akad and waited long enough for the function even though I could not spare more than 5 minutes for them. Thank you.
To our Friends who had to endure the hot sunny day and came all the way for us. Thank you.
To our Friends who had to rush for more important matter but still made it for us. Thank you.
To our Friends who had showered us with gifts.
And to our Friends who prayed for us.
I love you all.
You gave me support and I will cherish it for as long as I live.

To my mother, who remained my pillar of strength, thank you.
To my keroro clan, thank you.
I think (mungkin aku perasan tapi biarlaaaa) it was the most fun wedding ever!

Now that I'm back at work, and my newly wed husband is going back to India this Friday, still life could never be the same anymore for us.

Certain plans have been arranged for, I'll let you know when its due but while life is slowly taking its normal shape back again, lets just enjoy the moments.

We will continue in our struggle to live eternally happily ever after with God's guidance.


toi plus moi =)

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