Monday, July 11, 2011

Still hating Mondays

2 years ago.

Why I love Digi. (family post paid)
Wife:    eh bill bulan lepas dah dapat tau
Hubster: alamak. Mungkin bill bulan ni ter-banyak sikit. Abang call mak abah banyak.
Wife: ala, mak abah abang kan Bil melambung pun tak pe. Yang tak bolehnya awek.
Hubster: dengan awek abang, calls kan free

while travelling back to Ipoh, banyak betul iklan Air Cond.
Wife: do you know,  the correct translation of aircon is pendingin hawa, not penghawa dingin?
Hubster: hm. sebab perempuan (hawa) memang cold kot?

Arundhati Roy (God Of Small Things)
Hubster: Nah, I’m done with this book
Wife: How is it? Do you like it?
Hubster: Maybe you could tell me. Abang tak faham.
Wife: eh how could you go on and on finishing the book without understanding it?
Hubster: that’s just like loving a woman.


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