Monday, January 21, 2008

whataday mayday monday

Woke up today feeling slightly revengeful, remembering that al would have probably heading for her month-long vacation while i still need to go to court.
And my younger brother fariz is at home, and I just hate going to work while my youngest sibs are around.

Had a civil matter in sahc today, while I was all robed-up and very not looking forward for the trial today, the boss called to adjourn a s.376 (rape) case in the criminal court (read: his file, his continued hearing)

Which I did, but the judge refused to adjourn and the day saw a red-faced me proceeding the rape case. When I informed the boss that the judge is reluctant to adjourn, he just told me to wrap it up and didn't even wish me luck. I could've just abandoned the files, man. But I didn't. It wouldn't do any justice for the victim and moreover the client if I did. But. Without notes of evidence, and without proper preparation,how the hell was I expected to cross the witness? (by and by, not gicing full access to justice, huh?) And the Dpp was giving me a real hard time.

I just hate my boss.
But the day ended well, and both the judge and her Dpp were smiling (at me for trying my very best) but I still feel sick to what could've happen to day.

Somebody might have just been strangled by this junior lawyer, underpaid (durian seller worth more than I do and I drive only a proton hoi I'm a freakin' lawyer, call me Puan, geddit!!!) and underweight (eh? takde kena mengena) Grrrrkkkhhhhh!

Me being ambitious for not quitting, or just contemplating to continue where i am now for a premature death?
Its the boss, but I love the job.


mr k,  22 January 2008 at 01:36:00 GMT+8  

ape la punye lawyer tu.. nk marah dia blk utk syg.. lawyer sy ni bukan calang2 tau! sbb sy punye..kn2?

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