Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten years backwards ten years time.....

We sent one handsome tourist to space..

We got one iron lady to conquer the ice land..

We changed the perception that BN could lose big time in the GE..

We built Putrajaya..

(While our national car still sucks..)
(And Al-Quds is still in shambles in the hands of the real terrorist)

In ten years time..... lot of things can happen..
A lot have happened..
From 1998 to 2008.

In 1998, I was just a schoolgirl when I saw the reformasi on the way back from school..
Now in 2008, I am now a full fledge kuli batak legal associate..

And you'll never think in this ten years from 1998 ..
DSAi could be accused again of sodomy.
This time, after 10 years.

Who's trump card is it I don't want to name, but really, like there isn't any other option.
To the mastermind of the accusation(s)..I've this to say:
Tuka la strategy tu weyh.

Budak umo seploh tahun dulu pun dah masuk kampus by this time.
Now you're giving us all this crap.
Talk about process of moral maturation konon.

I reminded to one this quote we as university students say to each other:
some people remain stupid, while others develop it.

Anyway, Spain won in the euro finals last night.
I don't support Spain but its worth to be proud about because Torres of the Kop scored.
Ha ha. (Tolong la Liverpool beli defender2 bagus. Striker2 dah bagus.Defend hancor)

Confirm laa lepas ni tibe2 ramai peminat spain muncul secara tiba-tiba claiming they had been ardent fan.

My younger brother sent me a sms about last night game:

Time tu dah cun dah 1-0. Pas kena tiang gol, pemain tu main kasar plak dalam kotak penalti.
(abis tu, penalti la?)
Helooo. awak tak tengok ke?
(tak tengok, saya ada orientasi)
haha.Spen 1-0 jerman.

Sounds familiar? Hahaha tengok iklan power root hero tua roasyam nor korang tau la.
My brother, the comedian, is now in his orientation week as a new student in a local uni.... =)
Now the house feels so empty without him. Hehe.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

the Martin boys

I love cars.

I spent parts of my best weekends watching Clarkson, May, hamster Hammond and the Stig, salivating over covers their zine version, feeling I could give myself a pity that I drive around a Proton just because it gets me from point A to point B cheaply.

Anyhoo (as NW liked to put it) that won't stop me from admiring, right?
Thing is, you'd expect after gawking at'em for so long, you would've thought I could name each car make, model and year perfectly.

To my defense, I would say I'm almost always confused with the Ferrari numbers which I cannot keep up except of course The Enzo (the front grill is always something to shout about) and F50.

I know FD can name all the Lambos when I can only point out Reventon perfectly (because it looks disturbingly like a jet).

Maybe its got something to do with the fact that I don't fancy the exotic Italianos, so I don't pay much attention to em.

Other cars, even the Oldsmobile, I can try my best to guess it.
Oooh especially muscle cars.

But not Aston Martins.
DBS, DB9, DB7 and V8.
Even the names are confusing enough.

Its not I don't like martins but why don't they just ditch their fanaticism over David Beckham and move to name their machines aptly?

I lost a car- guessing quiz because I can't tell them apart.
Hehe. Seems I'm sound like a sourgrape, but I'll let you be the judge.

(answers: DBS, DB9 and V8 vantage in such order)

So the best way to put a stop to my inability to name them correctly, is that I have to see and hear and breathe them more.

And to do that, it means the gomen will have to do away with the incredible taxes so people like you and I can alas own something decent and built passionately by their engineers.

Maybe then you'll stop seeing me in the cheap tin-can made, Mitsu-imitated designed, zero mark crash dummy test, dangerously engineered Proton.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

working wounded

I'm starting to notice that I'm having trouble waking up in the morning to go to work. I've never had this problem before. What do you do when the passion disappears?

Oh well. I've had that kind of mornings too.

My experience told me that the days seem long, and the sleeping hours so short and you're refusing to open up your eyes to brace up the day at work.

Some of my friends who read Law together at the Uni who courageously spoke of justice in the face of it, of philosophies and the mechanics of i.e law., while we shudder at their boldness, now working in unrelated fields. When asked, nonchalantly they explain a sift of mixed up answers: workload, better pay elsewhere.

A fair answer, for me.

Hey no one does anything for free (even when FN said a judge told her a gomen officer would never be erroneous for the fact that gomen employees are not working for the money) Oh really?

Since when does "passion" can be compared to a(ny) tangible aspects of life? I once wondered.
Can actually a non-working photocopying machine, nonsensically cheap pay,temperamental clients, sick colleague, bad traffic jams, a headache extinguish the passion?

But as I get older I realised that we're just human beings.
Passion or no passion, its what you want in life that lights up your destiny, regardless how much or how little you want it. Abandoning something we were once passionate about does not mean we're a quitter, but it just means we're all realists.
Passion is the matter of the heart, not the outside world, or is it?

But I don't know. I've been only but two years so I can't complain much, can I?
What do I deserve for I expect so little, and what does that mean, if anything, me being ambitious on the contrary because here I am a doormat to my profession?!!!

Relax. Gila drama aku nih.

I love my job. Its just some days I feel sluggish. My Passion is still alive. Flickering timidly at times, or all-fired up at other times. Still there.

It helps, though.
But passion won't make my stomach full, only my heart does.

The case of being stuck in an elevator, being angry at it is not the cause of a dying passion.
The uncooperative client, being mad about his stupidity is not the reason of no-passion.
Come on.
Things suck at times, you have to admit it. We're all just human.
So stop pointing fingers saying that you and you you you are not passionate enough about your work.
So why is this yell and shout of being passionate et al?

It comes to the price of your pride.
What you believe in your self.
Kalau kerja tu ikhlas, akan nampak lah hasilnya...

Regardless if you're working wounded, but as blind as love can be, what matters most is what you believe for yourself. You have to believe in yourself.

Problems won't just go away if you don't want them too.
Stop blaming that your heart is not set to it.
Passion has got nothing to do with the blameworthy game.

I was just thinking aloud to why shouldn't anyone become a Lawyer when my little sister summoned me to give a speech for her Career Day at her school this weekend. She, the sweet monet, believed that I spoke the contrary and suggested my name to her PTA. And ta-daa.

My God, I was just fooling around when I said none of us should suffer the mighty expectation of a judge, an opponent counsel and the client to do extremely well when you don't expect the same for yourselves.

Come to think of it, I might have said that in the truest sense.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

not lite at all

Abg Suhail tolongla explain kenapa benda ni zalim sangat..
Huu. Tension.


old friend

"And very few of My servants are grateful" [Al-Quran 34:13].

Last night I picked up an old friend of mine for a snack at McDonalds.

I casually explain that she is 'an old friend' because we knew each other during primary school and had kept in touch throughout the years.

She, one who had never stayed home, as she was schooled in a prominent all-girls SBP for five years while I had changed school and home twice during the same time.

And when I stayed put in one of the local uni to read law, she went ahead studying medicine in the UK.

Anyway, when I fetched her back home, the security guard at her gated community housing area stopped us and asked which of the houses we're going to.

And this friend of mine said her father's name.
The security guard then said "oh you mean Dato' so and so"
And she nodded.

I was surprised to learn that her father earned the dato'ship because she never told me so.
When I asked her further, she said with a smile, there was no need to tell because its not important, for her, her father is still the same remarkable father to the family.

This is the same girl who had wrote in her letter when she was 13, wishing for a Sony Walkman but didn't ask from the parents because she understood that the parents are not wealthy and were working so hard that she put herself in the same shoes of her parents.

This is the same girl who had told me to be patient and nothing else said by her while she listened to my earful ramblings complaints and what not.

She's still the same.
Now I wonder what me being so surprised for.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

syair perahu

Inilah gerangan suatu madah
mengarangkan syair terlalu indah,
membetuli jalan tempat berpindah,
di sanalah i’tikat diperbetuli sudah

Wahai muda kenali dirimu,
ialah perahu tamsil tubuhmu,
tiadalah berapa lama hidupmu,
ke akhirat jua kekal diammu.

Hai muda arif-budiman,
hasilkan kemudi dengan pedoman,
alat perahumu jua kerjakan,
itulah jalan membetuli insan.

Perteguh jua alat perahumu,
hasilkan bekal air dan kayu,
dayung pengayuh taruh di situ,
supaya laju perahumu itu

Sudahlah hasil kayu dan ayar,
angkatlah pula sauh dan layar,
pada beras bekal jantanlah taksir,
niscaya sempurna jalan yang kabir.

Perteguh jua alat perahumu,
muaranya sempit tempatmu lalu,
banyaklah di sana ikan dan hiu,
menanti perahumu lalu dari situ.

Muaranya dalam, ikanpun banyak,
di sanalah perahu karam dan rusak,
karangnya tajam seperti tombak
ke atas pasir kamu tersesak.

Ketahui olehmu hai anak dagang
riaknya rencam ombaknya karang
ikanpun banyak datang menyarang
hendak membawa ke tengah sawang.

Muaranya itu terlalu sempit,
di manakan lalu sampan dan rakit
jikalau ada pedoman dikapit,
sempurnalah jalan terlalu ba’id.

Baiklah perahu engkau perteguh,
hasilkan pendapat dengan tali sauh,
anginnya keras ombaknya cabuh,
pulaunya jauh tempat berlabuh.

Lengkapkan pendarat dan tali sauh,
derasmu banyak bertemu musuh,
selebu rencam ombaknya cabuh,
La ilaha illallahu akan tali yang teguh.

Barang siapa bergantung di situ,
teduhlah selebu yang rencam itu
pedoman betuli perahumu laju,
selamat engkau ke pulau itu.

La ilaha illallahu jua yang engkau ikut,
di laut keras dan topan ribut,
hiu dan paus di belakang menurut,
pertetaplah kemudi jangan terkejut.

Laut Silan terlalu dalam,
di sanalah perahu rusak dan karam,
sungguhpun banyak di sana menyelam,
larang mendapat permata nilam.

Laut Silan wahid al kahhar,
riaknya rencam ombaknya besar,
anginnya songsongan membelok sengkar
perbaik kemudi jangan berkisar.

Itulah laut yang maha indah,
ke sanalah kita semuanya berpindah,
hasilkan bekal kayu dan juadah
selamatlah engkau sempurna musyahadah.

Silan itu ombaknya kisah,
banyaklah akan ke sana berpindah,
topan dan ribut terlalu ‘azamah,
perbetuli pedoman jangan berubah.

Laut Kulzum terlalu dalam,
ombaknya muhit pada sekalian alam
banyaklah di sana rusak dan karam,
perbaiki na’am, siang dan malam.

Ingati sungguh siang dan malam,
lautnya deras bertambah dalam,
anginpun keras, ombaknya rencam,
ingati perahu jangan tenggelam.

Jikalau engkau ingati sungguh,
angin yang keras menjadi teduh
tambahan selalu tetap yang cabuh
selamat engkau ke pulau itu berlabuh.

Sampailah ahad dengan masanya,
datanglah angin dengan paksanya,
belajar perahu sidang budimannya,
berlayar itu dengan kelengkapannya.

Wujud Allah nama perahunya,
ilmu Allah akan [dayungnya]
iman Allah nama kemudinya,
“yakin akan Allah” nama pawangnya.

“Taharat dan istinja’” nama lantainya,
“kufur dan masiat” air ruangnya,
tawakkul akan Allah jurubatunya
tauhid itu akan sauhnya.

Salat akan nabi tali bubutannya,
istigfar Allah akan layarnya,
“Allahu Akbar” nama anginnya,
subhan Allah akan lajunya.

“Wallahu a’lam” nama rantaunya,
“iradat Allah” nama bandarnya,
“kudrat Allah” nama labuhannya,
“surga jannat an naim nama negerinya.

Karangan ini suatu madah,
mengarangkan syair tempat berpindah,
di dalam dunia janganlah tam’ah,
di dalam kubur berkhalwat sudah.

Kenali dirimu di dalam kubur,
badan seorang hanya tersungkur
dengan siapa lawan bertutur?
di balik papan badan terhancur.

Di dalam dunia banyaklah mamang,
ke akhirat jua tempatmu pulang,
janganlah disusahi emas dan uang,
itulah membawa badan terbuang.

Tuntuti ilmu jangan kepalang,
di dalam kubur terbaring seorang,
Munkar wa Nakir ke sana datang,
menanyakan jikalau ada engkau sembahyang.

Tongkatnya lekat tiada terhisab,
badanmu remuk siksa dan azab,
akalmu itu hilang dan lenyap,
(baris ini tidak terbaca)

Munkar wa Nakir bukan kepalang,
suaranya merdu bertambah garang,
tongkatnya besar terlalu panjang,
cabuknya banyak tiada terbilang.

Kenali dirimu, hai anak dagang!
di balik papan tidur telentang,
kelam dan dingin bukan kepalang,
dengan siapa lawan berbincang?

La ilaha illallahu itulah firman,
Tuhan itulah pergantungan alam sekalian,
iman tersurat pada hati insap,
siang dan malam jangan dilalaikan.

La ilaha illallahu itu terlalu nyata,
tauhid ma’rifat semata-mata,
memandang yang gaib semuanya rata,
lenyapkan ke sana sekalian kita.

La ilaha illallahu itu janganlah kaupermudah-mudah,
sekalian makhluk ke sana berpindah,
da’im dan ka’im jangan berubah,
khalak di sana dengan La ilaha illallahu.

La ilaha illallahu itu jangan kaulalaikan,
siang dan malam jangan kau sunyikan,
selama hidup juga engkau pakaikan,
Allah dan rasul juga yang menyampaikan.

La ilaha illallahu itu kata yang teguh,
memadamkan cahaya sekalian rusuh,
jin dan syaitan sekalian musuh,
hendak membawa dia bersungguh-sungguh.

La ilaha illallahu itu kesudahan kata,
tauhid ma’rifat semata-mata.
hapuskan hendak sekalian perkara,
hamba dan Tuhan tiada berbeda.

La ilaha illallahu itu tempat mengintai,
medan yang kadim tempat berdamai,
wujud Allah terlalu bitai,
siang dan malam jangan bercerai.

La ilaha illallahu itu tempat musyahadah,
menyatakan tauhid jangan berubah,
sempurnalah jalan iman yang mudah,
pertemuan Tuhan terlalu susah.

~ Hamzah Fansuri

Buat seorang peminat Hamzah Fansuri yang sedang merantau jauh dan dalam kebanjiran.....


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6 o'clock please come hither faster!!

Were it not for
the excess of your talking
and the turmoil in your hearts,
you would see what I see
and hear what I hear!

-Ibn Arabi

The Boss' 97 year old father died last night.
He was sobbing through his instructions to me on what needs to be done for today's hearing.

I did not ask further questions on anything although my inquisitive self is strangling my emphaty, nor did I dare to interrupt his 'planned' conversation.
I sensed when sadness takes over, business as usual is handed over to one's robotic self.

And the only staff we have is on leave, accompanying her 3 year old daughter who was warded last weekend. Poor kid. And she is a single mother.

So much that I can kick off the guilt to call the staff but I understand the need to not receive any phone calls. (Ha ha talking on my own behalf)
(Seriously annoying when everyone calls now and then and I'm not even done with paragraph one~)

I need to concentrate and not lose focus.
No need to panic.
I'm the Man of the office right now for two weeks. (Guffaws nervously)

Ini opis ana yang punya (said in a sad tone, not the usual greedy happy tone lsaid after marrying the second wife/striking lottery (note: gambling is prohibited in Islam)).

I actually feel the bliss in my busy day in the office.
To still have my loved ones, happy and healthy, thats all that matters even when I'm pinned to the most impossible chore assgined to me but Alhamdullilah, God helped me and almost everything is ok.

Except for one or two, which is still manageable (for now) I think.

But as though I remain cool calm and collected (hey even if i freak out, who knows except Allah, right?) I think this is the first time ever I can't wait long enough for the office hour to end.

Having your own good self (Mak calls it "mind-talking") as your only company as a choice is always good. It opens up doors to self-check (muhasabah) and to philosophical never ending questions why are we here, who are we? etc etc.

Questions that sometimes unanswerable, yes but most of the time effective to make us a better person and servant to our Creator. Which most of all carelessly think over it in our difficult times....

But try having it as an obligation. A no-choice situation.
Now you know sometimes your philosophical friend can be sucha arrogant snub!


(no no I'm not mad)


Sunday, June 15, 2008

slaven so raven

(warning: loads of picture)
(disclaimer: I'm not obsessed)

This post is about this man.

Him who has a 'don't mess with me' look upon his face, looks even colder than cool with his ear rings on the left, a menacing grace with his stare.

A loving father to a proud son.

He who reads law in his first degree.
(Sorry I couldn't find any photos of him in that silly grad robe~)

A national ambassador for UNICEF.

A part time model, too.

And he's the lead guitarist in a band.

In a punk rock band, to be exact. Haha.

If you think he looks rather familiar.
Let me give you a clue: he's Croatian.

Say Croatia and you can be forgiven to think of three things:
1. The capital: Zagreb
2. The checkered flag
3. Their football team (both Mr K and baby brother FD's EURO favourite team)

And this number 3 reminds you of their enigmatic coach.

People, meet Slaven Bilic.

The youngest coach in Euro 2008.
The man who demolished England's dream.
(Remember Croatia 3-2 England?)

Woo hoo!

And the guy who has almost everyboy's dream
(professional degree+a doting dad+rock band+coaching your own country's team)

Seems his not stopping his dreams there.
He's not even 40. Cool one, this guy.

"With the greatest respect to women, football is the most beautiful thing in the world".
-Slaven Bilic

What's stopping yours?


Friday, June 13, 2008

united on friday the 13th

This you'll never get to see on TV (but of course).

The biggest most successful protests against the (in)famous petrol hike.

They made a point.

Its up to the gomen to realise the danger of ignoring people's wrath.

And its up to the rest of us to realise that it is not OK for the people to be bullied.

... now, now. Let us not be dense and easily convinced that whatever seems to be true, is right.

To those with the IQ of 80 and above, will at least doubt how can Pe*tronas suffer the backlash from the increasing oil hike WHEN actually it is suppose to reap up profit millions per USD 1 dollar of increase per barrel of crude oil.

True that its not entirely right to subsidise fuel, but there's more to it than applying the same rule like other non-producing oil nation. I'm sure you would have come across comparisons of prices in countries that produces oil.

Venezuela, is said to have not introduced any petrol subsidy, remains unaffected by the global petrol hike and I was made to understand that the petrol there is cheaper than water!

Lest that I tire myself by giving more examples, why don't you use your right thinking brains and really think.
Don't be so daft and easily fooled.

Sorry if I offend you, but I will not even serve sarcasm when it involves justice.
Justice, like truth, must be said out loud.

That some of us are really really dumb simpletons.

spectacular photo by Choo Choy May.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Woke up happy (rather late) today after the 3 hour long call with Mr K. And a heady morning, too after yesterday of caffein overdose.

The office had just received a Coffee Maker which the staff and I were more than happy to shop for ground coffee which we did and successfully assembled the machine and drank the dark liquid like there was no tomorrow...

But to my rude surprise I'm not lamenting over Pak Lah (which his 'mistakes' now seems so juvenile) but to our former premier.

I am flabbergasted, shocked, (though it was expected) and disgusted with the news brought by Ian Chin J.

Boot camps for judges.
Threats from Chedet.

If the allegations are proven to be true, the foundation of trust in our judiciary would crumble down. just. like. that.

(Not that mistrusting judiciary is such a novelty nowadays, hm?)

The Executives. The Judiciary. The Legislative.
Not TheExecutiveJudiciaryLegislative.

Muhammad Kamil Awang J in the case of Harris Mohd Salleh v The Returning Officer, Ismail Majin & Ors [2001] 3 CLJ 161 said:

“The only guide to a man is his conscience, the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and the sincerity of his action. In my view, it is an insult to one’s intelligence to be given a directive over the phone that these petitions should be stuck off without a hearing, and above all, it is with prescience conscience that I heard these petitions. God has given me the strength and fortitude, as a lesser mortal, to act without fear or favour, for fear of a breach of oath of office and sacrifice justice, and above all to truly act as a judge and not a “yes-man”.”

On one unrelated personal note.
Which made me flabbergasted too.

We dissed about other people without telling them our bad side. Normal, eh.
What private conversation it is when it involves third person. Normal too?

Then I don't want to be part of that normalcy.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Malay proverb 101 pt.1

Ladies and gentlemen,
children of all ages..

Lesson for today:

Sudah terhantuk baru tengadah.

Means: when damage's done, only then preventive measures are taken.

Example: Gomen announce that they will do 'Mapping of more than 100 islands around our country'. Like, finally?

Case on point: Pedra Bianca and (God forbid) Pulau Pisang.

Kalau puntung masih berapi, janganlah dihembus-hembus juga

Means: don't relight the fire

Example: Promises made by the KERAjaan.

Case on point: They will decide if Petrol price needs to be reviewed MONTHLY.

udah-udah lah tu.

Seorang gabenor telah mengatakan bahawa dengan kenaikan harga minayk setiap USD1, pengeluar minyak mendapat untung dan sepatutnya la ni around 72 million la untung. Awat nya naik.

And we will end today' lesson with a poem

Petrol hike
Food hike
Utility bills hike
Immorals hedonists hike
Desperados hike
Depression hike
Crime rates hike
Entrechment hike
someone need to take a hike!

Err. Bad Bad poem but at least it rhymes (rhyme mendenya kalau hike hike ayat sama ma)
Okay kids, thats all for today.
Rrrrrrrrriiiing. (For whom the (school) bell tolls)

Time kaseh che-gu!


Friday, June 06, 2008

face it

the face that Malaysians 'love' the most

Face the tough times ahead:

Fuel: Increase 41%
Electric: Increase 11%
Poultry: ceiling price abolished
Hatred to wards KERAjaan: 300%
Gaji: tak naik, jangan turun.

Thank you.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

tag 7x7

Blame Alak for this. Or my lunch hour.

I've got a gap of an hour before I'm expected to turn up for a meeting, but I try my best to answer for each category... its not that easy..

7 facts about me

  • 160 cm short
  • myopic (R: 750+ L: 400)
  • lactose-intolerant
  • had never been on diet (discount fasting)
  • I speak with a lisp. You'll hear my slushy ess'es.
  • am the one with a boy's name
  • I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer
7 things that frighten me
  • religiously and/or financially bankrupt
  • losing loved ones
  • tak sempat / terlambat
  • polygamy (disclaimer: I'm not against it, but personally as a woman... )
  • trapped in elevator, especially with strangers of the opposite sex. Scary!
  • horror movies
  • war (or generally any form of "attack" be it physical, emotional, financial etc etc)
7 songs in the meantime
  • Kelly Sweet's version of Aerosmith's Dream On. Nice!
  • Beck's Everyone's Gotta Learn Sometime
  • Andra's Sempurna
  • Stereophonics's Drowning
  • Aaron's U-turn
  • Brian Eno's By The River
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's Your Guardian Angel
  • Outlandish's Aicha
(am saddened by what someone from Egypt told me..hence this selection)

7 phrases always said
  • "well..." (to clients) kadang overused pun ye jugak
  • "oh.." (to The Boss) hahaha
  • "serious?" (apesal semua ayat2 gue konpius?)
  • "bubu"
  • "sondeska-yyo?!!!" (to nenet which she'll reply: nanigu-weh!")
  • "Dengan Izin" (hahaha)
  • "....MACAM APA" (I can hear Fais and Nenet laughing already)
7 valuables
  • ohana banana ku
  • Mr Paco (the camera lah) and the red laptop.. (adik2 sila ambil perhatian)
  • my sanity (while stock lasts)
  • Barina Bakriah (just so discoverd He is actually is a She)
  • Mr K
  • time. For it passes so quickly now................
  • words.. for it fails me.

7 first times
  • stitches~ 8 stitches on the forehead, received after a "swing" accident when I was 8.
  • sporting event~ Tadika Pertiwi. Persembahan ulat bulu. Sport la sebab masa sports day.
  • camping~ when I was 9. Sungai Lui!
  • on stage~ pantomime acting when I was 12. Co-actor. WMF and Farah Fadhlina.
  • khatam quran~ during primary school. Buat ramai2. WMF pun ada.
  • court appearance~ exactly two years back. JID. Guffaws.
  • fell in love~ almost three years now.
7 persons to be tagged
  • Nenet
  • Fariz (sebab budak2 ni on holiday)
  • plus any five volunteers...

there you have it.

Am still shocked by the petrol hike, I understand that it is unavoidable, but I think Pak Lah was ill-advised by his boys into giving premature promises (What August, what 5% were you talking about?)

On the emotional side (unrelated to Pak Lah's decision)..

In my head, its drumming with a question "where can I get Kalashnikovs?"
Some bullets may go flying (literally) because words hurt so deeply.
Even in truest sense of sincere intention.

Being a legal counsel we're trained to check and double check and triple check the contents of things we're sending out or receiving. This exercise is carelessly known as 'perusing'.

The dangers of not perusing carefully whatever is unlimited.
It may even burn a bridge.

I'm talking in riddles, but those who gets my message, gets my message.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dream On (updated)

Update: Fuel hike: 78 sen more to RM2.70 per litre
Almost double.

With the petrol subsidy is near extinction, prepare to pay double for your petrol.

Oh my sweet RM1.92 per litre.
Oh my sweet sweet cheap subsidized petrol, this is a hard and painful parting.

So the gomen threads a new playground for the subsidy giving, most talked suggestion is set to be "cash payments" to low income Malaysians (does this include underpaid professionals?)

I have nothing against rightfully subsidized aids, but still the pinch in the petrol raise still will hurt (the deep pockets of many) Malaysians.

And don't you ever dare come to me to tell me the comparison of petrol prices of our neghbouring countries.

Thailand per litre RM3.90
Singapore per litre RM2++
So Malaysia still so cheap loh!

Eh Hello.
Firstly, they're not "Negara Pengeluar Minyak"
And Secondly, (even Bangkok) they have effective and systematic transport circuit.

Try going KL by Bus.

(Like what NR and I did during our first year in the uni.
Bloody two hours from Gombak to KLcc by ONE SINGLE BUS.
At the end, NR called her driver to fetch us back to our campus and so much for our OUTING adventure kononnya)

Thirdly, thanks to the (almost) inexistent transportation system and (in)effective routes, most Malaysian opts to buy their own transportation vehicle.

Bukan sebab kaya tapi mak terpaksa!

So you can imagine the frustration going or coming back from work.
For a small country (bigger than the red dot Singapore) the traffic jam is horrendous.

So there's no escape from paying extra for petrol because of this stupid jam.
And the kind hearted gomen gives us alternatives routes (but you have to pay for it).

While some people can afford the luxury of time to escape from the clutch of the evil hands of Mr Traffic (this morning, my family and I had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee at 10 a.m yes I am bragging), but some other people they just can't.
So most Malaysians have to brace themselves everyday and face the music.

If there's one more thing that adds up to the miserable driving tax-payers in Malaysia, its the tax of the cars and motorbikes.
So most of us have no other option but to drive the Malaysian made tin-can car (read: Proton) or mat rempits' bikes.

Proton's theory is quite simple.
If you can't make it cheaper or make it better, make imported cars unaffordable.

Dejavu eh.
Garfield the overfed cat did say: Oh God, if you can't make me slim, make others fat.
And all of us are the poor victims of the sinister "Garfield".
(Fied, a friend studying Jogja said Jazz only costs RM60K there. Try Malaysian price.)

anak angkat beruk mana lah ni..

And as for the Mat Rempits' menacing ways, I could always suggest for our gomen to follow the UK reqs in disallowing the medium-sized cc bikes.
So that'll leave the people with the child-like electric motorbikes or the super bikes (which in my biased view, is not as menacing a h0oligans as compared to mat Rempits).
So the beruk rempits have no choice but to cycle~ at least in that way, we can outrun them.

Or the gomen can always fall back into square one:
make/design/create effective transportation system.

Stop corruption first, follow plans as advised by the Town Planners and things might be ok for a change.

Unless and until someone with a brilliant idea creates a world without oil usage (and we'll see the US govt suddenly bails out of the War on Terrorism), I guess all of us have to suffer to follow the kind advice of our premier to change and adapt our lifestyle.
Yeah right.

(But wait. There's NGV) That's another story altogether.
Til then..Dream On.

Anwayway, here's a song sang by a 20 year old lass singing Aerosmith's Dream On.
A bit less rocky, mellow to the bit that it actually sounds nice.
Heard it over from Karen's pc and now it stucks in my head.

Dream On - Kelly Sweet

Everytime that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face gettin clearer
The past is gone
It went by like dust to dawn
Isnt that the way
Everybodys got their dues in life to pay

I know what nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know its everybodys sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life is in books written pages
Live and learn from fools and from sages
You know its true
All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, if its just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

busy bee

This post is just an update about my whereabouts.

this is where I spent my time last week

Had an extremely busy week.
The Boss asked me to join him to a engineering seminar, certified by BEM and organised by IEM.
(Note the "E" where it stands for Engineers obviously). Not for me.

Only thing is, it was a seminar lectured by The Boss himself.
So tak bolehla ponteng-ponteng. Cannot escape one.

But after the days seminar not only I learned a lot about basic civil eng, which I think it'll be very useful for the legal area I work on, and I earned 16 hours BEM credit (exactly what for does it apply to me) . An extra respect to The Boss, too.

So it makes me a better co-worker, being all this hyped up (used to think the firm I work in is just a small firm (Still is, in numbers at least). I'm so inspired!

All in all it humbled me to know the credentials of The Boss and his humble approach.
Dia rilek je..tapi ilmu penuh di dada. Oh The Boss is both an engineer and a lawyer, too.
Cool, huh.
There's one Malay proverb that says: ikut resam padi.
Well as for me, I've still got a long way to go, and everyday is a learning time.
And then I wish I can go on seminars all year long..and now wanting to further studies..
Boy I was really inspired! (There was once I got fed up with studying~ after 17 years of formal education I really felt education and me went well like school on fire!)

But when I came back from work~ you can just imagine the pile of works waiting for me!

two piles of files. And a can of lite-coke. Works out fine for me.

There's this client (really kiasu) who I had just sent a demand notice against the neighbours of the client's condominium construction site to "vacate encroachment".
He came a day before the 14 days had lapsed because he wants to bulldoze the encroaching permanent structures. Banyak chantek.

another day, another building.. another problem = another $$

And another client came, wanting his Bill of Cost (comprising three apex courts) ready by the end of the week. Baru dapat judgment last week!
Seriously, do they really think we're robots.

Hmm I really have to get the Taxation specialists' contact numbers. I'm made to understand there are some court clerks who will tax the Bill for a reasonable payment, so whoever has the details, please let me know a.s.a.p.
And thanks in advance.
Kalau tak kena la aku terkial2 buat.

But now.. one thing at a time.. lek2 dulu.. pastu baru kerja gila2!.
See ya guys around!

Never Date a Leo

Dramatic, egotistical, and emotional - a Leo is way too high maintenance for you!

And forget about a quick fling with an alluring Leo. It's either everything or nothing with this sign!

Instead try dating: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, or Cancer

p/s: Not that I believe Horoscopes, its just that when I did the quiz I didn't realise that "signs means horoscope signs". Haha. Blur memang blur. oh anyway. Mr k is a Capricornian (is that how they say it?).


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