Saturday, December 16, 2006

informal informer

a.k.a makcik2 tren at the kl train stations. E.g:

"He's late again. Heard his head got disconected at the Putra station"

" Yeah he's done it again. He crashed some indonesian woman at the segambut track, and the incoming train picked up the poor lady and send her off straight without stopping to the Bank Negara station, where the 911 waited."

"If he comes on time, I'm sure he'll be able to keep all of us happy."m

Aaaah. They refer to the commuter train, affectionately as 'he'.

I'll get near to them as possible to hear their latest gossip about 'him'.

After all, knowing the reasons for anything would keep most people occupied and, forgiving.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

flowers and trees


i just love his band. And his cute mousache. I'm having a huge crush since Ethan Hawke (them both resembled a lot, no?) Fact he is a mormon. Hmm. He must have hard time filling his wives quota :P


Me and mom, we were just passing ttdi to pick up Nett from MU for her week long arab-camping, when the signboard of a shop caught my attention. PANGKAL MELATI.

Me: what a weird name for a shop.
Mom: 'Tis not. Its normal for trees.
Me: No, I'm thinking about THE person (here's one for u, mel)
Mom: Oh. ( A long pause) But Eun Sooh always wanted to be a tree.
Me: Really?
Mom: But thats so boring, I mean, being one. Forever stuck. Mak suka jalan-jalan.
Me: that what would you be?
Mom: I'll be a bird.
Me: Of all things! Thats even worse!!! to be stuck on one place, in between those~
Mom: That YOUR definition of a bird. I was talking about the REAL birds. In case you'd forgotten. The one with wings, not in the jeans.

Yeah people. Thats me and mom for you. No wonder....


toi plus moi =)

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