Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am not sure what Vladimir Nabokov's must have felt if he is still is alive right now, watching the news about the incest case in Vienna, (the one that a father kept his daughter for 24 years and fathered 7 of his own grandkids), as I kept on thinking on Humbert's feeling to Lola.

It's sickening, I know, but (can't say I agree) the emotions are so honest and endearing (almost) that I almost symphatise with Humbert's "illness" of loving nymphets, though I must say, in caution, that I myself failed to fathom to understand his reasonings.
But Lolita is not his own daughter, so its not as bad as what Josef Fritzl did to his own daughter.

But still.. a child is supposed to be protected, loved (not that kind of love), cared for, not ravished nor even been fantasized upon!

While I was in the uni, I watched Korean's Oldboy (similarly on incestuous siblings) (that time I watched a lot of foreign films~thanks to AH) and I don't know why these people have this thing on siblings love. Autumn in my heart, Stairway to heaven, blabla. Tak kisahla kan kalau "bekas" adik kandung, tertukar adikbadik ke (they got a lot of these cases) semua pun sapu. Konon sweetla tuh. Nak muntah hijau, ok!

(side story: I can list more, but you get my drift, and are we to suppose that's just the way it is in their origin country?
Like from where I belong, the drama always involve extra wives, bomoh and big-shot corporates. But then again I am generalising...Don't blame me~ I just put it the way a nation is potrayed)

And my favourite author, Ian Banks (without the "M") whom his works on Espedair Street and the Wasp Factory i admire, and yes I was surprised, if not disappointed, that he wrote something about it too in Walking on Glass (must he?).

Its not a fashion, please don't glamourise an illness!
(like gay love~but then again, I am homophobic)

Damning I tell you.
No more of this.
Whatever Nobokov's Humbert or Banks' Slater or any versions of them might have felt watching the wretched news on tv, I don't think they feel ok.
I hope they feel sick to their stomach and resent to whatever their fantasies are.

These things should not be happening.
They shouldn't be appearing in a any books too, regardless how intense the love is.
Yuck la.



Your Personality is
Somewhat Rare (ISFP)

Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm.

Only about 7% of all people have your
personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men

You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and

haha. Not really an alien am I?
Ooh I get fidgety too. Like mad.
The worst ocean is the one that the turbulence is deep within.

Today I came in rather late and am wearing jeans and a polo shirt.
My Ym status is "hawaiian mode"~ and the workstation is in a mess within the very minute I came in to my room. And I have my Mc D Big Breakfast and a big thermos of Nescafe I brought from home (I don't drink starbucks although its just next to our office).

Upon seeing this, like a sign, the staff quietly closed the door behind me softly and let me work without interruption. (read: without the usual daily gossip)
Its actually the "no distraction mode".

I'm trying to finish the damning tax. Wish me luck.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

weekend in T and P

went road tripin' with FN and NY to Taiping but we ended up in Penang.. it was fun and everything was impromptu~ haha.. lets do it again, guys.

Met the wonderful hashers and harrietes, and the unfortunate encounter with the former boss. But the GMI mission was accomplished. While on the news today Hamid Albar said the gomen will not abolish ISA, but that won't stop us from fighting for justice.
We need your support, ppl please sign the the petition.

The whole time on the way to and fro I was listening to Letto in my head and obviously missing that somebody..May God gives him the strength for his fight..


Friday, April 25, 2008

i heart dan

this we watch in the office during lunch time.
KK and The Boss thinks Nate is cute.
Uh not for me.
I go for liverpool, so thus my so not-manchester choice: Dan.

dapper dan, you're not nobody.

Ha. Can't hardly wait to go to a road-trip to Taiping with FN tomorrow..(who is A Man U fanatic btw.) But I forgive you, because you always set me up straight when I'm jellying down to my nonsense. Teehee.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

my guardian angel

During my uni days I was so into Naruto that no other manga/anime mattered as much, so when he said I'm his Ichigo, I must admit I was oblivious if not flattered.

This he said during our "courting" days, so I thought that whatever Ichigo means, she must've mean something. Right?


To start with, Ichigo is a guy.
Tak handsome pon okey!!
He is One skinny guy with red spikes growing out of the skull.

Kakashi with the mask on is waaaaaay better looking.

nama I Kakashi Hatake. I pakai topeng sebab I cantik.

I thought, this Ichigo, if not for his human face, with the long blade and the black robe, he looks like the pocong guy in Scary Movies.

So I demanded his explanation (I can only think of him relating Ichigo to my hilarious temper)
because he always guffaws sheepishly when I go mad.

Heaven has not rage like love to hatred
Nor hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

But he said I'm his Ichigo because Ichigo Kurasaki is a 'guardian angel'.
Terus cair.

I know last night while we were talking I got a little bit worried (I'm lying. I worry a lot. ) because he haven't gained weight. Not even a gram.

I know Mr K is healthy, eats alright, works out,swims, plays football every evening that sometimes I wonder his second home must've been the football field.
~so I can actually blame his metabolism.

So why do I worry this way?

It must've been a selfish baseless reason, because I have this false belief (or sheer stupidity) that a man must look 'able' to protect his woman.
So I...wanted him to be a bit fatter.

And thus begin my wrath of the terrible ciplak Karnataka Fried Chicken and the tasteless soups and volcanic spicy curry for killing his appetite while he was trying to assure me that he's fine with food in Manipal.
When his favourite food is patin gulai tempoyak and hati lembu masak kicap which sure cannot find in India one!
Oh dear.

When I wake up this morning, I feel bad making him worry over me worrying for him.
When the truth is, there's nothing about him I would change.
There was nowhere I don't feel safe when he's with me.
So there.
To MY Ichigo Amali San.. just a reminder to let you know..I love the way you are..
now can you let me be the girl? hehe


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

word up

What Word Describes You?

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Apelah liverpool. Buat aku tido lambat. Kalau menang ok lah. Ni buat aku sakit hati sahaja. Hari ni lak ada hearing kat Shah Alam so kena gi awal (nak parking dlm court. Malas nak panjat tangga batu caves). Balik ofis ngantuk, takde mood nak buat bill of cost yg kotak dia banyak macam nak pindah umah.
Jadi buat kuiz. Hmm. Spontaneous = moody. So yeah. Ten points there.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

lovely bruises

You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.
Rabindranath Tagore

Ah Mrs K!
Welcome to The First Tear of The Practice!
I shall not congratulate nor should I admonish you as I should have, but may I be your friend.
A friend is the one who reminds you of where you are.
And not where you should be.

Join your friends and the others that had long inspired you~

I hear you whisper their names~

Sir Richard Muir, K.C for his thoughtful and dangerous cross examination
Mr Gerald Gardiner Q.C for his tactful submission
LK for her fearless self and bravery to say the right things right
MIS for his articulate and precise draftings
and to the friends who encouraged more than you encouraged yourself.

Still you shiver.
The thought of the Ones made you sit back to think they are born Gifted.
See how many of you that have retreated to something irrelative and now looks (or sounds) to be in better shape than you are.
In that matter, you do look bruised.

Did you not agree with FN that more passionate people are needed here than anywhere else?
Did your head hurt thinking that the passion died away for something not worth fighting for?
Did your ear bled hearing a jerk dissing you when you started chambering, he dissed:
"What the hell for the suffering of 9 months for the wee wage of RM700??
Look at me, I'm already earning my first 2k.".

And I hear you say:
"But I believe. everyone has reasons.
Let that RM700 and 2k be his grounds, and mine are all my own.
Yes I get bruised.

But it has gotten lesser, the bruises are healing.
My head still hurts and the ears had stop bleeding.
And now my smile is the answer for the strength I shall gather through out this years of learning.

Dear God, let me be strong,
Let me learn.
And live."

Mrs K
Don't be disheartened, don't lose hope.
In those years of learning, be prepared to know you will get bruised even more,
a scath is not a scratch, be vindictive of your own consciences and learn well.
Of those names you whispered, I pray that you will be One of those who Preservered.
Be humble, be wiser.

Welcome to your First Year.
Welcome to The Practice.
Pray that it'll count to many years to come.
You may not be 'there yet', but you are closer than you were yesterday.

Perseverance... keeps honor bright: to have done, is to hang quite out of fashion, like a rusty nail in monumental mockery.
William Shakespeare


Friday, April 18, 2008

instant maggie

Maggie Thatcher once said:

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

I agree.
Plus its much cooler getting things done quietly than kecoh satu kampung tapi satu hapak pun tadak.

(would've uploaded a picture of Johnny Depp with a caption "strong silent type have the most appeal " and a picture of Zam or any other politicians that comes into mind with a caption saying "silence is golden" and another picture of Jeremy Clarkson guffawing "but this type of noise can one~ because he knows his stuff fo real shizel fo the izel and really drives a M5 to bring out his garbage. Pus he's funny)

But Blogspot ada internal problem plak. So cannot upload the pix lor.


lost and found

Yesterday might have been my lucky day.

Recently I got in touch with one of Mr K's coursemate through friendster.
I noticed in her profile that she went to the same school like I did.
In fact, two of the schools.
Hm cool coincidence.

(the family moved alot,you see)

So I added Nf in my friends list and we began messaging each other.

She noticed my name (in full) and asked me if the name "NI" (from subang) sounds familiar.
I said of course as "NI"was my neighbour to us, and a sister to me, how can I not remember.

Nf said NI is her eldest sister!
our Kak Long!

I almost jumped in the office when I heard this and I couldn't contain my happiness that I straightawat called Mr K in India =) (he was excited all the way too. Bless you, my soulmate)

Nf forwarded me Kak Long's handphone number and told me that my name had always been "mentioned" in their household.

(Brief introduction: Nf is the fourth child from 11 siblings.)

When I called Kak Long, (obviously) she didn't recognise my voice, but when I told her my name, she asked "what took you so long?".
And our conversation was a brief history to almost everything.
Its back to me being called 'adik' (no one calls me that except her) and likewise naturally, she is our Kak Long. Like the good old days.

Came back after office, we were still smsing.
She's now married with a kid, and works in a private hospital.
By her soft, kind ways are still the same. Even after 11 years.
I once wondered why she had the patience to handle the spunky,rebellious younger version of me. But truth be said, i'd always wanted to follow her examples.

Nf welcomed me back 'to the team like you were once before", to her family.

I am happy.
Finally meeting back Kak Long. After all these years.
My first naqibah.

=') thank you Dear God....


Thursday, April 17, 2008

oh no you don't pt.2

Making calls ~hm. Holiday agent, perhaps?

no Pak can't go now.
Not until you resolve with the judiciary issue~maybe then someone can show you the door.

But today's news on the malaysianinsider is about the government is expected to offer a statement of regret tonight to “victims" of the 1988 judicial crisis.

About time. (Twenty years already)

PMi is also expected to announce that the government will pay back wages and reinstate the full pension of each of the judges who were sacked or suspended in 1988. For former Lord President Tun Salleh Abas and Federal Court brothers – Datuk George Seah and the late Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman – the compensation could reach RM1 million each.

With this move, Pak Lah will hope to draw a line under one of the most traumatic and embarrassing episodes in Malaysian history – an event that many feel opened the door to two decades of manipulation and government interference.

Coincidently, tonight is the BC dinner with him. I'm sure its one of the things he needs to address in his opening speech. Which would be interesting to learn on his recent stand.

I know SL is going. Anyone??


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh no you don't

Essien, your happy moments were shortlived.

To Wigan~ that is. Boo hoo!
And even if Najib the dpm is considering the whole Israeli led-Chelsea circus to Malaysia (this is after MU said no), don't it get you people thinking "No way!"

(hmm the two clubs must have something in common. Want to take a wild guess?)
bigger fan base? uuh? Really.
(Save myself from the wrath of Fadiah, Nik, Aja (some diehard mu fans I know) and my Mr k who claims he is no longer a CFC fan after the special one left
)(just to prove a point)
Who likes Liverpool anyway? heloo? (echo)

gomen makes the policy.
And no not in our passports do we see any exceptions made to Avram whathisname.
But gomen changes the policy.
To suit their mood.
Why not yeh?
just kickout the mlaysian muslim sensitivity for a footballmad nation?

And this goes the same for the noise the same side making for the pigfarm.
But as explained by the now irrelevant mca, what transpired is that the the bending of so much policy is not for them to reap the fruits (fats) of labour (pigs) but for a compatriot whose names suspiciously sounds so malay.

I guess that the brouhaha over the new selangor mb's allowing pig-farming afterall.
One lucky guess wouldve been that Khalid might have followed the procedure (after all, the pig farm is on a designated land after all) but because of the him being skema, someone at the last crop is chopped off from getting the moolah. So that person is angry.

So now khalid gets the spotlight for allowing pigfarming. Ooh how insensitive.

Told you how simple-minded some people are.

p/s: But I think I'll always put chelsea behind man u.
Haha. Sorry sayang.


Friday, April 11, 2008

naked what?

Had this conversation with my brother who'd said he'll love to have a cruiser bike someday (shadow /vulcan etc)
He was quick to dismiss that I prefer those of full pairing superbike (eg zzr250 br cbr fireblade)
But I told him I prefer naked bikes.
And he goes naked whaat?

~pls don't get into the wrong idea here~

Remember before I'd posted on this blog that Mr Dhiren was looking for a buyer for his monster?
the one selling cheap at 18k for cod buyers?
thata one. Yup thats one naked bike.
Its called "Naked" because its sans the fairing. Now u know.

My first encounter with the those rugged bikes would have been Bimota db series, at the International Motorshow some six years ago and I looked it up. And when I saw the Bimota delirio, I was really impressed and start to dream about having a husband with that kinda bike.

Wahlau macho I tell you.

Lucky for me my guy is obsessed with it too(bless him for his good taste!).
He likes Ducati monster (okeyla but the latest version takde pillion seat..huhu xboleh tumpang dia..ahahah) so I'm trying to convince him that the Raptor's 'gundam headlights' are unique.

He looks good with it.
Excuse me for my taste =P.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

role model my foot!

Walk away to save your face
You never were a genius
Walk away to save your face
You never were, you never were
-Placebo singing Second Sight

We were making our way to the court cafeteria to have our "tea" break.
Cheese mushroom omelet dua, bang.
The best omelet in the whole wide world, yes, and the memory of it makes me salivating.

After making our order, my friend placed her files on the table.
And my eyes couldn't believe what I saw on it; a neat handwriting on the court minutes.
(Not that the it can escape any).

It was well written, long winded and lo! it reads:
"Could have gotten order on the last previous dates".

Rasa nak muntah okey.

(In case you don't get my drift, this one chap had gotten order in terms for an application when previously other counsel (like my friend here) didn't. )
Macam bagus.

Duh who writes so religiously on the court minutes?
Siap2 komen lagi.

And I asked my friend did she write on it. And she said no.
(She said its not her because her handwriting qualifies her to be a medical doctor and the self-righteous chap writes everything oh so clear) Obviously.
I won't bet my finger for her anyway, because the one wrote it must've been a self-righteous person.

Which my friend admit, saying that she encountered oh so many times that the Martha Steward incarnation making examples of her/himself, setting examples of her/himself,liking to be noticed.

"If that was me, I ____________"
"For me, I would have/ would have not _______________"
"If I were you I would ______________"
"Look, I will do it this way ______________"

Setting examples of a good citizen for the society, why not put yourself lah kan?
Nauseating I tell you.

I think I've encountered that same kind of loser the other day, checking the butt of my jeans and feeling relief that it was not Armani and started to ramble "oh you know,I myself would settle for just mng jeans. Its cheaper" when s/he knows mine is not any close to any mango or banana labels.

Hello~ you don't earn more than I do!
Secondly, I don't have to keep up with you Joneses, to make my life happy.
But seriously do you have to put down ppl like that.
Ingat baguske nak komen2 org lain and put urself up.

*Would've applied what Mak said to one of those type of ppl
(if lah I'm quick thinking like my mom, bless her )

makcik: Eh if I were you, I would have done it this way
mak: Lucky I'm not you.

Or it would be very nice if at the mo' that those ppl trying to "correct" me, I imagine it all how will I deal with em' my way.
And this I would tell him/her/them:

"Like Padaiyappa once said,' If I told you once, I told you a thousand times! "

And I will walk out of there like a Tamil hero, flicking (or attempting to flick) an imaginary cigarette to lip.



je suis tre fatigue

4-2. Anfield magic.
Houllier was dead wrong predicting the tables would turn last night (thats why he sucked during his time at the Kop).
Houllier was always wrong.

I'm tired.
I'm one energizer bunny, but I get tired too.
My ears won't flap and and my eyes would no longer shine.
Give me time to get my batteries recharged.

They say time heals.
Question is: how much time do you need?

Yah brought back the weighing machine (big mistake!).
I weighed myself this morning,and was appalled to see the result.
Makes me wonder what reduced the 2.2kg I used to have last week?
Hmm must be the loss of appetite. Am tired. I don't eat proper. But I don't even feel hungry.
Looking forward to holiday and family vacation and Tangkak trip this weekend.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

habitual politikus

I know by whatever time I reach the office, the auto-pilot me would turn on the pc, and read the Malaysian insider.

I read so much of politics (just like you and me and other Malaysian too) but I don't blog about it simply because for me politics can not be discussed without a debate.
One way is no fun. (Heheh)

Aneeeewaaaaay, I'm not going to bore you with anything what Dr M said and what Pak Lalalah said.
You can always read it up (don't fancy MCA's Star or Umno's utusan nor even Petra's Malaysiakini - but at least RP admits he is biased, yes?)

For me if you want to have your own perspective, at least choose the most neutral source and then form your own opinion.

Well then I'll see if I get the same idea with the boss, who'll spend few hours just discussing/ debating with me.
Most of the time, he's right.

But then again. He's the boss.

Ps: whats wrong if I found that Zaid's In good faith is good?
Not gonna make more BN-ner.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

angels look up

My mak andam friend F.E, is a jack of all trades (inter alia, she's running an art gallery, gives tuition for free, teaches English literature, hotel manageress, travelbug expert, and she manages all these beautifully done hantaran) has a big heart.

Recently one of my friend needed money to pay for hospital bills and operations.
The bill could reach RM40k per month, so she asked me if I could find ways to help her out.
F.E came straight to my mind.

obviously this is an African lady. Not F.E!
(the caption says: Handbag :Euro 32. Food For a week: Euro 4)

Having told the friend's story to her, she straightaway contacted Bukit Kiara flea market to organize a charity sale.
When I called her yesterday, she said she's had collected her old handbags (old or not, hers are of the 'expensive' lot) and told me she's ready to give it all up.

Mind you, F.E has no relation with the friend in need nor had in any way acquainted with each other. But she's ever willing to jump in the bandwagon to the rescue.

But that's her.
She once 'helped' me when I got engaged.
Remember all those beautiful hantarans with the fresh roses and berries?
that's her work of art.
She did it in a mere two hours and when I asked her for the cost, she said its foc for friends.

When she was living in Australia, having known that I was troubled from a previous relationship, she never-endedly sent me postcards and cards with words of encouragement.

Its one of her sweetest ways, more than not, one of the ways.

F.E is starting a mini-library for the poor, needful students.
All the things like reading materials, book shelves, desks, chairs and etc, can be donated.
Imagine how much it would help to keep the kids off the streets, reading books and being taught how to write and read!

Yesterday F.E received a bench and a sitting table, and rightaway she starts to gather the kids to teach. Imagine if we could have a mini-library (and volunteers are always welcome).

So if you have books, kiddies chairs and desks, or anything that can be useful, and you want to give it away for a good cause, please contact me. I'll handed it over to F.E.

You know the little angels would look up to people like F.E, and like you.

And if you would like to give 'a hand' to this friend of mine, please let me know, and we might have fun selling at the flea market!

p/s: see the ad above? its Saatchi & Saatchi's.
Man, I wish! Love their work!


Friday, April 04, 2008

a tie and a purse

A tie.
(Indeed, Nadia. No one cried last night)

Wednesday, 02 April 2008
UEFA Champions League

Arsenal 1-1
(HT 1-1)
Adebayor 23

Kuyt 26

And A purse.
I've been tagged by Aja to spill my wallet purse (man. how tomboyish of me. Still wanting to call it a wallet) and list down the contents of the purse:

  • Malaysian identification card -not having it around can get you into prison
  • Driving license - expiring on 21st of October this year
  • Great Eastern Medical card -penting nih!
  • Real rewards -because I fill 'er up only at Petronas
  • MPH readers circle card
  • temporary Kinokinuya Discount card-bookstore discount cards. A bless! =)
  • 2 ATM cards -one belonging to my other half =P
  • 1 visa debit card -I'm a credit card disbeliever
  • Touch n' Go -how do you go around Malaysia without one?
  • Business cards of -my boss's (because he just printed new set of his), Dr Engku Rabiah (met her yesterday in IIU), 3 other cards belonging to construction engineers (clients from yesterday's meeting)
  • 1gb SD memory card -its still a card, no?
  • RM51 -remaining for one last working day *happy
  • Indian Rupee 2 - its about 20sen in RM, I think. But this Rupee got a picture of a tiger on it, and Mr K had it scribbled something sweet
  • coins -including 1 sen (hey its still a legal tender, alright)
  • a passport photo my other half, looking dashing in his suit
  • a small photo of my baby sister, the cute monkey
  • maybank transaction receipt -withdrawal done on 1st April
  • a small note on the annual financial planning
  • MPH bills -for tax examption purposes
  • Petronas bill -last fill of full tank is RM70. Can last me two weeks!
  • Toll receipts -Nak claim from the office =)
  • a love note -left in the purse without me realizing it until months after...
  • Digi prepaid reload -old fashion me.
  • 7 of RM1 stamps , 1 of 50sen stamps and 6 Par Avion stickers -long distance thing. Sigh.
And you see, I tried to keep everything minimum.
I usually would 'get rid ' of things that can be put somewhere else ..
(like your business cards..ehem)
Its actually laden with everything useful, but its still not looking uber fat-why????

No bundle of cash. Thats why.

Explains a lot.

I would love to tag:
yah -but she's preparing for her pro exam so I doubt it.
alak -but she's a notepadder now. Sigh.
syera -but she's in Japan now.

Nak tag orang-orang law20 takut dorg bz. Tgk dorg pun dah lame tak update blog....


Thursday, April 03, 2008

face of the fiery devil

He's a politician.
Any guesses why someone like him is interested producing a film like Fitna?

Fitna is a 15 minute film posted on a website on Thursday that highly criticises Islam, setting verses of the Quran against a background of violence
A film depicting the disrespect for religious sensitivities and Muslims was an element of terrorism nurtured to further tarnish inter-religious links and between the Muslim world and the West.

He's one hateful man, inciting hate.
Its no longer a personal war, its a political agenda.

Muslims make out 10% out of the population in Holland.
Obviously he was not thinking on being nice. On making peace.

The National Fatwa Council called on Muslims to protest by boycotting Dutch products.
I urge friends and bloggers to spread the message.

The list of some Dutch products: (taken from this Neoblog)

Dutch Lady - Milk
Ferrero Roche - Chocolate (and you thought it was Italian!!)
Wall’s - Ice Cream
ING - Insurance (The one that Alonso appeared in the tv commercial)
Planta -Margarine
Lady’s Choice - Margarine/Bread Spread/Mayonaise, etc.
Lipton - Tea
SHELL - Gas/Petrol/Benzine/Diesel (stop la with all that nonsense collecting toy cars)
Knorr - Food Additives (buat la perencah sendiri)
Dove - Bathing soap/lotion, etc
Sunlight - Margarine/Dishwasher liquid
Radiant - Deodorant
Rexona -Deodorant
Ponds - Cosmetic Products
Kieldsens - Chocolate
Slimfast - Slimming Products
Lego - Raisin (beli dari pak arab lg best)
Philips - Electronics
Duyvis - Junk Food
Gouda - Cheese
Robin - Apparel/Floor Detergent
Ariel - Apparel/Floor Detergent
Omo - Apparel/Floor Detergent
Labello - Lip Balm
Pickwick -Tea
Venz - Chocolate Butter
Kinder Bueno - Chocolate
Unilever - All products
Dumex - Baby Milk/Powder Milk
Nutricia - Baby Milk/Powder Milk
Sunsilk - Shampoo
Fair & Lovely - Cosmetic Products (not made in India meh?)
Lux - Bath/Shower Soaps
Vaseline - Lip Balm
Gif - Floor Detergent
Surf - Detergent
Wishbone -Detergent
Doriana - Cheese Cream
Bertolli - Cooking Oil
Clear - Shampoo
Breeze - Detergent
Sun - Detergent


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

do you know this girl?

She posed herself, without any piece of clothes.
Without any piece of dignity.
This is her big hello telling the world how she wants her freedom.

Meet Suffiah.
The oxford prodigy.
Charging at £130.I'm in tears now.
What went wrong is beyond our judgment and knowledge.

I just hope her story ends happily ever after. She deserves better. God Provides the Best.

There was a girl I used to know
She was oh so beautiful
But shes not here anymore
She had a college degree
Smart as anyone could be
She had so much to live for
-Babyface; how come, howlong


i got fired

On my way to work, after the nkve toll, I passed through a nasi lemak stall.
Hmm I thought.. Mom's outstation for three days, might as well as I get myself stuffed full and happy so when I get home, I can skip dinner.
So I parked my car, got down and picked various lauks.

The nasi lemak Makcik was chatty and as soon as she saw the Bar Council Badge on my car, she started to pour out her legal 'inquiries'.
She lives in Kayu Ara, and from her thick Indonesian accent one might get a correct guess that she lives in a squatter home.
She wasn't impressed when I told her that my office is at one of the new building in Bandar Utama, I guess one of her friend's place might have been bulldozed to make way for us.

Yak-yakking took me 20 minutes and its already 10 a.m.
Not a problem since usually my working hours starts one hour, but today at 11 a.m the boss is expecting an important client for a meeting in our office.
Soonest as I get on the car, the boss rang.
Not sounding happy 'by my late coming practices', he told me that the client had been waiting since 9 a.m'.
I retorted saying that the appointment is at 11 a.m and the boss said "you lawyers have their own ways. But do you know you have to prepare the BQs, the lay-out plan of the construction and what not".
And to my own misery my big mouth said "thats an engineer's work. Not a legal counsel"
Which is true.
And the boss had this to say: "You''re right. Might as well I take on one IR to work for me. Who needs a lawyer, right?".
And then he said this: "YOU'RE FIRED"

There goes my job.


But I had no where to go to, when I put down the phone I was already in the basement parking.
So I got on the lift with 1001 things in my head.
Man, I love it here. I don't even have to go to the carwash because my car gets washed 3 times a week. Food is nice. Pay is good. And its only 12km from home. Hmm.

When I scanned my card to enter, I can hear my staff and the boss chatting.
Gloomily I put my things, passing the happy people eating their McDonalds breakfast.
Then I heard the boss saying : "eh makan lah. Rugi je I beli Big Breakfast for you"
When I turned to face the boss, he said:


What a bad, bad, bad, bad joke.
Haha. My boss is the joker, I know, but I never thought he'll do April Fool to his associate.

Any ideas how to retaliate to the boss without getting sacked (for real?)
Let me know!


toi plus moi =)

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