Wednesday, December 31, 2008

win some lose some

Captain Steven scored and later arrested.
Liverpool on top now but who knows what tomorrow brings?

300+ lives in exchange of 3 jewish deaths.
Hamas in power but Fatah gets rescued.
Can Obama change anything that has been there for 60 years in his 4 years?

ISA stays for the sake of national security.
But crime rates and duit kopi melambung tinggi.
What is there for you and me to be safe about?

Volatile moods get the best of me.
I'm sorry and I apologise.
I'm thankful and I appreciate.

You keep on preaching. Correcting. Idealising.
No one is listening.
Something is terribly wrong, but no one seems to care anymore.
And then there's a small group of people willing to talk and listen.
There's hope.

Goodbye 2008.


Sunday, December 21, 2008


Awaken to the client's wake up call. At 7 that is.
Trouble in Paradise, in our absence.
Some of the villagers have different ideas and hidden agendas going against the committee.
There goes my Sunday peace.

I tightened the laces getting ready to Run and humming to Devil's Dance.

One day you will see
And dare to come down to me
Yeah c'mon, c'mon now take the chance
That's right
Lets dance!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

of getting help, stat!

Imagine this.

You're beaten to a pulp.
You're barely alive.

And what hurt the most now isn't the bruises of blows he inflicted to you.
Its your heart that gets most of the beating.

How could he!
He said he'd stop the last time he trashed you around.
And now he had gone too far.

Like last time, you need to nurse your wounds.
But this time, you need more than few stiches, and you're limping out to get help.
And this time around, you decided that the Buster would pay for his thoughtless actions.
Enough is enough.

Question: where do you go first?

Police station?
Or get to your Lawyer's office?

Introducing you to OSCC (One Stop Crisis Center) @ all good Govt Hospital, specifically in Emergency Rooms.

Think of it as a comprehensive rescue centre, while getting medical treatment in the hospital, the other legal and authorities networks all wired up to this service will come to the victim.
Its All in One Crisis Centre.

People, remember the name.

Yes, we need volunteers (lawyers, medical doctors, everyone, you name it!)
Contact me for more details.

P/s: Not being gender biased. This applies to everyone, every victim.
And sometimes the aggressor can be female, too.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

trump cards

Got back home from the urban settlement meeting at 2 a.m this morning.
What about the meeting.

I did not expect a "meeting" to be conducted in such a way that me and my friends were put like panelists in a forum, instead of a round table meeting, we were met with 55 people staring at three of us.
And we were answering to their grievances of questions and answers.

Funny how the chairperson addressed us as their trump cards to the villagers.
Am sure you've heard of the saying "the ace of trumps is a sure winner".

And when the chairperson said that they need to limit the time as the lawyers are still "anak dara yang mak dorang still tunggu kat rumah", I thought I saw their eyes widen.
Either in awe or disbelief, I couldn't tell, as if our youth dicounts our credibility and confidence.

I could only mask my nervousness but speaking a little bit louder and based only on the things I think was/is right. God Knows if it made any sense at all.

Most of their queries are answered in a gist that
"You don't call a settler, a squatter.
There's big difference of a "Peneroka" and "Setinggan", and the former deserve equitable rights more than the latter."

"You don't make money by collecting compensations.
There are some trends overseeing that squatters mushrooming asap when there is a construction project. That's why we need to really thoroughly go through the status of the villagers and not all can get the same amount of compensation.
And all these grey areas that need to be checked."

Its easy to group these people.
But not as easy when you try to explain to them, eye to eye.

Trump cards.

The only Trump I like is Ivanka.
Aku tau aku comot, and she's all elegant and sharp, but one can still dream..


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

whirlwind whiplash

The Boss is on holiday.
Leaving me on my own for two weeks to babysit the firm.
Busier than ever.
Who ever said December sets your holidays mood.
They must be crazed.

Clients are, like always. too stupid to settle their own mess.
(That's why we're there haha)
And they demand the messes be fixed quick.
Lu cuba Buat Sendiri, boleh?

Courts are.. Oh well.
Sometimes I question why did i get myself into this.
I'm not that strong to pull myself together every single time I fall.
But some wise men told me, to succeed, this is the way to go through.

Two months is all I've got.
It seems I'm dragging my feet slowly but I'm expected to run.
I can even see the Finishing Line but I keep looking for detours.
No supporters, just shouts and yells finish I must.

This hellhole, I must leave.
As the whirlwinds whiplash me back in.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Run II

I ran again this morning before court.
Due to the restrain of time, I took the shorter route albeit the faster speed.
I have this in my mind this time to feed my run:

All of my hate cannot be bound
I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming
So you can try to tear me down
Beat me to the ground
I will see you screaming

Over and over.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Just got back from 9 miles run.
It feels so good.

I am what they call a solitary runner.
Without music, without technology, without grace.
Just me, and my running thoughts.

I used to run alot more when I was younger.
And even faster when I'm upset.

I would run til the last of my energy that has been feeding off emotions.
The bitter I am, the stronger runner I would be.
The Demons burns in the Spirit, and fades away in exhaustion.

The incensed emotions, the umbrageous feeling of losses and indignant denials vanish with each step I take. A breather from the dead of reason.

As if i could really runaway from the things, the persons, the words that failed me.
Let me be.
Leave me be.

It seems nowadays I don't run as much, complacent to the living I have now and maybe just maybe I wasn't as angry a person as what I used to be.
Stabilized emotions, perhaps I did become older and wiser and wished for simpler things for happiness.

And I keep wishing he was here, running beside me.
My pillar of strength, the sunshine of my universe.
He'll make me forget that I'm actually running to forget why I'm running.

And this morning, I ran again.
As fast and as far as I could.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

#1 Crush

Hazwani tagged me with these rules:

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW silly it sounds.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" ... you say?
Push it - by Garbage
(wah memaksanya aku)

2. How would you describe yourself?
St. Anger -by Metallica
(hahhaha how apt)

3. What do you like in a girl?
Like a Friend -by Pulp
(hm. Weird, but yelah how do you like a person without being a friend in the first place?)

4. How do you feel today?
Comfortably numb -by Pink Floyd
(how true!)

5.What is your life's purpose?
Strange and Beautiful -by Aqualung
(well I don't think I want it to be strange, but the journey is I guess...)

6. What is your motto?
Your Guardian Angel -by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
(haih. Hm my name means it anyway so..)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Passive Aggresive -by A perfect circle
(dammit la. And i hate this type of people..)

8. What do you think of your parents?
This is the world I know -by Collective Soul

9. What do you think about very often?
The Bitterend -by Placebo

10. What is 2 + 2?
Love Song -by 311
(but 311 is 5, not even 4?)

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Til everything burns -by Ben Moody
(why not. I'll be there for them til everything burns?)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Dream -by K.Will
(Rain Bi in tux and aiming to kill..phwoargh)

13. What is your life story?
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime -by Beck
(they usually do. After getting their heart broken, eh?)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Knocking on Heaven's Door -by Bob Dylan
(well I..)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Sleepwalker -by The Wallflowers
(you can only walk with them in your dreams..or it seems?)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Angel with the scabbed wings by Marilyn Manson
(sangat tidak sesuai)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
When Worlds Collide -by Powerman 5000

18.What is your hobby/interest?
Walking after you -by The Foo Fighters
(ye thank you for making me sound like a stalker)

19. What is your biggest fear?
November Rain -by Guns n' Roses
(metaphors everyone, metaphors. Now December already)

20. What is your biggest secret?
Stupid Girl -by Garbage
(but thats not a secret!)

21. What do you think of your good friends?
Wolf to the Moon -Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
(hahahha I guess that's what the gang is.)

22. What will you post this as?
# 1 Crush -by Garbage
(Shirley Manson, if you're reading this, I think you're cool)

I tag Zetty. And FD. And ZZ.
The three mp3 junkies I know. :P


Saturday, December 06, 2008


After the Legalaid meeting + book launching at Bau2 Cafe last night, I headed home late after watching a movie about some vampire lovin' with VK.

The movie was OK, but for me nothing can surpass Interview with The Vampire (maybe I'm biased because I love Anne Rice's work).

Anyway moving on..
I'm working in a Legal Firm specializing in Construction.
Sometimes it involves the issue of the eviction of squatters or removal encroachments to the project site.
And most of the time, the Court recognizes the rights of the registered land owners, but not without detailed and careful deliberation.
The squatters will still get their compensation.

I understand the Developer's rushing wants to immediately bulldoze the encroachments, and at the same time I understand the squatter's helplessness in trying to retain to what they call home and weighing these two, I can safely say I am divided by my work ethics.

Indefeasibility of title is Law.
My clients have the full legitimate expectation of land use.
But at the same time the question of Equity kicks in.

Which brings us to the discussion I had with VK about legal rights, when the Others question equitable rights.
That only the rightful owners shall have the sole benefit of the land.
Hence squatters and settlers can pack their bags and go.

What hurts me the most, a lawyer I know said this "why should we help the squatters, they free-free buat rumah on other people's land and then we have to compensate them."

I'm embarrassed to admit my learned friend in Law is that shallow.
But his/her sentiment is widely shared by the others learned friends in the legal fraternity so why am I surprised anyway.

And the irony of me fighting for my clients evicting squatters comes in like a bad comeback.
Because off working hours I'll be defending the other side of the party.

I know some are questioning, but to me these are values to which can not be calculated easily.
To those who call themselves lawyers (excluding gomen counsels as they are tied with the gomen, but they're not lawyers pun in the first place in the truest sense what am I thinking), I think there's a fine line between the call of duty and business.

I take care of my clients, because they have their rights over the land.
And the same for the squatters/settlers, as they too have their rights over the same.
Sometimes values are intangible, sometimes they are tangible.
But there are still values.

And there is such thing as a grey area sandwiched between the black and the white.
Hell yes the court recognises it.

Too bad if you feel this shouldn't be the way.

And just because I work for the money 9-5 it does not mean I have to devoid of human feeling to the society, right.

It does not mean I can turn my back just because my namecard says I'm from The Firm.
Let's start this over.

Hello, I'm a Lawyer.
I'm not a mercenary. I have values too. I believe in it.
Do you?


Cerita 1.
When I came to the dining table, the Nobel nominated poet + pioneer to the Legalaid Mr Cecil Rajendra recognises me "eh miss Harrison!" I can feel my cheeks growing red and yes I'm flattered he knows me by name ehehehe. Eh aku memang suka gila puisi even before being called to the Bar.

Cerita 2.
I got home almost after midnight and mom called in to ask about my whereabouts.
When I told her I was on my way back, with VK, she wanted to hear VK's voice.
(Confirm perempuan kan hahaha) Macam pelik. I thought Mom was worried I'm having a cold feet because the wedding is around the corner tiba2 nak dating dengan laki lain? Oh tidakk.

Cerita 3.
The full version of cerita 2 above is that My mother thought she misheard my friend's name as 'Jealous' instead of the real name.
(I'm almost sure I did not mispronounce VK's name to sound like "Jealous". Tapi I kan pelat.) Thats why she repeated the name so I thought she wanted to hear VK's voice to check on us.
(So it wasn't she checking out who I was out with duh).

This was revealed when Yah told me Mak said 'oh ada jugak orang dalam dunia ni nama dia "Jealous".

Cerita 4.
When I told Mr K about cerita 3, he said : "Ah that's not jealous. I am Jealous".
Hehehehhe. Alaalaa.


Friday, December 05, 2008


mogok dengan streamyx. buat criminal threat kat the automated answering machine.
mogok dengan yah sebab magrib tak balik2. pastu kena cari dia allover usj2.
mogok dengan bos. rayau2 borders after court.
mogok dengan workload. terus nak beli direct flight gi Manipal.
mogok dgn aircon kereta yang rosak. beli Fiat Brava on the spot adalah sangat over.
mogok dengan kelibat hakim yang sangat horror. rasa nak quit practice time tu jugak.

Finished reading The Road. Can't stop thinking about The Man and The Child.
And made me stop worry about all those things mentioned above.
It'll make you somewhat more grateful.

Suddenly everything seems trivial.

Including my favourite anti american briton's logical complaints.
For crying out loud, Jeremy Clarkson is not stopping with no 2, he has to come out with the third:
and (to some extend) made me forget about the seriousness about being grateful.
Back to (not really) square one, eh.



Friday, November 28, 2008

short lived joy

The only thing that keeps the current gomen in-tuned with the whole judiciary reform is that they do not want to lose out foreign investors. Other than that, why do they even bother.

I wonder if this dependency should be of any good, its not as if our country is not that resourceful, and I keep on reminding myself that Buy Malaysian products only appeals to only some of us. The only way out of Globalisation is to stay out of it.

We still need the daily dose of Starbucks, Wendy's and Tony Romas, when Kopi cap Mawar, Ramly burgers and Ayam Golek Lima Bintang tastes better but for the packaging.
Malaysians and their capitalists idea of living. Ingat hidup ni nak enjoy looking good sahaja.

I had the first paragraph thinking when i was served with a sealed summons in chambers to set aside Judgment by the opponent solicitor on the same day I managed to get Judgment againt the opponent, earlier in the day.

How is that possible?
When usually well-drafted order (with certificate of urgency perhaps) takes almost 3 weeks to be approved, and this SIC is signed and sealed in half a day.
And I haven’t gotten my draft order out yet.

If the system has finally found its way to expedite things, I’m all up for it.
And if the gomen's service has suddenly improved, I applaud all the steps in ensuring so.
But seriously, don't you thinks its a bit peculiar? its too quick, too effective.

I wondered how, and stopped thinking why.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

the comeback queen

I’ve been extremely busy lately

Though I found my lunchtimes extended longer than usual, but it’s only because I think I deserve more ‘away’ time from the office. Because once I’m in the office, the physical aspect of ‘work’ dissolves and melts into my subconcious mind. Gone are the days of happy facebooking and status updating/commenting at every 2 minutes. Haha.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m somewhere in between of arbitral preliminary meeting, trying to create the look like busy (LLB) by furiously typing onto the laptop when actually I’m blogging myself away. Haha.

Last week the Boss starts to entrust me to handle new arbitration files on my own.
From A to the Z, izzle fo' the shizzle, its learning time!

I always preferred Arbitration, because I believe its the better platform for most construction matters, which the firm handles most of the time. And though I am wee bit shaken by his confidence to me, for I’m still fresh and green, but I believe I could still learn at my own pace.

Do not assume I’m being over ambitious or creating a niche market for my own, but for those who know what happened to me in the previous firm, you’ll understand why I appreciate the vast opportunity in learning curves the Boss is creating for me.

What happened there remained a bitter secret for me and few closed friends to know, but the consequence of it really ate me up. I was gobbled and eaten alive and nothing is the same anymore for me. My confidence level became zilch and there was always questions of why me ? re-surfacing every now and then, reminding how feeble I was as my own fighter.

But you know what they say; things that does not kill, only makes us stronger.

Now that I got my momentum back, working like there’s no tomorrow and recently I made my own comeback to the Legalaiders, I found myself busier though I found myself dead tired at the end of everyday, I sleep happier now.

I haven’t had the slightest thought of anyone insignificant, and I buried those who thinks I have the walk-on-me sign on my forehead.
The pain was already anesthetized, hence for me they don't exist anymore.

I only think of those who matters now.
Thank you (you know who you are).

I’ve been extremely busy lately.
And Happier.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

fastforwarding future

After finishing the written submission (which I totally flipped over concluding it, and declared happily in my facebook and YM status), since I have some waiting time to kill before a meeting in A&W drive-thru (the reason kenapa aku bersungguh2 siap kerja :A&W rootbeer float!), I went bloghopping in the cyberspace and found some senior laywers' blogs.

Very very enjoyable.
A little detail of work is splashed, otherwise its all about the kids, the wifeys (cute ok how the husbands go about the wives and vice versa), the report card days, the holidays and all good life involving the family. Memang sangat cute!

I can't help but to ponder if my future life would somehow echo theirs.
And I can't help but smiling reading about how one lawyer dad adores the kids.
A bit envious, but the warm tingle stays deep in the heart.

Heh. Sape kata lawyer tak boleh handle family ;)

Thing is, don't think I'll be able to blog like that.
I simply do not have the courage to spill about my personal P&Cs.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

while I was going through tomorrow's matter

I was preparing for a civil trial I'll be having the next morning when my former Lecturer buzzed me through YM.

Maybe because he was intrigued by my YM status, but at the end of the short but sweet conversation, I was motivated than ever :)

Work hard, play harder!

former teacher:
Enjoy life my dear, I think you r over burden with work

No lah
I think at my age, u were more hardworking kot

former teacher:
Lepas tu siap bawak balik keje lagi

Sebab after court tadi I melepak ke Istana Budaya for lunch.
Lepas tu melegar dengan jayanya.
After meeting I tak balik ofis terus.

former teacher:
I played more then.

Even while you were a magistrate?
Wah wah.

former teacher:
Hmm I’ll tell you a secret when time permits me.

Eh this is not fair.

former teacher:

Now u got my attention, I finally stopped my work!
Now I’m curious..

former teacher:
Now there’s reasonable doubt already

Which isssss?

former teacher:
I can’t tell you now because it’ll stop your momentum.
You’re on the correct track.

But you just told me to enjoy life (so tell me!) haha

former teacher:
I’m telling U should work hard, but play harder

And u think I’m overworked.
Quite the contrary actually.
(Don’t think the Boss thinks of me that way)

former teacher:
Ask urself.

I’m not as workaholic as what I seem to you.
Ini hanyalah last attempt seorang pekerja yang sedang menggelabah

former teacher:
Now u’re flirting with ur lecturer…..on the net.
Get back to Work.

Excuse me, kalau I nak flirt, kat uni lagi I dah buat.
My grades are not that great PON.

former teacher:
Hahahha. Ok Ok.
So what’s for tomorrow matter?

Construction bla bla.
What about u?

former teacher:
I’m marking my student’s paper

Ke tengah mengacau awek2 di alam maya?

former teacher:
Wanna join?

No thank you.
I’m straight.

former teacher:
Hahahah. Cis
Fatwa dah keluar haram.
But that is the law since time immemorial

A ah. Baru nak cakap

former teacher:
I cepat. U slow

As you can see, I’m doing my work, and u are supposed too!

former teacher:
No, yours are reflect ignorance

let’s get back to what we’re paid for.

former teacher:
See that was not me saying that.
it’s the devil in me

Oh hello Mr Devil in XXXX, nice to meet u.
I see u’ve taken much control of him, hmm
If u see him , tell him I said hi.

former teacher:
This is me.
I’m back.


former teacher:
I’m always online but invisible u know
Just buzz me if you want to make me laugh ok.

Nanti I holler every time I need that kick on my head.

former teacher:
Nice having light moment with u. Take care.

Sangat cool lecturer kami. My coursemates might recognise who he is.
One of those lecturer yang popular (sbb dia cool) hahah.
And he teaches Procedure.
And he was (or still is) a practicing Lawyer.

He's one of those who supported my decision to stay in The Practice, and he said you'll have to finish the things u've started, dont go chicken shit. Heh. No I won't.

Il faut en finir!~
(borrowing the old French adage during WWII)

When I' grow up Sir, I want to be just like you.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tag yang renyah!

Moi nerdy cousin tagged me. Because I love you, I'll do it despite the tag is incredibly long..

1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!.
2) DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair…just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5) Tag 10 people to do this

haha. Here goes nothin'.latest pic maaaa. Sabtu lepas. Saya sedang bermain musical chair (not!)

ok. 2nd round. yg ni pjg. haihh!

1.How old are you?

2. Are you single?
not anymore! for the past 4 years loh.

3. In what age do you think you’ll get married?
22! (hahahaha)

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
apa punya soalan tak relevant langsung.
(Kalau cakap Rain, ada jugak yg merajuk nih :P no lah, u know I love u, munchkin.)

6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
yawn! I leave everything to moi wedding planner.

7. Your ideal motif?
ditto above (serious aku tak minat la benda2 ni actually)

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
only those who matter most!

10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
Its all in one perspective of the mind.

11. Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??
the right words, by the right one, with the right parties.

12. How many layers of cake do you want to have?
yawn! bosannya..hahaha. I think mak got something.

13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
honestly, I don't know.

14. When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
always liked mornings though.

15. You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
whichever. Does it matter? my god!

16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom/bride?
like what,hot air balloon? if that, nak le.

17. Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding?
sterephonics' it means nothing (YAH AKU CHOP DULU LAGU NI)

18. Are you a morning person or a night person?
neither. I work best afternoon.

19. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
yang tak membebankan orang with protocols whatnots.

20. What age do you want to get married?
Always prayed before 27. Tak tau kenapa. Society pressure is bad.

21. Describe your ideal husband/wife.
imam yang baik. Sedikit macho, sedikit bucuk.

23. Champagne or red wine?
colours, I prefer red wine.

24. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
the rest of the married life, please. Why limit to few days.

25. Money or household item?
sincerity comes in many forms, even the unseen things like sincere prayer.

26. Who will pay for the bills?
we'll settle things amicably, kan?

27. Are you ready for married life?Now?
at the (working) rate I'm going, I need my biggest supporter :)

28. Do you think you will still be a virgin until u get married?
apa punya soalan ni, nuyu!

29. Will you always be true to your wife/husband?
I want to.

30. How many kids do you like?
to how many I'll be able to like.

31. A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
home is where the heart is. Susahnya nak jawab soalan ni..

32. Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
got mine already :)

33. What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?
seriously I prefer nasi campur. Kenyang sikit orang makan.

34. Will you record your honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
me a photography person surely lah. Plus I hate to listen to my own voice...


MISSION COMPLETED!!!! woot~~~!!! =p

people im tagging:

1) encik khalis. obvious reasons.
sorry la 9 persons lagi macam tak logic laa. Sape sanggup layan. Hahaha.
(nuyu, its only because I love u tau) hahaha


Saturday, November 15, 2008


the odd one out :P

The captain, the hattrick hero scored a goal and won the game yesterday.
Somewhere further, his counsel call it a day after few tipsy hours at the Palace of justice.
Tired, but happy, both of them sleeps soundly tonight, 1511 miles apart.

But I'll be spending my weekend with the Legalaiders somewhere in Rawang where there is no reception.

Jangan nakal2 ye, encik kapten.
Had dreams last night full of football matches :P


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Woke up with a throb in my head.
Dup dap dup dup.

Managed to get the miraculous OIT from Yang Arif, using carefully chosen emotions rather than carefully acted out eloquence.

OIT, 'order in terms' the sweetest word that each legal counsel love to hear.
What we do to get them tell it to us.

No I didn't kill the client, him whom had promised me no harm would come in my way should the judge be convinced with the petitioner's objection.
And the feeling bounced back only to the suddenly silent Boss who only contacted me when everything is done, but not when I need him.

Victory, and I didn't head back to office.
I'm bitter and tired. Thinking about the work makes me sluggish and feverish.

I need my beauty sleep.
For days I looked like a zombie deprived of sleep.
And the sentiment of I-hate-my-boss is stronger than ever.
And the overly-romanticized incredible India filled my dreams.

Yah, ape best sangat 6 september alamnus itu?


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

putting off Armistice Day

or any other day that matters.

Messing up
I intended to post this blog on the 11th hour of this 11th day of the 11th month for Armistice Day, but I missed the chance. Because Mak picked me up to go shopping at Ikea at 10 in the morning. (Yes I played hooky, but I was with Mak =P ) And I came back to the office feeling jubilated that I'm gonna free the whole week without court (funny as lawyers we hate going to court, but is it as much as doctors hate going to hospital?)

Only to receive a call from a frantic client telling that tomorrow his company is about to be wound-up.

Esok hearing, hari ni baru bagi instruction. Apa dia ingat aku ni magician?
Dahla tak file any opposing affidavit (due 3 months ago wtf)

I'm so gonna be messed up.

Remember the Eleventh
IMHO, WWI would still happen even if the Archduke FF wasn't assasinated. The bad blood had long been brewed and (yes I'm a history junkie so I have biased opinions,) I say that the s*erbs was/is always a troublemaker. And I have deep symphaties for German*y having to bear the reparation for something that is caused by the troublemaker. (yes I'm a history junkie and I have biased symphaties). Back then I was just thinking, if only they gave the names of the instigator of the Franz Ferdinand murder, all the possibility of war could be shrunk. And maybe the Herr Hitle*r wouldn't be so bitter and ambitious to start the second World War.

If WWI only involved several countries, why is it called as World War, even more so 'the Great War'? And why would Armistice Day matter to the rest of the world?

It marked the end of the war where the incidents were actually avoidable.
The end of the first bloody clashes of nations, and maybe, just maybe the present world can actually learn its lesson.

Apparently not.

Undoubtedly, America's hawks will celebrate Veterans' Day, but they will forget about the time when November 11 was a day to remember the warriors while observing the blessings of peace. Instead, they will use the day to lionize war.

They will forget the lessons of 1918, and will use a day that was meant to reflect on peace to cheer on more killing and destruction.

...or any other day/thing that matters.
Human never learn from histories.


Friday, November 07, 2008

there could be no wrong turn

I'm stuck doing record of appeal and other mountainous work left by the Boss who is now in China. With one trial this week and 2 more coming next week, I've yet to finish anything, and the rate I'm going, facebooking and all, I don't think I will today.

Dahla I'm rushing to meet PR and NW for our long-awaited mini-reunion dinner @Kenny.
Work can wait. Ahaha.

Funny every single time I was with them or the Legalaiders, the more reluctant I am to leave the profession prematurely. I seemed to practice happily thinking about the whole aspirations of/relating to LegalAid. Yup, legalAid magic works on me.
Maybe sebab tu kot I've been coming to the LAC more than I used to now.

The work can wait.
I'm not gonna spoil some quality time with family + friends during weekends.

Seems I'm taking everything in a stride.
This is just because I'm trying to take things easy.
And because I'm under whole lotta stress.

Late last night I found myself chatting with Sir Raja B, while waiting for Mr K to come back from his library. And I conceded when he said the lesser time spent in court, the happier he is and the merrier time he has for the family.

Despite all that, he asked me to stay on.
That its not worth leaving something you have already started.

Ah words of encouragement from The Man himself.

Now it seems I have mixed feelings. To be or not to be.
Cliche as it sounds. Cita-cita or chenta.

To stop lawyering or start being a SAHW (albeit temporarily few years?)

nak cari pic Padiappa tapi tak jumpe scene dia yang joget2.

Whenever I felt at war with the workload, all I can think of is joining Mr K in India and be happy not doing anything but our own Bollywood scenes. And I'm most happy being with Mr K.
Tengok dia senyum je saya sudah cair. Aptah lagi in real action.

fuiyoh. Always get the ball one that captain.

And kalau get into that thinking, I'll convince myself that work can really wait. (Over-repeated at my own expense) But can it really?

To be fair,the only grouses I could have being in the practice is the invisible cloud looming around me feeling stupid around senior lawyers and the stress (undeniably coming from other people's expectation)

When I told this to Mr K, he said I can get both without losing one another.
Both. And there could be no wrong turn.

Pray for me.
Nothing is decided just yet.
I pray for every decision made is divinely guided and not exhumed by hormonal emotions of a woman stress at work and helpless that the work is chucked totally.

Have a nice weekend ahead, people.
I know I will.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Right on

Yeah I don't do Golf and I'm still with my old handbag and silly Proton.

I don't usually agree with Haris, but I got myself chuckled silly reading his latest post in response to Rocky Bru's statement (the whole brouhaha involving Tun salleh's Consultant application).
This is what Harris said (taken from the MBW):

Since you asked, let me tell you, Rocky.

The greater number of the 12,600++ lawyers at the Bar, most of whom are not tainted by any connections with UMNO or any BN politicians, wouldn’t know one end of a golf stick from the other.

Not that they wouldn’t like to take up the game. It’s just that they can’t afford it.

What most of them would not do, though, even if they could afford it, is to wine and dine with judges.

Holidays together?

Don’t insult all the lawyers and judges, Rocky! Not every judge is a Chin and every lawyer a Lingam whose slimy tentacles reach into every corrupted crevice in UMNO.

You know the sort I mean, Rocky.

Why, some lawyers can’t even afford a holiday with the family!

You think I fib?

Go on, ask the missus next time you see her.

Of course, some of these lawyers are the authors of their own circumstance, foolishly hanging on to ideals of a free and unshackled press, free speech and free expression and, for less than a peppercorn, defending the same in court. More on these lawyers in a forthcoming post.

Let me tell you how these lawyers would want a judge to endear himself / herself to the Bar.

Treat lawyers with the same courtesy that the judges themselves expect be shown to them, hear impartially and devoid of any bias, and decide according to the law, without fear or favour.

No more, no less.

Now I can swagger in confidence when I announce that I'm a part of Puspa's PPM. =P
(PPM: Persatuan Peguam2 Miskin)



I was listening to a male friend over breakfast about the limited time he has to juggle between his many 'manly hobbies'.

It was always about his car collections, car racing, his Wii, his Playstation 3, his collection of trophy girlfriends, his bikes, his toys, his cameras, his this and that. Endless I tell you.

In front of us he had this On the Road Car magazine, and I was flipping back to front when I told this to him:

"Thats why its easier being a woman, we only have one or two focused hobby and thats it".

To this he stopped short to ask me: "Ok, tell me 3 thing women invent".

Dammit. err err. I was about to say babies but that will sound so wrong.

He said "We Men like so many things. we want to go to the moon, we invent the spaceship. All the things we like to play, we invent, and all the things invented, we let other men play"

Men and their toys.

You know what they say..boys will always be boys.
Main-main je depa ni. Hahaha.


Friday, October 31, 2008

RB free

this pic worth only few words: i just wanna go home

I was still a chambering student, waiting for my mover to arrive.
Slightly nervous as my pupil master couldn't make it, so she had asked Puan M*azlinda to move my call.

And I was oblivious to even know her husband is R*azak B*aginda, so when the staff at my former firm told me Puan's husband is arrested, I was really clueless and did not see any connection although the morning news was barraged with RB's name in connection with the Mongolian model murder.

That was almost two years ago.

Can't say I followed the whole court drama religiously, I have my own reservations and observations, but I read the news with deep interest especially whenever it mentions Puan or the daughter. Maybe its only because I see them eye to eye, and would've felt the same too if I met the others.

And today the headline news brings about RB's acquittal. Only the 2 others were ordered to enter their defence.

Well? well.
There's nothing more to say.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roger is right

I got back home later than usual to get Bakri's foglight fixed.
His looped eyesocket is unsightly.
$$$ terbang.

But thats not the only thing that needs to be fixed.
More $$$ to fly away.

Anyone close to me would know that I seldom listen to music (what they call leisure listening) (I don't even have an Ipod even haha as if its a must nowadays) because my numero uno pet peeve is The Traffic Jam and that is the only time when I seek refuge into listening to music.
What else can you do legally while driving?

Usually I listen to the stereo in full blast of volume.

And I was listening to pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

and dream away....

(I just love their avantgarde music,its as if you're listening to a movie soundtrack, no pauses and the side-effect sounds are all in. And with them the kids (esp Nenet) won't complain listening to compared to System of A down's pizza pizza pie song. Haha. But Anyway as I was saying~

But recently I found out the stereo is giving way.
The sound flat, bass sounds like ahbeng's disco junkie dub dub dub and the pitch tears the sound.
Syndrome speaker koyak, hang tau lah kan.

The coin sound in the 'Money' song suddenly becomes unbearable, as if I'm being hurled with sack of shillings.

When I checked underneath my carseat, the Amp is gone, and the wires connecting to the Subwoofer is hastily cut. Damn.

And the tinted windows starts life on its own.
I can barely see through the bubbled-like tint.

But Alhamdullilah, the engine is still rocking great. Mmg syok melenjan di jalanan.
Its just the exterior is getting rusty by the tear and wear process (in BM is rosak rosot. Hehe)

And pikir2 balik, all those things yg rosak is not my fault even.
Foglight and calar-calar : hit and run by some stupid ahbeng.
Amp hilang: dikebas pomen laknat. (Dkt uia ye the bengkel laknat.)
Bubbled tint: the heat. We live in Malaysia where the sun shinin' is all year round.

Geram tak geram, buat pe nak marah. Ganti jelah. Duit melayang. Tapi harta dunia kan?
Ganti jelah. Plus the car is not a liability to me, is all paid for. Alhamdullilah.

Mula lah berangan nak mod kan the ol' trusty ride.

over gila berangan.

Was already thinking about changing the 15" rim~when I start to think few things that I'd always wanted to buy.

Canon Speedlight Rm1000 ++ (boleh jekan beli Nissin or Sunpak mek)
Some football team. (Ni mmg over)

or money to abolish rival teams hahaha.

All those things yg tak masuk akal. Which I don't need.

I can always buy Nissin.
And Hicks can go to hell.

Roger (of Pink Floyd) is right.
I just need to take good care of the things I already have.
Money is a responsibility.
I'm given just as much as I need. HE knows what is best for me.
Until I grow better.

Money, get away.
Get a good job with good pay and youre okay.
Money, its a gas.
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think Ill buy me a football team.

Money, get back.
Im all right jack keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, its a hit.
Dont give me that do goody good bullshit.
Im in the high-fidelity first class traveling set
And I think I need a lear jet.

Money, its a crime.
Share it fairly but dont take a slice of my pie.
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today.
But if you ask for a raise its no surprise that theyre
Giving none away.

Huhuh! I was in the right!
Yes, absolutely in the right!
I certainly was in the right!
You was definitely in the right. that geezer was cruising for a
Why does anyone do anything?
I dont know, I was really drunk at the time!
I was just telling him, he couldnt get into number 2. he was asking
Why he wasnt coming up on freely, after I was yelling and
Screaming and telling him why he wasnt coming up on freely.
It came as a heavy blow, but we sorted the matter out

-money, Pink Floyd.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

home alas

I went back home rushing from DN's wedding to get to the final whistle. All I could think was how good could it be for a draw, the overrated "CFC would never lose at their home ground" shouldn't worry me anymore. For Liverpool had beaten Chelsea 1-0 at The Stamford Bridge.

What better way to end Chelsea's 86 match unbeaten home league record than by Liverpool beating them? I sleep happy tonight.

Hope he sleeps well, too. Hahaha (gelak evil).
It would be so much easier if Mr K supports Hull (which is not bad, 3-0 hmm?)~I wouldn't tease him as much.

A perfect Sunday.

Oh Xabi, thank you. =)



Mmg bz sikit pagi Ahad ni.
And tak jadi gi shopping for bridal dress, the wedding planner wants to avoid the last minute Deepavali shopping and this house of DM45 is expecting guests to come over for lunch. Menu on the table Nasi Dagang and Spagetthi boloignaise and mushroom carbonara.

This weekend had been "filled", the most with shopping or on the road while going/returning from shopping. Well I'm not known as a compulsive shopper (reason being because I'm financially restricted) but this is what I do almost everyday.

I did some shopping right away after the horrendous Friday hearing and not returning back to office to get some decent sleep after being deprived of it, to the horror of the stupid hearing.

Saturday we went for further furniture window shopping, and we found ourselves heading to the jam-packed KL to buy beras nasi dagang and the best Ikan tongkol. To and fro the whole process takes almost 5 hours. Talk about effective weaving in and out shortcuts.

And today...Rumah penuh dgn budak2 comel, my cousin's bundles of joy and expecting one more soon.

While I ym-ed with my usrahmate MJ who had just delivered her pride and joy, Fidaa' bin Fadhli.
Tahniah, dearest. We're terribly happy for you =)
I'm sure you and Awang would be good parents, insyAllah.

Yah tengah masyuk dengan lagu Eric Clapton's tears in heaven. (I think she planned to put it in her blog,but now she's out fetching W Maryam from the train station)
I just found out one youtube clip, mmg hilarious. Oh its my favourtite youtube channel. Mmg lawak la derang ni. Have a look:

shucks the lightning struck Mr K's Modem. Though I did tell him to switch off whenever it rains..but never listen one..haa sekarang I've to do alot of things to distract myself from missing you so much ;(


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

that 1%


now I hate CfC more than Man U.
This is official.

(see.3 posts in a day.Haha) -refer to the second blog


laid back to the core

I know the recent posts are shorter (and I even cheated by posting some youtube clips) but inasmuch as I want to blog, I shouldn't I can't seem to.
I have nothing interesting to post actually

What I do know is this:
I'm supposed to prepare for my submission for this Friday matter and the nearer it is to the day, the more I spend my time doing otherwise.

And I know I should be doing something more significant and important~
But if I don't, I'll lose out any excuse and I've to focus to the submission.

But looking at the crappy crook lawyer file, memang hilang mood.
Makes me want to quit practice the very next day and have my year long vacation in India.
Makes me feel depressed.

So I avoid it. And feel 'er up with happy happy thoughts.

While I avoid thinking about Friday, my outlook schedule for next two weeks are already full.

Saturday my bridal dress shopping :0
Sunday Law20 member DN's wedding :)
Monday is a public holiday :D
Wednesday ada dinner kat Carcosa Seri negara :P

But without going through this Friday, there'll never be the next day so I've no choice but to confront my laziness and procrastinating self and finish up with the skeletal.

Aiyo ama.

I remember this is the exact atitude when I was in school.
Makin dekat exam, makin tulah aku banyak tido.
Makin besar exam, makin nyenyak lah aku tido.

Hahha. I'm terrible.
ok2 insaf. Cik Af, sila lah kamu menggelabah.

Who says there's any good being so laid back????


dah lama kerja?

dah lama kerja?

cukup setahun?

ha cukup haul lah tu.

dah bayar zakat pendapatan?

2.5% je.

Tak tau nak kire macamana? visit this website.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

but I love Gaara

Had always been a fan of Naruto,and my favourite character is forever and always Gaara.

Tak kesah la korang nak kutuk kan. Nak cakap dia creepy la. Dah mati lah. Hey if he wasn't sidelined, Naruto (and the blekh Sasuke) will be overshadowed by Gaara.

Gile lah. Gaara is on my wallpapers. Both at home and office (much to my boss' amusement) .Macam budak2. And I used to have Gaara keychain..but I lost it. Sedih tau.

My favourite fight had always been Gaara vs Kimimaro, and I found this youtube clip with Firewind's song. (Pandai pulak orang Jepun cari lagu Greek. Haha)Perfect way to start my mornings.

Have a nice weekend, y'all.

Me I'm dating Gaara heheheee.
Don't think the real boyfriend minds the cartoon boyfriend. =P


Thursday, October 16, 2008

its the next best thing

And today is just Thursday.
Of course I'm talking on a "perspective".
(ngaku je lah kau dah malas tahap dewa tak sabar nak tunggu weekend)

I love the Beatles.
Hey my namesake whaat.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

at the pretense of being a Puan

no, not as in the"married" Puan.
But the Puan you call a lady government officer.

I get that all the time.

Like today, I was being approached by not three, not four but five lawyers asking me if I'm representing the gomen (while waiting for the other side solicitor to come all the way from COJ)

"Selamat Pagi Puan, I wonder if~"
"Puan, puan ada terima tak SIC kami~"
"Puan, I think the next court starts with its open court list first, so~"
"Puan, I'm applying for oral amendment,if you have any objections~"
"Puan, our papers are in order,but I want to take another date~"

Why oh why oh why.
Look, I've nothing against any/or being a Fed Counsel, (they're cool) but seriously why do I look like one?
Is it the tudung?
Perhaps because I was wearing baju kurung?
Or is it the face?

Don't these people realise if I am one, I'll be sitting upfront and wearing a nametag.
I glimpsed to the real OR, and boy (this one is pretty..u guys tau la~she's in SAHC 1) and she's with nametag and she's waiting infront of the bench.

When the other side solicitor came, she passed through me and straightaway recorded her name to the court intepreter. Obviously she didn't realise I was waiting for her behind.

When I came standing beside her, she looked surprised and she said:
"oh sorry, I thought you're the Officer"

Why oh why.


Friday, October 10, 2008

a neverending run (for a cause)

Yup, Terry Fox run is back again!
I had fun the last time me and some friends "running"~ (haha) but well few hundred calories burnt on a Sunday morning is way better than none, eh?
Plus, its all for bit of charity and and and~ for finding cure for cancer!

Date: 2nd November 2008
Venue: Lake Gardens

Get your running gears ready and book for your t-shirts early!
For more info, visit terry fox run 2008 website.


Thursday, October 09, 2008


Pagi ni habis matter terlebih awal.
Before 930.

So takmo balik opis lagi.
(Apa kerja. Non-court days pun sampai opis pukul 1030)
Decided to meng-ular.

Kalau nak meng-ular, takbest sorang.
So hantar sms kat geng2 lawyer se-batch (forward sms)

"anyone in shah alam court today? jum lepak"

Tekan send.

Pastu kuar message: sms to six contacts sent.

Mak oi. Out of the humoungous batch, only six remains.

Jumpe FN, and she too will (albeit temporarily) be extinct from practice.


Saturday, October 04, 2008


Note: this post might be esoteric but, like anything else, it could be understood universally.

Its true time passes you by the quickest when you're having good time.
(And it drags when you're having your worst.)

Its already the 4th of October before I knew it.
It was already 11.50 am before I realised it.
The last glances that did not last.

And in a split second, I was sunk back into the vacuum of time.
At the breakneck speed of 120 mph, the distance from the airport felt strenuously far.
The dot for the next minutes felt heavy.
As if time stops still in a zone to remind me of everything that I don't have.

So thats why... for the next 1266000 seconds
or for the next 3516 hours
or for the next 146s days
or for the next 20 weeks
or for the next 4 months, 23 days, 14 hours and 18 minutes

I'll make sure I'll have the time of my life, living life to the fullest, every milliseconds of it.
Every drop of the hour, unskimmed, fat and rich , will be drunk to the last of it.
I'll brace the days, I'll embrace the moments in spite of it.

I miss you.

runners, yours and mine, you and me


Friday, October 03, 2008

menyambut kemenangan dengan gembira dan syukur

اللّهُ أكبر اللّهُ أكبر
اللّهُ أكبر
لا إلَهَ الا اللّه
اللّهُ أكبر اللّهُ اكبر
و لِلّه الحمدَ

Here wishing all of you the happiest of Raya with love.

adik2 aku yang sengal dan hyper di pagi syawal 1429h.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

duit raya seposen

Ten cents down for both petrol and diesel.

When our friendly neighbour Singapore had already decreased its price nine times since the last hike.


Call me ungrateful, but I'm just like the other critical Malaysians.
Always thinks that there's udang sebalik batu.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

jumu'atul wida

Note to self:

" Jika umat manusia itu mengetahui kelebihan yang terdapat di dalam bulan ramadhan nescaya umatku akan menginginkan supaya dijadikan sepanjang tahun itu Ramadhan" - sabda baginda Nabi Muhammad saw

Ramadhan will bid us farewell next week.
In our sadness bidding farewell to the beloved month, at the same time, dah terbayang melantak banyak banyak on the first day of Eid, kan?

Why do people always take Ramadhan as their sole one month of ibaadah, where they strife day and night, finishing the 30 chapters of Quran, waking up in the middle of the night to perform solitary prayers, filling up the masjids quorum, halting hurtful words to one another all in the name of the fasting month?

And then we go back to the old self. Are we only good muslims oh so periodically?
Is it because that someone is being chained up for good this one month?
But are we not given one advantage over all creations, that we're so gullible with their evil whispers when they're emancipated from the chains that bound them this one month?

I've read somewhere that it is better for us to regard Ramadhan as a bonus to those who had, secara istiqamah, strife for their ibadaah all year round, than to only strife so hard during the Holy Month. While for the rest of the year, they return to their old selves; ditching the hijab, performing solat at the end of the respective times, fasting sparingly, khatam quran jauh sekali.

That it is easier, to prepare ourselves to reap out the benefits of Ramadhan, by striving all year round, including Ramadhan, secara Istiqamah.

Semoga kita semua menjadi Insan Rabbani.
Bukan sekadar insan Ramadhani.

Ramadhan will leave us again.
But its not the end of our inner-jihad.

Until we meet dear Ramadhan again, InsyaAllah.
"Telah datang kepadamu bulan Ramadhan, di mana Allah melimpah ruahkan di dalamnya dengan keberkatan, menurunkan rahmat, mengampuni dosa-dosa kamu, memakbulkan doa-doa kamu, melihat di atas perlumbaan kamu untuk memperolehi kebaikan yang besar dan berbangga mengenaimu di hadapan malaikat-malaikat. Maka tunjukkanlah kepada Allah Taala kebaikan dari kamu. Sesungguhnya orang yang bernasib malang ialah dia yang dinafikan daripada rahmat Allah pada bulan ini."

Selamat menyambut hari kemenangan, eid mubarak!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

The other girl

Contrary to what she thinks, The Other Boleyn Girl is not (entirely) a fiction. Maybe the movie gave too much impression of high class drama of scandals, that it was unimaginable that such incidents could have taken place during that kind of time.

Boleyn sisters in fact was in the English history, and both bedded Henry VII.
But for Mary, not so much was noted from her as compared to the other Boleyn girl, Anne.

This Anne was the mother of Queen Elizabeth, though she was executed when Elizabeth was only three years old for high-treason, incest and adultery.

Which Elizabeth are we talking about? The one with the Golden Age, yes the one who had famously defeated the Spanish Armada, the last of the Tudors and the Queen who died a virgin.
Ye, the one which Cate Blanchett (my favourite leading lady) plays Elizabeth in the same-titled movie

What transpired according to the history text books, was that the banishment of Catherine had got nothing to do with Anne directly, though it is true that King Henry was besotted with Anne.

The King after six times of failed pregnancies believed his marriage with Catherine was cursed, because he had married his dead brother's (Arthur) wife Catherine. While Catherine swore that her marriage with Arthur was never consummated, the King had the chance to marry Anne on the grounds that Catherine had lied to him, as proven by the heir-less marriage.

Henry on the prospect of not having an heir to the throne, while the Tudor reign was relatively new, had made his marriage to Catherine annulled, by rejecting Pope's decision hence denying the Pope's authority, to marry Anne, where the trouble with the Catholic church started to brew.

Bla bla. Histories.
Though in the movie the spotlight is more towards the Boleyn whores, and to the faultless Mary, I still pity Catherine. Mary was betrayed by her own sister but, she was a married woman when she slept with the King. Haiya.

The movie pays homage to the relationship of the two sisters being shaken and tried for the love of a King, and it sends shivers down my spine thinking about how can the father sell the daughters for wealth and position, how can a husband let his bride sleep with other man, how can a sister asked her own brother to have an incestuous relationship to save her throne, how can a King lets himself being overpowered by the whims and fancy of one girl in spite of his family..what people do for power and quick wealth.. endless questions of morality disturbed my mind as I drive myself home...

At the end of the movie, the flashback of the young Boleyn family reminds me of this song:

I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now

Where has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all

I still remember the sun
Always warm on my back
Somehow it seems colder now

Where has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything

[Latin hymn:]
Iesu, Rex admirabilis
Et triumphator nobilis,
Dulcedo ineffabilis,
Totus desiderabilis.


Monday, September 15, 2008

of questioning questions

It all started anywhere but her.

Dear peace lovers.
How do I put this straight in your face.

First it was said that it was the police's decision on last Friday's arrest.
But afterwards, Zaid was asked not to question gomen's decision to arrest.
Which is which?

If its under gomen powers, was it decided by the cabinet?
If its cabinet's decision, why is Zaid questioning the arrest, sounding appalled and surprised et al?
If its not a cabinet's decision, what could he do wrong in questioning something that is not decided by the cabinet?

You and i know the answer.

You can not escape but to think of Ahmad and his statement in Permatang Pauh.
3 years stripped, to some its just a slap on the wrists while three others in reaction of his statement was arrested under ISA but I still don't think he needs to be put in ISA as well.

ISA shouldn't be used against anyone, including the firestarter.
It'll deprive you of the right to defend yourselves.
And for me,its mockery of justice.


Friday, September 12, 2008


Not so long into hiding, eh?
Mind you, I myself snicker at my own non-committal promises to stay out of the blogging (inexistent, but self-comforting) limelight.

The hiatus mode was (in)voluntary put because I need to concentrate on my written submission due last two weeks but I can't forgive myself if I keep this long enough from you dear beloved readers and blog-hoppers: Girls, (at the risk of sounding lame): I am ditching this:

It brings zits to life.
To life, I mean, the rednecks would never say die.

The last zits I had was when I was fifteen; when the raging hormones of mine had its own hobby of collecting oil and generate its own petrol company and successfully made it into MNC.
Up to a point it became so thick and I used to look fat because the pimples made my cheeks so puffed!

After some time I found out the perfect cure are always the mild-ones. The Clinique bar soaps helps. Simple toner is gooood. And Neutrogena is another cheap brand I swear onto.
The more it has no fragrance, the better. It became sort of rule of thumb numero uno.

No discipline of step 1-2-3 facial routine was ever religiously followed by me. I was comfortable with my lazy dabbing of occasional moisturizers until the wedding planner a.k.a soul sister F.E texted me:

missy, nest year you dah nak kahwin, from now onwards try la face scrub and pay extra attention to your skin ye. I tak sanggup going through *yesterday's experience again

*not me not me! F.E had to do a makeover for a girl whom she said was okay but the skin, horrible because it was not taken good care of. And I trust the girl, at the comfortable distance of not microstudying her face, had a porcelain skin.

**So i terasa lah, nyah.

So I marched to the pharmacy to buy me a complete set of facial regiment siap mask and all (yes Alak and Uswah please go on, sneer) and I was wee bit influenced with Fasha Sanda's advert with Garnier. So I took the whole bundle home. Forgetting the rule numero uno, because it smells nice. Lemons. yummy.

Bad move.
Eversince then, the little oil company wants to open up another branch.
And its not easy to un-do it without scathed semi-permanent marks.
(look ma, geometrical tattoo!)

So there. Here's a piece of advise I can offer, and is this: stick to whatever you're used to.
For me, scented facial wash is a no-no.

And anything with dubbed over-voiced ads is a bad sign.
Except of course, SKII.

see..I only recommend you to the ones I trust to take care of you


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

on a hiatus

Fashionably smart I could say the blog is likely to be disconcerted by hiatuses of thought, but nowadays things get so busy that I haven't the luxury to even think (deeply) to even warrant me to quote anything smart nor sound cool.

Hence the long silence. And it will continue be so until sometime.

Reasons are always temporal excuse, as the Holy month of Ramadhan is here, I bet most of us are busy anyways and plus for now I've been kept occupied with piles (reminds you of s*** innit?) of work, and with someone back for holidays (well, my heart and soul had always been occupied missing/thinking of him..anyway but!) blogging is something I've to phase out at the mo'. Not that anyone is reading.. well except.. but then again he's back.. so whats the point of updating.. hahaha..

well well look who paid us a visit to our humble office!
-well if only Mr Boss is keen to take up a staff :P
then I won't complain so much of work, would I?

I take this opportunity to wish all my muslim brothers and sisters Ramadhan mubarak!


Friday, August 29, 2008


Sometimes you do things just to scare people.

I did manage to freaking finish the taxation cost up to the Fed Court. (HC, COA. Siap!)

Oh five mountain high of documents~
my my mountain high of documents~
another two is coming right away~
was All I could sing (think of) while doing it.

Numerous checks with the clerks, missing papers and adding up charges. Gila.
But I managed to finish it, sealed it with a kiss, and submitted it to court (phew!)

But but today at court the opponent lawyer asked for the hearing to be postponed pending settlement.

Boleh tak?
I did the dirty work for almost a month (a 6 months work worth) just to scare you off???

Enche opponent lawyer, can you next time just propose any amount of settlement before I set off taxing your cost??
kan lebey senang. I could've used the time to play yahoogames instead.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

magnet factor

When Mr K told me Marcel Proust' The Swans is not available in his bookstore, in the high spirits to replace the invisible book and keeping up with the tax rebate requirement, after court yesterday I headed to the local bookstore.

What got my eye far before I reached the entrance of the bookstore is the The World According to Jeremy Clarkson., Vol 2 (RM 29.00)

Oh yes even after the volume 1, the world hasn't change a bit so he have to come with Vol. 2.

Yes, he's the TG hero I faitfhully follow on every Sunday evening.

To sum it all up, its a collection of his comments/criticisms to almost everything under the sun. As I sat, almost finishing the book, I was more than convinced that I'm the cause of nuisance for the other patrons as I could not stop laughing and chuckling silly. God, this guy is terribly satanic. He referred to almost everything and it made sense.

If I have to choose, his best article in the book would be 'My Son thinks I'm gay' which shows the after-effect of the younger generation to acquiesce something that was not acceptable before. A conservative, to him marriage between same sex is not a human right, as it does not serve for the main purpose of procreating children. But he put it a funny way.

In less than hour I had almost at the end of the book and I was frustrated because it is so light to be made as a purchase. Light reading is where you can always get from reading good blogs (or so I thought!!) and so I ventured down the literature section and I saw this:

Reading Lolita in Tehran.

Quite rightly so.

Everything that has to do with Tehran (except Faisal Tehrani) and Lolita (the book, not the idea) enticed me. Like a magnet factor. Despite what people say about The revolution 1979 as being the darkest regime, I found myself immersed into their modern history for the fact that no other nation would want to restore faith and replace modern living with the past.

So after making a quick purchase (RM59.99) I went back to work (to finish reading the novel) and quickly regretted buying it instead of Clarkson's. Azar nafisi's idea of making a bestseller is almost like Faisal Tehrani, being so academician like, they pour everything they know in a book. Ok Maybe Madam Nafisi's effort can still be forgiven as this is more of a personal jotting than a memoir, but this is what the usual critics love: love of literature would save the world (Bah!!).

The story is about 7 readers sharing a discussion of books banned in Iran.

Nafisi's freedom is jarred somehow to the inner-self conflict, the transformation of the veiled readers upon reaching the book discussion into unveiled being only revealed that they're only trapped more in their Christian Dior's heavy make ups and some banal dreams of doing something illegal in Tehran like owning a dog. From the frying pan into the………

Reading (and even obssesing) about Lolita or even the Great Gatsby do not make you a lesser muslim. In anyway the mullah or the moral police might have done wrong into limiting the people's choice of books. But for me nafisi's holds the bigger cake of blame. Certainly there are more freedom than what she she advocates. Hers in not heroic attempt and for the hype, I should have settled for Clarkson if it wasn't for the overrated glamour of Reading Tehran. Hell I've read battle of the gods long before it was unbanned. Apa kecoh.

Wonder if the Borders let me refund….

Now Mr K have a new list of books, hehe.. dear, get us Clarkson's book. You'll enjoy it too ;P


toi plus moi =)

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