Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sorry for the long hiatus. Took my time to re-settle.

Sudden changes took place and after finding myself in strange places, now I'm back home to Malaysia and I found her stranger than ever before.
Without the smiling bestfriend to (physically) hold my hand, I know I should be taking everything in a stride before I strike. Not a day passes me without thinking how I missed our little house in Anirudh. How I miss his gentle, teacher ways.

Nervously I had started to work, this time around with priorities to provide for a special person that every kick I receive at the other end a smile entails.
Pay is good, and its only 5 km away from home. God indeed works in mysterious ways to help us.
But of course, it ain't easy. One word: ladyboss (ok so I cheated)
No one would choose to work if paychecks come in the mailboxes (it is, actually possible- but that's another story)

Being away I began to develop the inner-sights of the complex human relations, as thinly we brush to each other's own is as thick the feelings we have inside. Friends, they come and go. Some stay, some dwell longer. Family is another fraction of how we intepret friendship, but with blood ties things are just meant to be more perpetual.

Where I went for during the hiatus is a mirror image of our own land. In bigger proportion, poverty becomes a disease, corruption becomes a practice, unity becoming a problem. But back at home sweet home, you don't have to wait for the nation to grow to billion population for the same outburst.

Surreptiously I observed from afar, of things that makes the world go round, making mental notes and juggle mental arithmethic.
Survival for the day, investment for the morrow, and lessons learnt hard from yesterdays. I'm threading carefully step-by-step to a fault of becoming over-analyzing, but sometimes, more than often, I carelessly stumble. Again and again.

Again I, restart.


toi plus moi =)

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