Friday, April 11, 2008

naked what?

Had this conversation with my brother who'd said he'll love to have a cruiser bike someday (shadow /vulcan etc)
He was quick to dismiss that I prefer those of full pairing superbike (eg zzr250 br cbr fireblade)
But I told him I prefer naked bikes.
And he goes naked whaat?

~pls don't get into the wrong idea here~

Remember before I'd posted on this blog that Mr Dhiren was looking for a buyer for his monster?
the one selling cheap at 18k for cod buyers?
thata one. Yup thats one naked bike.
Its called "Naked" because its sans the fairing. Now u know.

My first encounter with the those rugged bikes would have been Bimota db series, at the International Motorshow some six years ago and I looked it up. And when I saw the Bimota delirio, I was really impressed and start to dream about having a husband with that kinda bike.

Wahlau macho I tell you.

Lucky for me my guy is obsessed with it too(bless him for his good taste!).
He likes Ducati monster (okeyla but the latest version takde pillion seat..huhu xboleh tumpang dia..ahahah) so I'm trying to convince him that the Raptor's 'gundam headlights' are unique.

He looks good with it.
Excuse me for my taste =P.


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