Thursday, April 03, 2008

face of the fiery devil

He's a politician.
Any guesses why someone like him is interested producing a film like Fitna?

Fitna is a 15 minute film posted on a website on Thursday that highly criticises Islam, setting verses of the Quran against a background of violence
A film depicting the disrespect for religious sensitivities and Muslims was an element of terrorism nurtured to further tarnish inter-religious links and between the Muslim world and the West.

He's one hateful man, inciting hate.
Its no longer a personal war, its a political agenda.

Muslims make out 10% out of the population in Holland.
Obviously he was not thinking on being nice. On making peace.

The National Fatwa Council called on Muslims to protest by boycotting Dutch products.
I urge friends and bloggers to spread the message.

The list of some Dutch products: (taken from this Neoblog)

Dutch Lady - Milk
Ferrero Roche - Chocolate (and you thought it was Italian!!)
Wall’s - Ice Cream
ING - Insurance (The one that Alonso appeared in the tv commercial)
Planta -Margarine
Lady’s Choice - Margarine/Bread Spread/Mayonaise, etc.
Lipton - Tea
SHELL - Gas/Petrol/Benzine/Diesel (stop la with all that nonsense collecting toy cars)
Knorr - Food Additives (buat la perencah sendiri)
Dove - Bathing soap/lotion, etc
Sunlight - Margarine/Dishwasher liquid
Radiant - Deodorant
Rexona -Deodorant
Ponds - Cosmetic Products
Kieldsens - Chocolate
Slimfast - Slimming Products
Lego - Raisin (beli dari pak arab lg best)
Philips - Electronics
Duyvis - Junk Food
Gouda - Cheese
Robin - Apparel/Floor Detergent
Ariel - Apparel/Floor Detergent
Omo - Apparel/Floor Detergent
Labello - Lip Balm
Pickwick -Tea
Venz - Chocolate Butter
Kinder Bueno - Chocolate
Unilever - All products
Dumex - Baby Milk/Powder Milk
Nutricia - Baby Milk/Powder Milk
Sunsilk - Shampoo
Fair & Lovely - Cosmetic Products (not made in India meh?)
Lux - Bath/Shower Soaps
Vaseline - Lip Balm
Gif - Floor Detergent
Surf - Detergent
Wishbone -Detergent
Doriana - Cheese Cream
Bertolli - Cooking Oil
Clear - Shampoo
Breeze - Detergent
Sun - Detergent


Anonymous,  2 April 2008 at 13:18:00 GMT+8  

See full-page ads in Utusan dll? Dutch Lady says its 50% Malaysian owned with 660 Malaysian staff. I also know that most of the milk usually comes from Australia/New Zealand. BUT Dutch Lady is 50% owned by Friesland Food, a Dutch multinational!

...but I digress 2 April 2008 at 13:49:00 GMT+8  

well. I remember in 2004 (during which a call to boycott McD and starbucks and Coke was made as the Multinational co. supported the Zionis movement) McD gave a similar statement, telling that the mCD franchise in malaysia is partly owned by Malaysian and it involves local staff..

its not about the local sentiment,but they dont seem to get it do they.

you're right.
see the bigger issue is out there.

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