Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Spontaneous-A great word for you is "Spontaneous". You love to live life to its fullest and you hate to do the same thing all the time. You crave adventure and excitement and both can usually be found wherever you are. You think labels are a waste of time because labels can't be put on people like you; you're into so many things. Being spontaneous is a great thing, but don't forget that if you have responsibilities, they should be taken care of before setting off on your next big adventure.
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Apelah liverpool. Buat aku tido lambat. Kalau menang ok lah. Ni buat aku sakit hati sahaja. Hari ni lak ada hearing kat Shah Alam so kena gi awal (nak parking dlm court. Malas nak panjat tangga batu caves). Balik ofis ngantuk, takde mood nak buat bill of cost yg kotak dia banyak macam nak pindah umah.
Jadi buat kuiz. Hmm. Spontaneous = moody. So yeah. Ten points there.


mr k,  23 April 2008 at 20:27:00 GMT+8  

lucky liverpool scored 2 goals last night! thanx to beatiful header by riise! huhu. no matter what, i love u the most. spontaneous ke..tak kesah.. eh tu bukan org ke? tp ngangtuk pun bubu syg!

AaLaa' 23 April 2008 at 20:34:00 GMT+8  

ahaha hey kite pun pegi court s.alam pg td. sebbaik y.a hakim MT3 tade.. haha jd amik date bodo2 je la..haha

oh, bos kite pun tido lambat gak smalam dan same like u, he complained the whole day pasal liverpool kalah pastu menyesal tgk bola mlm td.

...but I digress 23 April 2008 at 21:52:00 GMT+8  

Mr K:
aiysh..perli nampak..ckp je la own goal.Ada orang tu kaaan..pakai baju Chelsea hari the mood of celebration lah tuh...

Ape tak sound.Perabih credit sms je cari geng nak makan kat kafeteria.Ceh.

Tu la liverpool..hancur lebur mood ku..baik tido..tak rugi ape...

haz,  25 April 2008 at 10:20:00 GMT+8  

hahaha kesian2 kesian2..ok la kalo kalah,kalah kat semi..Go chelsea go!

...but I digress 25 April 2008 at 12:08:00 GMT+8  

I DIDNT KNOW you watch football!!!! chelsea la pulok yeh..

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