Friday, April 18, 2008

lost and found

Yesterday might have been my lucky day.

Recently I got in touch with one of Mr K's coursemate through friendster.
I noticed in her profile that she went to the same school like I did.
In fact, two of the schools.
Hm cool coincidence.

(the family moved alot,you see)

So I added Nf in my friends list and we began messaging each other.

She noticed my name (in full) and asked me if the name "NI" (from subang) sounds familiar.
I said of course as "NI"was my neighbour to us, and a sister to me, how can I not remember.

Nf said NI is her eldest sister!
our Kak Long!

I almost jumped in the office when I heard this and I couldn't contain my happiness that I straightawat called Mr K in India =) (he was excited all the way too. Bless you, my soulmate)

Nf forwarded me Kak Long's handphone number and told me that my name had always been "mentioned" in their household.

(Brief introduction: Nf is the fourth child from 11 siblings.)

When I called Kak Long, (obviously) she didn't recognise my voice, but when I told her my name, she asked "what took you so long?".
And our conversation was a brief history to almost everything.
Its back to me being called 'adik' (no one calls me that except her) and likewise naturally, she is our Kak Long. Like the good old days.

Came back after office, we were still smsing.
She's now married with a kid, and works in a private hospital.
By her soft, kind ways are still the same. Even after 11 years.
I once wondered why she had the patience to handle the spunky,rebellious younger version of me. But truth be said, i'd always wanted to follow her examples.

Nf welcomed me back 'to the team like you were once before", to her family.

I am happy.
Finally meeting back Kak Long. After all these years.
My first naqibah.

=') thank you Dear God....


mr k,  18 April 2008 at 01:59:00 GMT+8  

sukenye dia suke............ hihi!
org kene blanja Nf coklat ek? haha!

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