Saturday, April 05, 2008

angels look up

My mak andam friend F.E, is a jack of all trades (inter alia, she's running an art gallery, gives tuition for free, teaches English literature, hotel manageress, travelbug expert, and she manages all these beautifully done hantaran) has a big heart.

Recently one of my friend needed money to pay for hospital bills and operations.
The bill could reach RM40k per month, so she asked me if I could find ways to help her out.
F.E came straight to my mind.

obviously this is an African lady. Not F.E!
(the caption says: Handbag :Euro 32. Food For a week: Euro 4)

Having told the friend's story to her, she straightaway contacted Bukit Kiara flea market to organize a charity sale.
When I called her yesterday, she said she's had collected her old handbags (old or not, hers are of the 'expensive' lot) and told me she's ready to give it all up.

Mind you, F.E has no relation with the friend in need nor had in any way acquainted with each other. But she's ever willing to jump in the bandwagon to the rescue.

But that's her.
She once 'helped' me when I got engaged.
Remember all those beautiful hantarans with the fresh roses and berries?
that's her work of art.
She did it in a mere two hours and when I asked her for the cost, she said its foc for friends.

When she was living in Australia, having known that I was troubled from a previous relationship, she never-endedly sent me postcards and cards with words of encouragement.

Its one of her sweetest ways, more than not, one of the ways.

F.E is starting a mini-library for the poor, needful students.
All the things like reading materials, book shelves, desks, chairs and etc, can be donated.
Imagine how much it would help to keep the kids off the streets, reading books and being taught how to write and read!

Yesterday F.E received a bench and a sitting table, and rightaway she starts to gather the kids to teach. Imagine if we could have a mini-library (and volunteers are always welcome).

So if you have books, kiddies chairs and desks, or anything that can be useful, and you want to give it away for a good cause, please contact me. I'll handed it over to F.E.

You know the little angels would look up to people like F.E, and like you.

And if you would like to give 'a hand' to this friend of mine, please let me know, and we might have fun selling at the flea market!

p/s: see the ad above? its Saatchi & Saatchi's.
Man, I wish! Love their work!


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