Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh no you don't

Essien, your happy moments were shortlived.

To Wigan~ that is. Boo hoo!
And even if Najib the dpm is considering the whole Israeli led-Chelsea circus to Malaysia (this is after MU said no), don't it get you people thinking "No way!"

(hmm the two clubs must have something in common. Want to take a wild guess?)
bigger fan base? uuh? Really.
(Save myself from the wrath of Fadiah, Nik, Aja (some diehard mu fans I know) and my Mr k who claims he is no longer a CFC fan after the special one left
)(just to prove a point)
Who likes Liverpool anyway? heloo? (echo)

gomen makes the policy.
And no not in our passports do we see any exceptions made to Avram whathisname.
But gomen changes the policy.
To suit their mood.
Why not yeh?
just kickout the mlaysian muslim sensitivity for a footballmad nation?

And this goes the same for the noise the same side making for the pigfarm.
But as explained by the now irrelevant mca, what transpired is that the the bending of so much policy is not for them to reap the fruits (fats) of labour (pigs) but for a compatriot whose names suspiciously sounds so malay.

I guess that the brouhaha over the new selangor mb's allowing pig-farming afterall.
One lucky guess wouldve been that Khalid might have followed the procedure (after all, the pig farm is on a designated land after all) but because of the him being skema, someone at the last crop is chopped off from getting the moolah. So that person is angry.

So now khalid gets the spotlight for allowing pigfarming. Ooh how insensitive.

Told you how simple-minded some people are.

p/s: But I think I'll always put chelsea behind man u.
Haha. Sorry sayang.


fadiahnadwafikri 16 April 2008 at 10:51:00 GMT+8  

haha..there's nothing much i could say but "glory2 man utd!!"eheh!

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