Friday, April 04, 2008

a tie and a purse

A tie.
(Indeed, Nadia. No one cried last night)

Wednesday, 02 April 2008
UEFA Champions League

Arsenal 1-1
(HT 1-1)
Adebayor 23

Kuyt 26

And A purse.
I've been tagged by Aja to spill my wallet purse (man. how tomboyish of me. Still wanting to call it a wallet) and list down the contents of the purse:

  • Malaysian identification card -not having it around can get you into prison
  • Driving license - expiring on 21st of October this year
  • Great Eastern Medical card -penting nih!
  • Real rewards -because I fill 'er up only at Petronas
  • MPH readers circle card
  • temporary Kinokinuya Discount card-bookstore discount cards. A bless! =)
  • 2 ATM cards -one belonging to my other half =P
  • 1 visa debit card -I'm a credit card disbeliever
  • Touch n' Go -how do you go around Malaysia without one?
  • Business cards of -my boss's (because he just printed new set of his), Dr Engku Rabiah (met her yesterday in IIU), 3 other cards belonging to construction engineers (clients from yesterday's meeting)
  • 1gb SD memory card -its still a card, no?
  • RM51 -remaining for one last working day *happy
  • Indian Rupee 2 - its about 20sen in RM, I think. But this Rupee got a picture of a tiger on it, and Mr K had it scribbled something sweet
  • coins -including 1 sen (hey its still a legal tender, alright)
  • a passport photo my other half, looking dashing in his suit
  • a small photo of my baby sister, the cute monkey
  • maybank transaction receipt -withdrawal done on 1st April
  • a small note on the annual financial planning
  • MPH bills -for tax examption purposes
  • Petronas bill -last fill of full tank is RM70. Can last me two weeks!
  • Toll receipts -Nak claim from the office =)
  • a love note -left in the purse without me realizing it until months after...
  • Digi prepaid reload -old fashion me.
  • 7 of RM1 stamps , 1 of 50sen stamps and 6 Par Avion stickers -long distance thing. Sigh.
And you see, I tried to keep everything minimum.
I usually would 'get rid ' of things that can be put somewhere else ..
(like your business cards..ehem)
Its actually laden with everything useful, but its still not looking uber fat-why????

No bundle of cash. Thats why.

Explains a lot.

I would love to tag:
yah -but she's preparing for her pro exam so I doubt it.
alak -but she's a notepadder now. Sigh.
syera -but she's in Japan now.

Nak tag orang-orang law20 takut dorg bz. Tgk dorg pun dah lame tak update blog....


mr k,  4 April 2008 at 01:43:00 GMT+8  

wanna share with u too..
in my levi's wallet..
-bank card
-mmmc student card
-Great Eastern Medical card
-our picture at et's school
-3 pieces of her picture-comey!
-pakde's GE card
-No Deal jeans shop coupon
-love note from mrs k
-airtell topup card
-digi n 2celcom simcard- 1 is hers.
-2008 hotlink calendar
-my cute lawyer,s card- even she is not with GV (im waiting 4 new one)
-bar council legal aid card
-UAE exchange travel agent
-pirate DVD sticker-10 stickers free 1 DVD. 7 to go. haha
-PLUS receipt with secret note on it

p/s: by the time abis tulis ni tgl 400rs je.. bli mknn td.hihi

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