Sunday, April 27, 2008

weekend in T and P

went road tripin' with FN and NY to Taiping but we ended up in Penang.. it was fun and everything was impromptu~ haha.. lets do it again, guys.

Met the wonderful hashers and harrietes, and the unfortunate encounter with the former boss. But the GMI mission was accomplished. While on the news today Hamid Albar said the gomen will not abolish ISA, but that won't stop us from fighting for justice.
We need your support, ppl please sign the the petition.

The whole time on the way to and fro I was listening to Letto in my head and obviously missing that somebody..May God gives him the strength for his fight..


mr k,  27 April 2008 at 22:33:00 GMT+8  

i miss u too.. so much!

fadiahnadwafikri 28 April 2008 at 10:12:00 GMT+8  

eheh..lets do it again...kak laila whose husband has been detained for almost 6 years was feeling so down, being continuously harassed by the SBs..but the moment i called her and informed her about the run..she sounded happy and relived...thanks af for being there..i really appreciate it..indeed you are a true friend.

p/s: af, if gamba dah siap fwd kat fad eh..GMI nak tgk:)

...but I digress 28 April 2008 at 13:45:00 GMT+8  

mr k:


Anything, if it were to help, a fellow human being..

anytime, for a friend..

the pictures are on the way..sbb size pic dia in RAW format,so af kena reformat balik.

alak,  1 May 2008 at 12:02:00 GMT+8  

kak laila yg mentioned by kak fad is my teacher!! primary dulu. yeap, kesian sgt dia, we visit her like evry raya, and her face always looks cheerful..but we sure donnawanna mengocak air yg tenang do we? huhu..

...but I digress 1 May 2008 at 16:38:00 GMT+8  

serious?? mbe len kali kalau ada pape i nak tarik u la alak..we're in dire need of hopeful lawyers/activist..
im sure mc endok approve punya sume program ktorg =) set aaa

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