Monday, November 05, 2007

stupid messy affair

I always tend to think that secret affairs are rather stupid if not unnecessary.
The reason why people get involved in it, to me, remains personal but I think at the end of the day, both of the parties are losers anyway.

Hey, if you want some "adventure" in your sex/love life, plan something lah.
Why be stupid, waste all that moolah to buy her apartment, condos, hondas.
Ok ,ok, whatever.

Maybe your wife is getting all wrinkly and old and suddenly appears unattractive as compared to the 26 year old model. (how bout you yourself? you think the sight of a bald, old man is nice? but usually women have more.. unconditional love.)

But thing is, as good as anything else that can be switched on and switched of, like an affair or even a marriage, you can always opt out.

Walk away.

Not as easy as it sounds, especially if it involves children.

Remember I was telling you about my client and his ex-mistress going for the paternity test today? I tell you, I can't stop from cursing myself because I'm that dirty old man's counsel. Not that I have to waste my precious time away from my new red ruby, but I have to travel from one hospital to another and to another forensic lab to another chemical lab. All of because of this one, stupid messy affair my client had.

He wouldn't admit the poor cute baby is his.
And she looked 100% like him.

I don't know how he got a heart to watch and listen to the kid's crying in pain as the physician drew blood from her tiny limbs.
And that was done 3 times.

And the baby was struggling and wriggling her way out of the mother's powerful clutch, and blood were spilling out while her tiny hand turned blue. it was the worst cry I've ever heard.

IMHO, it doesn't matter if your relationship with your spouse sucks like a rotten roach, but please, think about the child.
Dump the wife, ditch the husband, but please spare the child out of misery.
Its not for them to suffer for your past mistakes.

If I were him, I will just accept the responsibility. Hey, a child won't hurt.
If i were her, I will just forget it and get on with the cute baby on my own. That guy's a trash anyway.


A judgment was passed in India concerning a petition by a husband seeking for divorce from his hiv- striken wife. The court held that such marriage is "pointless" as no sex can be consumed.
Don't you think it bloody biased when women can't opt out when their men, can't perform in bed, out of a disease, say e.d??

and hiv can always be prevented by wearing condoms, but what of e.d


mr k,  6 November 2007 at 00:38:00 GMT+8  

bloody stupid old man!!

non-parasite eve 6 November 2007 at 09:58:00 GMT+8  

hehe.u sound so cute when u say doesnt fit your image, though,dearest.

zackyah fimiyun 6 November 2007 at 12:47:00 GMT+8  

pick up the one who choose u not bcz of beauty dat u hv

(the reason why MEN failed to choose me...hahaha!)

...think about the future...yeah,think bout our future quratul 'ain!

non-parasite eve 6 November 2007 at 14:01:00 GMT+8  

what about beauty i dont have? u know, something,like family is godsent,so is the relationship u hv with ur partner,it is supposed to be sacred,so u can start a family that is God blessed.

the theory is so simple,but why is there so many broken families is another wonder for me.

you don't choose to love sincerely,thats why.

when your partner starts looking old, starts to get on your nerve, starts becoming untoreable, you give up.and jump-start with a new partner.

dont you think,rather,the FAILURE IS YOURS for not being able to stay loyal?you're the weak person,to quit loving someone you loved for so long.

dont talk about feelings.
we choose how we feel.and hence choose to be noble or another dirty old man.

hahaha emo la pulak

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