Monday, November 12, 2007

my two cents


I'm at present time doing an urgent research on a joinder issue yada yada yada got injunction hearing tomorrow boss wants me to swallow the whole lexis for at least one good case but I can't for the life of me stop thinking about the (im)moral values of a roman chic named Octavia.

The whole hbo's rome shows that even in the oldest politically civilised nation, the question of morality is not something that they can easily control. The higher someone climbs the social ladder, the more prone he is to licentiousness and corruption whatnots.
The whole idea of being the guardian citizen is for that drama series, ironically, is to unguard the inner anomie but pretending that the whole idea of righteousness should be adhered to each and every citizen.

Confirm bukan mengikut contoh melalui tauladan.

Oh the girl. Right right.

Octavia of the Julii belongs to a noble family (noble by name, really, not by behaviour) and was a good daughter, good sister and a good wife by the roman standard she is, a person of ethical thinking and good deeds.

She takes no interest in politics, for it seems forever in Rome is the root to all evil.
Until the political scenario seeps into her personal life, expectedly as she is a noble, by her mother Atia, the bitch who seemingly tirelessly plotting and scheming her ways to protect her social stature. (Funny because she is Julius Caesar's wife,shouldn't be a problem, but I guess greed and power maketh the best of friends, yes?)

Octavia was a good daughter, until she discovered that her mother was the mastermind behind her husband's murder. In desperation, she sought solace into her mother's enemy Servilla of the Junii. And to Servilla she serves as a spy for Servilla to plot for Julius Caesar's downfall.

Octavia was a good wife until her husband death made her lonely as desperate enough to become the lesbian partner of Servilla.

Octavia was a good sister, until her hatred towards her mother and loyalty to her lesbian partner led to a incestuous relationship with her baby brother.

I pity these type of people, who have no choice but to get even.
I know that even by getting even with evil is, evil itself but really, what can Octavia do?
I'm sure there's octavia in everyone we see everyday; but what would you do?

Cornered and angry, the only way out is to retaliate.
Or is it not.

My two cents?
Thank God my mother is not Atia!


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