Thursday, November 01, 2007

jam and clamp

Did we lose ourselves again?
Did we take in what's been said?
Did we take the time to be,
All the things we said we'd be?
So we bury hopes in sand
And my future's in my hands

You can find yourself apart
But you leave in which one you want
Coz they love you all the same
They just go by different names
Did ya fly your flag today?
Are you proud or just ashamed?

The sun sets in the sky
You're the apple of my eye
If the bomb goes off again
Blows my brain around the train
And I hope that I'm with you
Coz I wouldn't know what to do

It means nothing
It means nothing
It means nothing
It means nothing
It means nothing
If I haven't got you
If I haven't got you
If I haven't got you
If I haven't got you

I'm listening to my Stereophonics CD again, got the number 3 track repeated and replayed again and again.

It's the traffic jam killing my mood and I can only imagine my only cure is running home to your arms and look at your smiling face.

The world that tires me down will soon melt away in your eyes and soft spoken words.
And those demons in the head will just fade away with you by my side.
I really miss you.
Come back home, soon, safe and sound, baby..

just came back from Selayang Court, for a decision of a summary judgment. Hmm got part judgment, it means I've to go back for full trial. But I hate going to Selayang. Nonetheless.
After court I picked up Mar and little Mayra and Zaza for lunch. (Mar's last week in UIA PJ, after that, the department is re-located in Nilai)

I parked my car, at the reserved area, (swear we didn't notice it) and my car got clamped. With a fine of $50.
I got away without paying a cent, after claiming that I'm too a JPJ officer coming for a visit from Putrajaya.

Sheeesh. Maybe because I do look like a JPJ enforcer.
What a waste of time. My friends had to go back on their own while I was trying to wriggle myself out of the mess, Mar had tonnes of papers to mark and Zaza the corporate lawyer is supposed to be back in the office at 2 sharp.

Sorry Mar an Za, aku tak hantar korang balik tadi...


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