Monday, November 26, 2007

what will our children remember?

This is not in Iraq.
Not Palestine.

But here in Jalan Ampang.
In Malaysia.

Welcome to Malaysia 2007.

I know I've been selective to peaceful demonstrations (having chaffed by the SB as a curious schoolgirl during the 1998 Reformasi.) but I'd ALWAYS believe in the People's Voice.

I didn't join the demo this time simply because I needed my sleep and even missed Legal Aid's programme that fateful Sunday morning. The real reason must be because the Hindraf call is only to address the economic and social neglect of the Hindu / Indian community, and not the fate of all underprivileged, deprived and marginalised Malaysians, regardless of race.

(I don't quite concur with the way Hindraf leaders espouse their cause, but I respect the personal dignity of Hindraf supporters)

But this.
This is getting too much.

UMNO leaders must be really embarrassed.
What. In Malaysia? Racial riot??

People are in unity with each other only if they are happy with each other.
People are in unity against each other because they are not.

p/s: I was away for the weekend on a short trip with some friends. For Nasreen's wedding. The journey to and fro was fun + hilarious, which understandably the reason that it consumed the normal 5 hours journey to somewhat 8 hours journey to Alor Star.
We made it to Tony's home sweet home for the night, embarrassed to arrive at 3 a.m, still fresh from laughing.

I wish Nasreen and Zul a happy family life.

Now I can live to tell that I've witnessed a bollywood wedding here in Malaysia =)


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