Saturday, November 24, 2007

drama drama all the way

After being told not to drive to KL for the EGM (thanks Sasha~ever the reliable source of information), (road closure where? Jalan Binjai??? Of all places!) the best alternative is, apart from inviting dejavu feeling, to get on the LRT straight to Ampang Park.

Oh Boy. I really like trains.
It's like watching free short films just being in one.

I was having fun watching dramas (awek pukul boyfren), (awek merajuk), (boyfren tak heran) and few advertisements (mamat pakai Bose headphone), (mamat flicked out his new PDA), (mamat played game and PDA being snatched by a passing thief) and few news line (pakcik reading Times magazine), (pakcik was muttering loudly "yes yes nuclear power is our prerogative" while looking very suspiciously Iranian).

I should have guessed that the whole day yesterday was my drama day.
I was joined later by two Drama Queens Miss Sasha and Miss Aliza, and after awhile, sitting upfront facing my boss during the EGM, I realised that our profession is invaded by Drama Kings and Queens.

Lo, behold: the Kingdom of Drama in the Drama State.


Oh well, you don't expect me to report what the EGM was all about.

You can always read it at The Bar Web.
But if you insist.

(In a whizz):

More than 1500 turned up, yes the currypuff was good~ eh oh, Sivarasa and Malik's motion was passed, unsurprisingly, and Suppiah's was rejected.

In a way I do understand Suppiah's concerns, but it is a bit too far fetched if you are to investigate the 58 ballot papers and the phantoms ballots.


The Bar Council has resolved to urge the judiciary to take a more proactive role in supporting the Bar's quest for judicial reforms.

And other resolutions passed today included the continuous pressure on the government to set up a judicial appointment commission and an internal issue on the Bar Council elections.

However, a motion to move a 'symbolic one-hour boycott of the courts' was adjourned in good faith pending the findings of the royal commission.

And I suppose, there are just people who didn't have any point to bring up but to bring up themselves to our attention that it made the whole thing took nearly 5 hours that kak Lat's motion was duly postponed for the next agm.

And there are always people who are very rules and procedural, and our Pres madam chairman handled everything smoothly (and she did make space for everyone who wants to speak

Ambiga: We;re giving you a chance to speak
Mr. Somebody: No, I don't want to be given a chance to speak! It's my legal rights for freedom of speech.

Sheeesh. Lawyers.

I couldn't help but laughing for the good jokes and imitations one gentleman from Ipoh made. He successfully made his point that when the lawyers walk, indeed, there must be wrong. But when the lawyers talk, there must be something wrong with the Bar~didn't really made his audience tickle as the hall went quiet.

yeah. You can say that too "when young lawyers walk out, things must be boring"

Hey, we left just about time when the meeting was about to end. Ok la.

Oh, leaving this afternoon to Alostaq with Radzlan driving. With Aliza and Tony.
Pray for our safe journey ya!


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i don't incite hate or promote personal-backbiting (unless he/she is a politician.)

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