Friday, November 23, 2007

boo hoo England!

Serves you right.
For a team that thinks so much of themselves.

(Not even worth mentioning in this post of mine, so I won't tell you the details)

But oh, the feeling! Padan muka perasan bagus hahahhahahaa.
You thought God was on you side while Israel let you, but now its obvious things happen for a reason: for you to be a laughing stock.

Oh me going to the Bar Council EGM at 3 pm.
Shall keep you updated.


fadiahnadwafikri 23 November 2007 at 09:57:00 GMT+8  

haha..yre so right darling!!!looking fwd to lovely team hollanda!!!hup hup holland!

non-parasite eve 23 November 2007 at 14:57:00 GMT+8  

fad, u like holland? hehehe i like them too!! syg dorg tak qualify last world cup...confirm kene bomoh..

Nadia MY 23 November 2007 at 15:51:00 GMT+8  

PS: Fad,

There's no Hollanda. It's either Nederlands or Nederlandse or Holland.


Ik hou zo veel van jou allamaar! :) :)

Hup Hup Holland!!

mr k,  26 November 2007 at 23:03:00 GMT+8  

hahaha.baru je nak suke becham blk.. actually lagi best kalau tgk england kalah kat euro..huhu. croatia will win next year.. believe me

non-parasite eve 27 November 2007 at 14:40:00 GMT+8  

croatia yeh?dgn sorg player dorg yg sgt huduh rupanya tapi terer.lagi baik dari org2 england..harap muka je ensem (eh tak jugak.wayne rooney jauh panggang dari hensem) tapi takleh harap.hahahhaa

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