Friday, November 02, 2007

my new baby is red

Meet my new bestfriend.
Did my shopping online yesterday and I'm so happy it'll be delivered to me tomorrow (I wasn't expecting early delivery as the normal duration is 2-7 days). Yay!

Its red and I like it.
I'm so through with black and white.
I even am considering re-painting my car yummy chocolate colour.
So its a happy day for me..though a sucky morning could have ruined my day.


Just gone back from the Shah Alam Court, for a troublesome file and complicated applications.
What else is new.
The matter is fixed for in chambers hearing but it had gone missing.
Classic, oh just classic of Shah Alam.

And no one seemed to be interested to deal with the matter since it is the "open house" for the staff to eat. By by 11.30 the courts was deserted, and we were told to wait asp eople were lining up for karaoke. We poor lawyers had nowhere to go, so we (Lancelot R. , D. Charles and F.Irina) head to the canteen hoping to have our teh tarik, but when we found a table, the canteen's light were switched off (tanda-tanda kene halau)

So F.Irina and I headed to Alam Sentral, and ate Kenny Rogers while waiting for the long lunch/jumaat break. By that time I felt so bloody lazy to confront any of the court staff and dragged myself back to the office. I'll just write em a letter.

Back to the office, F. Xavier got me prepared to accompany a client to the hospital for a DNA test.

Yeah, yeah same story rich man with an estranged mistress claiming he had fathered her child and yeah yeah he denied it and yeah yeah so comes the DNA test so if its negative she won't have a cause of action.

And poor me had to 'bodyguard' that guy in case if the lady harasses him.

What about me?!!
Who wants to bodyguard me?
I don't even know a decent karate.
And my bodyguard is in India. =(

But I can pull her hair.
Wow. Girl fight.
But I'm just reluctant to be seen fighting for an old man.

You know, i prefer young men. Hehe.
They're just sexier.


non-parasite eve 2 November 2007 at 19:04:00 GMT+8  

got my 1 man already,and wont be needing any more from any other men...and baby,you are you..

zackyah fimiyun 3 November 2007 at 01:19:00 GMT+8  

ye ke org muda sexy?

macamana pulak dengan jalaludin hassan ye,zr?seksi kan?kan?kan?

zackyah fimiyun 3 November 2007 at 01:24:00 GMT+8  

hey.warna ruby red tu warna aku aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.curik!

non-parasite eve 5 November 2007 at 17:53:00 GMT+8  

yah: mmgla th age issue in our family mcm confused sket. Zt dengan org yg lg tua drpd kite, nal org yg lg muda dari pun ehem..dgn "abang" adik yah,..hahahaha..tengokla yah cemana.pls pls pls dont go overboard 10 years gap ye (not applicable to zt/nal/fd/kg).only to yah.

soryla beb,red likes me.
this is what we call fate.

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