Monday, October 29, 2007

lesson learnt, don't make assumptions!

yeke? wah dapat gantirugi.pas2 kalau kita buat complain yang we almost lost a sister because of friendster, brapa juta leh dapat agaknya? -n/a

sometimes why we argue could be smallest factor why anyone would.
But thats the way life is.

I was suddenly deleted from my pet-sister's friendster after having a row.
Naturally, I thought that was intentionally done.
And I never asked for her explanation, seething in anger, I reacted the way normal people would have: I deleted her number, I disassociate myself from her circle and continued life like there was no her.

And she never attempted or try to explain so this for me, is circumstantial proof.

It even escalated when I heard people commenting on my personal life, which only matters to people like me,my ohana and my close friends like her.

(her side of the story: after realising that she was too deleted from my friendster, she assumed that I was too angry with her and she would make my life easier by keeping a distance. So she never did ask why)

until yesterday we found out that friendster is as lousy as anything else.
And everyone else is good at creating stories that hurt.
And we're too afraid to confront each other.

I don't even know since when do I have a heart to do that to her.
I loved her as long as I've known her, naturally like a sister, though we have nothing in common (well except for one thing...but that's in her history, my present and my future) and we have different principles in life that would've set us apart the first time we got to know each other.
But that only came so recently after few years.

We know why now, but there's nothing to it now, I think.
We lose ourselves when we don't trust each other.

Making assumptions is bad for your health.

Stupid friendster aside, I'm glad I got my sis back =)


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