Tuesday, October 23, 2007

so what i say

love dies when growth stops
-Pearl S. Buck, Nobel Prize Winner.

Hey you.

How long has it been since we last met?
I've since moved on to a new neighbourhood and the last we spoke was at 5 am in the morning.
It was just a short talk, wasn't it, and it ended abruptly while I was trying to figure up why did I lose faith in you. Maybe you did realise, that I suddenly disappear like I always did, but this time, I'm never going to re-surface because I can no longer trust myself for you.
Or maybe you were too caught up to know that I'm already long gone.

I'd never thought that I would do this to you.
I might have the cold heart of an assassin but not to a dear friend.
Truth is, I stopped caring.

I dare not say that I'd always shown or been a good of a living example to you.
I've so many vices and you had always been the one holding the light.
But this time, I had enough of you crying your heart out when you know you were wearing your heart on your sleeve.

I'm done with trying to help.
What is poison to everyone else is food to you.
I'm done with attempting to rescue.
All those done in vain for someone refusing to be saved.

I guess you're better off alone.
I regretted telling you when you put that out for your blinded dreams.
Though I admit, I must've told you to fend you off from the one thing I was trying to protect you.
And I wish to draw the line; ours are two different situation.
I need not be defensive, for I'd been cautious even when I first started, but you fell off everytime. And look what it led you to.

Dont try to convince yourself this is the act of correcting your past mistakes.
It just won't hold off.

I stopped caring.
Because despite it all, you chose to remain spoilt. And weak.

You have no dignity, no shame for what you're worth for.
You rather throw it all because you rather not lose now.
Have some pride.
If you're patient, the best would be Godsent to you, but why settle for a broken pipe???

Maybe you should've not told me in the first place for I never look at people like you the same way again and I've lost my respect to each and every institution that might have mould and shaped and formed you.

Please give a stray of light to me, for people like me, that you are not pursuing whatever you said you were. Don't break our heart.

Please, stop already.


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