Tuesday, October 16, 2007

khutbah Raya 1428

This raya, I wanted to concentrate listening to the khutbah (which, a failed attempt, each time because I get distracted too easily).

Well, not too bad this year, although I got only a quarter of what the khutbah is all about.

About how we try to become a newer person by buying new clothes every raya, by cooking a different kind of meal for raya, all those sort of thing we do for the celebration but actually in reality, we failed to become good muslims altogether because of our selfishness during Eid.
Rarely thinking about others, all those goodness in a month of fasting melts out on the first day of raya.

That was it. A paragraph of the khutbah, for the 30 minutes long speech.
I wonder how MEN try to focus during their weekly jumaat khutbah, because I fail miserably trying to concentrate.

I realised that I was thinking so much into concentration, telling my mind that i should focus, telling myself oof afzan do not stare at that makcik gossiping about how she met Siti and Datuk k at the local pasar malam and that rascal of a child aged 4 trying to tug away Yah's telekong, afzan please try to focus, listen listen, and at the end, I could hear nothing but my thoughts.

I'm Hopeless.

But nonetheless, my head was swimming when the khutbah ended, and I felt the Imam's ambages had taken me everywhere and left me nowhere.


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