Wednesday, October 24, 2007

not a factor to insurgency

I'm a legal trained counsel, not a legal minded one, if you can't tell the difference, I hope you can distinguish between the act of rebellion, or necessity.

Take the Iraq scenario.
Can you tell the real rebel, out of the many petty criminals?
The former carries a motive, an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict.
Whereas the latter, are just desperate citizens trying to live, forced to steal/rob/kill to survive, being pushed to the limit because their government, is no longer protecting them.

You can’t punish them.
Umar al-Khattab r.anhu waived the hudud penalty for the thieves stealing out of hunger.
Him, a man of strict principles, understood that in normal circumstance, these kind of people would not commit a wrong.
But they don’t a choice. Do they.

No they don’t.

But this is not a world led by a righteous Caliph.
These people get punished all the time.

Many a times I was disturbed in my own thoughts thinking that it exists in everyday life, out of war zone, people in desperate measures.
Get punished all the time.

And the real evil, like the bushy US government, gets away all the time.
Like the jews.
Like the person in our everyday personal life, causing much of our anguish, retorts dramatically when we react to their first wrong doing.
Its bullshit.

“hey, you created the situation and gives us no choice but to act this way”

Newton law numero uno: when there’s action, there’s reaction.

You fool.
You can get away now.
But not forever.
Not when its too late to apologise.

To you: i'm never going to apologise for what I've done.
And I'm not gonna bury the bloody the hachet and I hope you all burn in hell.

small talk:
Don't you all think the right to legal counsel (art 5(3) federal constitution should really mean "that the gomen should provide lawyers for poor accused persons, too"? Ours is modelled after the Indian Fed Consti, and their courts opined that the government owes a duty to provide free legal aid to those who can't afford lawyers in criminal matters.Or else justice is only served to those rich bastards, and so defeats the purpose of the article.
Well. At least the Malaysian bar Council is doing a good job providing legal aid services, albeit the restrictions.


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