Monday, October 29, 2007

in the state of denial.

Please read the New Sunday Times, 28th Oct 2007 for the exclusive interview with (not mine, not yours too) the de-facto law minister. No time to post the entire interview, just a waste of time of an angry blogger like me. D'uh.

What can be derived from the interview can be summarised below:

  1. Crisis: it has to be epidemic, explosive and costs the peace and serenity of every Malaysian.Oh no, you mean it has to be a crisis before proper action can be taken. When its too late, too big a issue to handle.

  2. Minority is not even a number: (so why is he getting fussed all about.) Go on number 3.

  3. Bloggers are angry bunch of people: Only ministers have the right to be angry. And bloggers are low-standard writers. A waste of time.Rubbish. (then,how do you know it is?)

  4. If you don't come forward, your complaint is false: i'm thinking about all those rape victims ya? they must have been very good at fabricating stories to condescend themselves.

  5. No immediete opinion, please: you've got to say anything, please put it in the ballot box.Everything can be resolved through democracy. Maybe a p/s: hey i didn't like with what you did to the judiciary issue under the big X.

  6. BN package deal: if you don't like 'an' issue, vote the whole BN out.

  7. The 1,000 or even 13,000 members of the Bar is just a number :they don't even represent the Malaysian majority. So why bother with them. (yeah, why?)

  8. Don't get angry at me being at "my human being mode". Please shout at the "professsional mode": oh, I have split personalities mind you.

Aniza Damis, you sure have a lot of courage to ask him those questions!

tomorrow I'll be conducting my own, my first criminal trial. Armed Robbery.
(s.392 of the Penal Code).
A legal Aid file *smile* and God, haven't I prepared anything *pengsan*
Radzlan, Nick Netto!! help!

I remember the otai lawyer Mr. M, (you'll see I'll refer to him more after this) told me that it's always better to be in criminal courts, where much of the law is applied, more than the civil courts, where most of the time, procedure matters the most.
He even knocked my head upon knowing that i'm a civil litigator and said "much to my disappointment, hope you don't go on joining the bigboys drafting something silly".


Nadia MY 30 October 2007 at 11:31:00 GMT+8  

it's mind-boggling how the government minds work, innit? dr.rais yatim, someone who holds a doctorate in law, is put as the minister of culture and heritage while someone stupi...urm, mentally deficient is the de-facto law minister.

non-parasite eve 30 October 2007 at 14:50:00 GMT+8  

and what he said about the witness protection act is just another evidence that this guy, is nothing but tin kosong.

why can't syed hamid albar (a better lawyer imho) be out law minister?he at least got more sense.And won't talk sukati sampai memalukan satu kabinet.

but i guess they're politicians anyway.they belong in one troop.

leroy,  31 October 2007 at 22:18:00 GMT+8  

he's completely lost it.Minority for him is not an issue,surely he represents the cabinet?

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