Friday, October 26, 2007

bond guy

I received a call from a former client this morning.

He was my first client for criminal matter, but I still didn't recognise his voice.
Because he sounded so... happy.
He said he moved on better, and got a job as a security guard and now supports his parents.
He told me he's a different person now and I couldn't help but to feel happy (and flattered really) for him.

I got a bond of good behaviour of three years for him, having convinced the judge that he will be needed in his social circle and that he regretted deeply everything he had done.
He is and he did.

But his criminal record is holding him back from getting a promotion.
That his superior received a letter from some ministry informing his past record and disqualify him from improving his position.
And that they're sacking him.
It was his third job in a year, and he was desperate.

Why the stigma?
I fear that out of frustration, he might do something stupid, something that might cost his liberty once again.
I can always try help him but, things are different for repeat offenders.

He was already been punished by the law.
But our society havent had enough.


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