Tuesday, October 30, 2007

things i regret 2007

things I regret for this year:

1. not attending the MLC (that's Malaysian Law Conference for you) at KLcc.

2. there are no number two.

Sheesh. I'd to take care of the matters up for the days my boss went to the MLC.
Look at his happy face.

Yup. There he is.
Riiiighttt there.

I'm soooooo freaking tired today. I slept at 3 last night (not because I was going through the case/revising facts,its because I was watching ROME) and woke up at 8 am.

Startle I did but....
I didn't rush or attempted to, because I know it is terribly late and i will not make it on time pun. So what's the use. Won't be making a grand entry. Not in style anyway.
So I took my time, and reached Ampang Sessions Court at 9.30.

Much to my dismay, the court is vacant and we had to wait for a substitute judge just to take another hearing date. And wait for another 2 hours. Just. For. That. Freaking. Date.

And after that I headed to WeiLing Gallery, for a quick lunch with Faraemir. God.
That girl is so busy she needs to be cloned.

I offered my help to find her an assistant to man the gallery so she can have lunch with me.
Anyone interested?
Let me know.

you know its cool to work in an art gallery.
Imagine saying "oh I'm a boring legal associate aka underpaid slave to a legal firm".

As compared to "oh I'm with this art gallery, you know, the works of Rembrandt was displayed here?what do you mean you don't know Suriani, she's so big in the US"
[Please support local artistes] (not your Siti Nuhaliza kinda of artis, mind you)

Dengar pun macam wangi. Albeit the conceited feeling. hahaha.

I don't know, I would be conceited working in an art gallery.
Makes me feel.. artsy and elegant.
Yeah. If the place you work in looks like yonder bellow, your ego would swell too.
(fara, not kutuking you lah. You're my angel,never conceited nor proud)


Nadia MY 30 October 2007 at 17:45:00 GMT+8  

I'll take working in an art gallery anytime. I mean, not working. Enjoying my humdrum existence, wud be it. Enjoying my humdrum existence in an art gallery. And I'll live happily ever after. If only it's that easy.

I wish I was at the MLC as well. I wish AGC wud send ME. But I'm not a senior. So I wasn't...

non-parasite eve 30 October 2007 at 17:51:00 GMT+8  

get paid just "being" in the gallery (explaining to admiring visitors the art) phwoar. Interested?

my boss is a BC office bearer but that guy won't talk to me,so how can i buat muka kesian and minta tempat free?? (not foc,but u know,maybe as a committee member or the sort lah). And no moolah either.So here I am.Moping in the office and seeking simpati from an art gallery manager.Sob sob.

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