Monday, December 03, 2007

Feel Good Inc.

The house became suddenly unaccustomed to the usual quiet, as the last few nights some friends came to stay. So it was a busy weekend for me, tiring as well, with a lot of weddings and drama (not ours, but just we just had our time to observe) but the whole lot was good ol' fun.

Its the Feel Good inc.

Straight after work on Friday we realised that what a sucker I am for not knowing the direction to almost every place we go (just because I was born the same day as Sasha it doesn't mean I've to be a good navigator like she is) but we had fun getting lost (oh, sourgrapes!) and while going to Nick and Carol's pre-wedding dinner in Taman Indah (where? exactly) we found ourselves in Kajang Prison. No kidding!

Alas after 2 hours of clueless driving, we arrived at Carol's place, and I could tell you, if there's anyplace that needs proving that Malaysia is a muhibbah -happy-people-live -together, it must be in this neighbourhood. It kinda make you feel warm inside, and knowing Nick and his dear wife, you know how grounded and cultured they are, it must be because where they come from. Families of neighbours of different beliefs and races, celebrate the two newlyweds, and these things must add up to the blessful joyous occasion. I must say I'm impressed. (the fact that Carol's the prettiest bride I've ever seen, too. Nick, lucky guy ;))

We didn't stay for long, as we were expected to be in Bandar Tasik Selatan in anor 20 minutes. With me driving clueless (I'm a good girl -always stays at home one, that's why I'm not good with roads-but who lives in Tasik Selatan anyway?) and my co-driver is even more so hopeless, it takes a miracle for us just to be there. Lucky for us Shun, Hana and Aizudin are the patient bunch ,lucky for us the tomyam is yummy and lucky for us too that it wasn't a big trouble for us to find the way back home. We slept like a log, and waited for Hida the next morning to go to Radzlan's aqad.

Yes d'uh.
We got lost again.
No thanks to the two passengers who actually had been to his house-lah. Hahahaha.
But we arrived just in time (sempat makan hahaha) and if you think its unusual for female friends to come along to a male friend's aqad, I must tell you, this is Radzlan. And its not unusual. Only Adam, Imad and Akhdiat made it to his aqad, the 10% out of 90% female friends who tagged along. Why of course, the girls are needed as his rombongan hantaran (should've suspected it hahahaha) but we were glad to be there. Radzlan is such a dear friend, he had always been there for us and we were just too happy to be there, witnessing his long-awaited happiest day in his life.

There on, we went to OU as we planned to watch Beowulf, and coincidently Zaza was there, doing her shopping, and coincidently Ira wanted drop by,and alas the girls decided to stay for the night at my humble abode, so it was once again slumber party ;)

At 4 am, with the exception for Aliza (nenek susah maaa nak bangon) we went out to pick Toni from the Pudu bus station. And like magnets, everywhere we go, it seemed, one by one drama is unfolded before our eyes; as were heading to Pelita in Bangsar, at 5 am, so close to where I parked the car, a girls' fight over a man was taking place, it was so close to where we were as one of the girls knocked the open door of my car where me and ira was standing (Zaza said later both of us didn't look frightened, but fascinated) while we watched the hair-tugging, the cat-fight, and the matrimonial destruction at 5 in the morning.

At one point, one of the woman, came to me, and reached out for so quickl I must've thought she wants to give me a tight slap, when she came to pull us out from the mess and apologize.

A group of girls clad in tudung at 5 in Bangsar.
So out of place.
But Ira and Toni had to eat, as they're heading to Kuala Kubu Baru for whiteriver-rafting afterwards, (boo hoo we didn't follow as I promised to go ice-skating with hazwani, Zaza and Aliza had plans for the day). But we planned for ostrich-racing next weekend in Rawang, any takers?

Right now I'm back to my office life. To Shera, I told you your desk is superbly done and comfy, just take a look at mine. So boring,I must say I'm so out of touch, at my desk, it must be a sign of me not taking my work seriously. Haha.
I have method in my madness, and no space at my desk is left underutilized with sanity.

Congratulations to Nicholas and Carol, Radzlan and Hanisah.
May you have a blessful family life together, and your love grow stronger each and every day.

to Aliza, Zaza, Ira, Hida, Toni: I had fun.
We're in good company. I cherish the laughter, the stories, the news of the bad and the good.

To Zaza, happy birthday =)
kau dah tua, jangan nak mengelat dah.


mr k,  4 December 2007 at 02:38:00 GMT+8  

have a nice day my dear.. nmpk page friendster kat skrin komp tu.. kantoi... =p

mr k,  4 December 2007 at 02:39:00 GMT+8  

later our time will come.. coming soon..

dark angel 12 December 2007 at 11:36:00 GMT+8  

InsyaAllah..b,u're my pillar of means nothing without you pun..

I love you so very much.

Ha..kalau nak tahu..byk2 kerja tapi friendster kene check =P sekali sehari (sbb pic tu amek masa lunch)..lain masa occupied..

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