Monday, December 10, 2007

lawyers are not above the law

no we're not.
So are you.

Glad that kak Lat and the rest got released today.
I didn't wait for the whole thing to end (because I saw Mr Boss looking at me "I thought you have BP now?"), but Sasha did, but our MBW really did a good job updating the day's chronology even when his laptop's battery's dying on him. So we still have good coverage on the happenings.

It had been a very busy week, the book publisher is hunting on my due dateline since last Friday (I'm still on my first page. Frozen ideas and brain death makes the writer's block makes two peas in a pod). And all this govt getting superbly overly sensitive is getting on everyone's nerve.

I was having lambchop with me favourite lunch mate F. Irina after our brief rendezvous to the Criminal Court to watch our AG in action (twice in Sessions. Whoa. I know) and this kinda came out:

Me: ..after the walk for justice, it seems that every Sunday there's a different Demo..
F : I guess its because they see it even lawyers can march, why not us, but this time this is getting way out of hand lah
Me: you mean Edmund's case?
F: The only rationale I can think of from them doing this is that they don't want show the rakyat something is wrong
Me: Ya, but when they try to shut us up, the whole world knows something is wrong.
F: Haha.

I think that summed everything up, what a bummer because I think in other countries, people demonstrating is as of right and the police would assist in making way for them to demo. But in our country, it seemed that every Demo is associated with something else.

F. and Shamani took a ride with me home, (these ppl have their own shuttle but dread of waiting for it) ,and I was so shocked to see that my car's headlights were still switched on!! Aiya baru-baru pun kena sudah tuka battery kaa? But was glad that the car's a champ and still can be started even after being left for more than four hours (F's fault. )

Otherwise the rest of the day was fine, me off from work tomorrow, watched movies with friends (Atie watched it 3 times she said : its not the movie you're watching, but its the company that counts) thanks Atie, me and my sisters really enjoyed it. Zaza still talked about it.And we managed to drag Toni to

Ahh Enchanted.
My prince was busy playing at a futsal match, but was glad I was kept busy with mandi air terjun the Sunday after. Three hours in the cold water. So relaxing.
And I got a love letter from him (sweet. When you think that we communicate every other hour. I appreciate his efforts for making the distance painless)

Promised the bridesmaid and twinny to treat em lunch. =) baru dapat gaji + bonus!
Boss must have in silence, took notice of his LA yang surfed too long on the internet =p
Or he must have felt guilty because he let me off in the deep ocean the other day without help handling that miserable trial. But he coached me how, and I really appreciate his ways of showing me how to be a good student and maybe someday,I can be as good as he is!

But the pressure to become a better litigator is buildingn up.
All in a good cause.

Life is beautiful.


mce,  12 December 2007 at 11:33:00 GMT+8  

Cik Afzan,tau tak pe.Mananye manusckrip awak,penat makcik tunggu!

dark angel 12 December 2007 at 12:47:00 GMT+8  

Ala macik..i'll get on to it =) tp been busy with work..

hazw,  13 December 2007 at 16:08:00 GMT+8  

u're writing a book ke kak? wowwy =p anyway, my house is just nearby that kajang prison,tau! come on over la.

dark angel 13 December 2007 at 17:12:00 GMT+8  

not a book! i don't have the luxury of a talent and privilege of lucj just yet~ its just an invitation by makcik endok to write in a book ..thats tulah..tak siap2.Yelah tu wani dah balik cuti bgtaula.

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