Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i like to play

ostrich racing.
rock climbing

nextweek: horse riding at Ulu Yam mountain.
Been there twice during a karisma-jim training. They let us go with the horses whereever we want, and only minimal fee of RM3 is charged per day.

I believe in living life to the fullest, and what better way than being with nature. It sets you free. I think that's why I'm always stress-free, and there's always my dearest family and dearest beloved if anything else fail.
Reason why I am always missing in action.
A good excuse to keep me out of trouble and a leeway for me to escape simpletons that annoy. There's more to life than being frustrated with work, bla bla bla.

Hahaha. Now I'm looking for any new friends interested to join in.
Text me ah.

(but Yah is darn more adventurous than I am. Sheesh. tau2 dah kat hutan mana2)the daredevil got me into whiteriver rafting in Parangritis.


Mazliza~ Aja 12 December 2007 at 10:51:00 GMT+8  

syitah jauh nak ikot..kena naik belon dulu..hehe..wah af nak join2..hihi.but aku confuse mane satu no fon kau skrg..dlm fon aku ada dua no..huhu..

dark angel 12 December 2007 at 11:32:00 GMT+8  

jum! cuti for selangor ppl,i gi iceskating =P mmg takleh dok diam.so u balik nanti,i can ease the pain of missing ur hubby dgn activity outdoor yg besh2!

tau tak,yam dah nak balik , yay! i got my darling back =P thanks for the long distance call (jangan malu2 laa nak buzz i)..slalu i tgu..

fon aku ke aja?
aku guna 014. Thats for family n friends lah.Sorry hari tu line reception bad..tau2 kau dah nak chow dan aku kekenyangan..haha..sedap oo lambchop kat court tu...

haundem 12 December 2007 at 15:50:00 GMT+8  

aja: tak yah naik belon laa,naik plane lagi selamat, duk tepi tingkap lagi..huhuhu

af:before i go iceskating w u,i iceskating kat sini dulu ngan my beloved hihihi..

hissh,takleh selalu2 kacau loyer2 nieh...:D

till we meet again,next year,insyaAllah!

p/s nnt kita plan mcm2 tau!i will soon join ur club:P

dark angel 12 December 2007 at 19:06:00 GMT+8  

clun apa tu?? club suami2 jauh ye? hahahahaha.Ok2 I kan presiden club tu.I can arrange for temporary membership =P

alah this week cancel horse riding cos i'm gonna have to go to PD (lawyer yg slalu bercuti adalah petanda yang baik).

what time ur eta?

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