Wednesday, December 26, 2007

indebted to you

Yesterday I woke up with Puspa ringing on my ears, a rude awakening to my late meeting this morning that I proposed to meet her at the A&W drive-in after three rounds of running around the Taman Jaya lake with my baby sister.

But I dread waking up. As if all the dreams I had when I sleep are all good.

And no, I didn't dread waking up knowing that I planned to run.
I always liked running.
I love running.

Yesterday did a six, with my two sisters.
But Yah couldn't run, its something she had to compromise for letting the surgeon 'do' her eyes.

Believe me,when I run, I really run,.
Well this I say not even in the same breath to brag, but actually I felt sorry for myself because I just that I hoped I don't abuse the Adidas-run that my him bought for me the same pairs as his).
(That guy takes so long to pick a shoe. Hahaha)

And my pace is picking up since my better half the avid sportman a.k.a running partner is suddenly in India.

It seems I run faster without his sweet smile distracting my run.
And this month I lost another 3kg.

"Bangun, bangun"

That rascal of a lass should've realised that not everyone reads their text messages to wake up.
I sleepily droveto the A&W suddenly realizing why I dread waking up. But it didn't matter anymore. I was already half way through the Federal.

Meeting Puspa had always been a pleasure for me.
No matter if the drive back home from Port Dickson got us suddenly in Bandar Hilir Melaka, getting lost and shouting obscenities at the helpful locals that are all helpful to get us even more lost, it has always been 'different' cuppa friends if that friend of yours belong to Legalaiders Inc.

It makes life more bearable, having these little missions that you thought you're giving something back to the society. You owe nothing but to them, dude.
Ragu-ragu the lawyer said that you don't join legal aid to become angels. Its a duty, thats duly assigned to all of us humankind towards another. You don't choose to become one to feel good.

Puspa came wearing a very cute T-shirt depicting Bush and Mao Tze Tung in cheong sams shaking hands. Bush says "when will you be having your election?", to which the bubble of the latter replied "every morning". No one, could ever wear that t-shirt without sounding serious except her. And we got down to business with sleepy Zetty listened (yes I had to drag her. I'm banned from running alone).

The recent project was about the unlawful detention of Abdul Malek Hussin, I'm sure you've heard of him being awarded 2 millions by KL High Court.
Blame Fadiah for nominating me to cartoon). (Thanks to the sand sculpture I made on the beach during our stay in PD. It looked like Cecil Rajendra (maybe it was because I was delighted that Cecil sent me his poetry book via air mail. The man is an international human right lawyer and a renown I poet). Its a terrible tribute, the sand man. If not for the Gucci sunglasses it would've looked a bit odd with his discoloured eyes and too large a nostril. But nonetheless Fad was convinced I could draw a decent stick man for the project.

After three hours of breakfast and a cancelled run, my sister and I decided to go to our favourite bookstore and not that I regret that my pocket (literally speaking, you) is dry, having bought myself four books, but I regret that Jim Harrison's novel made itself found for me to weep inconsolably. I read his short novel 'Revenge', before reading The Legends (stupid movie made Susannah dated all three of them sibslings) and what I can tell you, this man is a gift to the literature world. This is how I spend my Xmas holidays.

By getting more nonsensically digressed.
In my failed attempt to become more poetical.
I'm an overkill.

Jim Harrison, oh my namesake, and all those people with the name of Harrisons (even so referring to the one in a Liverpool band that created rock n' roll) grace me with some of your talent. Hahaha.

And today aja woke me up "Ek kau kat court?"
when it was 10.30 and I'm not on leave.

I now remember why I dreaded waking up.
I just don't want the day to end when it starts.


ha,  27 December 2007 at 01:19:00 GMT+8  
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hazw,  27 December 2007 at 01:19:00 GMT+8  

heyya sis. I like it lah when u write like this one. Sure or not one day u donwant to make a book? hahaha happy werking k af!

mr k,  27 December 2007 at 02:09:00 GMT+8  

haha. mmg sebijik la muka sandman=cecil..haha. on february i will be your running partner k? ^_^

fadiahnadwa,  27 December 2007 at 09:09:00 GMT+8  

haha..memori daun pisang eh..memori cecil the sandman:)God, why can we just live there, jobless and rich why?why?

...but I digress 27 December 2007 at 11:35:00 GMT+8  

fadiah why do u have to remind what its like being paris hilton for a day
save for the lewd acts of her....but then again that bimbo is well too depressed than us =) we must have been doin something good =P

bubu cyg..bukan MArch ke balik ;)

Mazliza~ Aja 27 December 2007 at 13:44:00 GMT+8  

haha..nasib baik aku kejut..kalau tak for sure tak bangun lg..
tapi sorila mngganggu tidur kau smlm..hehe
aku trsilap court la supposed to be in shh alam not kl..clerk silap enter diary..pheww..

...but I digress 27 December 2007 at 13:47:00 GMT+8  

gila..nahas sikit je lagi tu beb...
takpe,papehal pon kau boleh la sgn pkp =p

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