Thursday, May 29, 2008

of Langkawi and giants

Still in holiday mood.
Am sluggish.

Oh I just got back from Langkawi.
The best island in the world!!

The trip was good, we skipped those places we went before few years ago.
Food: one word: fabulous! and cheap (ok so I cheated)
Shopping.. err we didn't shop so much except for chocolates.. the prices are not much different anyway.

The adventurous DM45 crew even got up to the two highest peaks in Langkawi: Gunung Mat Chinchang (why of course, by the famous cable car) and Gunung Raya (Yah is to be blamed for convincing us to go up there for its "spektakuya" view)

Although the journey up there (especially Gunung Raya) was scary, but it was worth it.

Its a Mountain people, not a hill.
So you can imagine being 5000 m above the sea level on an almost empty fuel tank with a kid who kept singing to the tune of Twilight Zone. We were above the clouds that rained on Kuah Town. Spectacular indeed, minus the frightening journey.

Legend has it that the two giants of Langkawi known as Mat Chinchang and Mat Raya battled against each other during their children's wedding. Mat Raya was furious because Mat Chinchang's son was wooing other girls when the bride was Mt Raya's daughter.

They fought so hard that the gravy from their curry pots were turned over and a river of gravy flowed and hence the city of Kuah (gravy) was formed.

I love listening to folklores. What the olden people could not explain by scientific grounds, they reasoned it out with wonderful tell-tales.

We then aptly name our own two giants with the two legendary giants.
Yah is mat raya (jalan pening2) and yis is mat chinchang (sebab anak laki dia banyak awek?)
While I got myself called Mat Sirat (because Yah cakap kunun macam intelektual. Cis).

Okay..back to woirk!! Och. Woirk woirk woirk.
Before the giant in the office gets back from lunch....ok bad joke.


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mr k,  30 May 2008 at 13:27:00 GMT+8  

bestnye dia g langkawi.. alhamdulillah dia slmt blk.. sedih tak dpt ikut.. :( ijust wanna be with u..all the time at all place..

miss u..

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...but I digress 3 June 2008 at 14:10:00 GMT+8  

all three coming from India.

nabilah hani,  5 June 2008 at 01:27:00 GMT+8  

k af! i want to go to langkawi lah. honeymoon hehe.

what u think??

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