Sunday, May 11, 2008

Correct, its...

I'm sure you've read the reports already.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam video clip has found that it was former Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim who was talking to prominent lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam on the telephone.

Sources said the five-man panel also found that the video clip was authentic and that the conversation was true in substance. -The Star

Well, hmm?
I must congratulate Pak Lah for agreeing to set up the commission and really those who worked for it, including those who walked for justice. One historic event after another.
Told ya we live in Interesting Times.

Anyway~ I know this is a bit outdated (spent the whole Saturday outdoors) but I am glad that RPK is back in business as usual. Read about his latest development here. Nothing could hinder Pete from telling what its like really. Tak payah sorry2. (He apologised for aggreeing to accept bail). We need you out there rather than being in there. And for the Bloggers Defence Fund, thats goes to show how selfless you are.

P/s: Happy mothers day, mak
I know she'll probably say everyday's a mothers day (which is true anyway) ...


mr k,  11 May 2008 at 21:44:00 GMT+8  

tu pun pak lah tanak dedah laporan tu kat umum.. nk bc dulu kononnya.. takut la tu... org pun baca RPK's blog jugak.hihi

...but I digress 11 May 2008 at 22:46:00 GMT+8  

dah cukup baguslah paklah bg wat suruhanjaya tu..dah cukup baguslah keputusan tak berat sebelah...kalau laporan tak dedah pon takpe asalkan tindakan diambil...

tau2 je la kan suruhanjaya ni limited power dia..

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