Tuesday, May 13, 2008

just the two of us

Early morning I was up for my daily run.
30 minutes is what I owe to my body and temple.

Met Makcik Saodah (one of the Taichi exponents woohoo) and she mouthed silent salaam seeing me.
I smiled.
Subang is indeed one of the best places to live, friendly people, compact city, glorious food, just the damning traffic woes give us headache but we'll live.

On the third round I spotted Mak's car circling with my kid brother scouting for me: breakfast.
So I ran faster into hiding.

Then I saw Makcik Saodah again, couldn't escape her gaze while she was preaching to two tudung-clad schoolgirls in their uniforms, eager actually to escape from Makcik Saodah's preaching.
And I heard her say:
"Tengok, kakak ni dan makcik je yang melayu ada kat sini. Just the two of us".

And I almost saw the schoolgirls wrath, as I passed them by, as if I am to blame for joining Makcik Saodah's conspiracy to enjoin more Malays to work out.

It's true.
For a nation of more than 55% Malays, two Malays out of 99% other races on the field is tad too obvious. How do we create a strong, reliable Dai'e if our bodily strength and wealth is limited and weak?

When i addressed this to my only staff in the firm, Karen said: "kita orang cina takut mati".
Then, what makes us?

Well, it wasn't that easy for me to appreciate health as Makcik Saodah (or the rest of the USJ 2 Sweat Club), I suffered a health scare few months ago and I vowed that should be the end of it.

My motivation is not construed to achieve any optimum weight, but for the overall health: the heart especially. So losing extra inch around the thigh will be a bonus. Though the bodily woman shape has taken its toll on me but it's not too bad. I used to be stick thin during the schooldays because I was a marathon runner, but the sporting life stopped abruptly when I began chambering. Konon penat sangat. Toyer je tau. (Other main factor because my sports trainer a.k.a Mr K the sportsman is now so faraway in India so I can escape the evening jog he used to initiate by buying the same pair his and hers trainers) I fill up the time by ehem..missing him. Muahaha. Alasan!

And I remember the first week of real work I ate nothing but nasi lemaks in two weeks straight, convinced that I didn't gain weight, so I took everything for granted; and considered the running up and down the court carrying the Pilot case as the substitute health regime for working ladies.
And yes I'm a cheapskate who will not pay extra hundred for gyms.
I believe the best exercises are free, so why pay yourself for commitment?
And then just one day: I collapsed. After a heart thumping pain. (Not only that, I realised that I became lethargic, sluggish, lack of focus and damn sleepy)

The pain went away in day, but it was enough to send the shivers down my spine!
I didn't know what it was: Syerotte said its angina (old men's illness..what!) while my doc sis happily announced that I had a panic attack (what! the sound of it is so... untrendy) hahaha.
But that was it.

But its not the mystery of universe when that happens if you don't look after your general health.

So that's my story.

I wonder what keeps Makcik Saodah going.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have a little chit chat and really ask her real name (jadi takla sukati aku je namakan dia Makcik Saodah).

Take care of your health.
Its amanah.
Not like you can substitute it with anything else.

Orang Islam kena kuat!!


hazw,  13 May 2008 at 11:07:00 GMT+8  

good one, kak af!

got baby fat to lose too! but that shall not be my main focus =) kemslm sama itu makcik saodah,rawk on!

mr k,  13 May 2008 at 19:14:00 GMT+8  

lol! kena ingat, sihat tu Allah yang bg.. bukan sbb bersenam kita sihat.. tp usaha utk sihat kena ada..kn?

miss jogging with u dear..

...but I digress 13 May 2008 at 22:08:00 GMT+8  

gewd fer yew

mr k:
InsyaAllah =)

me too,three n four =(

Akmal Azeman 13 May 2008 at 23:00:00 GMT+8  

wahahahah!!! me wish to jog around me neighbourhood but d there's no proper place to jog around here..haihh! bersetialah diriku dgn kelas aerobik itu..harharhar

...but I digress 14 May 2008 at 03:59:00 GMT+8  

kalau ada kelas aerobik msti af join..its highly recommended =) even better than jogging.........waaa

DeNy dA grEat 14 May 2008 at 10:09:00 GMT+8  

kaki injured... xleh teman af g jogging.. huhuhuu

...but I digress 14 May 2008 at 10:27:00 GMT+8  

fariz daniel jersey number? got injured? tak de kat newsreport pon =)

xpe.makcik saodah teman =D

AaLaa' 14 May 2008 at 12:20:00 GMT+8  

hahaha and all along i thot makcik saodah is the real name :D

ala..kite pun dah lama tak jogging.. malasnye... aritu smangat sgt2 lepastu langsung tidak. hehe

...but I digress 14 May 2008 at 13:59:00 GMT+8  

gila pr kalau aku tau nama dia!
ate fellow jogger.hahahaa

jgn malas2.skrg ni penyakit pelik2...

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