Tuesday, June 03, 2008

busy bee

This post is just an update about my whereabouts.

this is where I spent my time last week

Had an extremely busy week.
The Boss asked me to join him to a engineering seminar, certified by BEM and organised by IEM.
(Note the "E" where it stands for Engineers obviously). Not for me.

Only thing is, it was a seminar lectured by The Boss himself.
So tak bolehla ponteng-ponteng. Cannot escape one.

But after the days seminar not only I learned a lot about basic civil eng, which I think it'll be very useful for the legal area I work on, and I earned 16 hours BEM credit (exactly what for does it apply to me) . An extra respect to The Boss, too.

So it makes me a better co-worker, being all this hyped up (used to think the firm I work in is just a small firm (Still is, in numbers at least). I'm so inspired!

All in all it humbled me to know the credentials of The Boss and his humble approach.
Dia rilek je..tapi ilmu penuh di dada. Oh The Boss is both an engineer and a lawyer, too.
Cool, huh.
There's one Malay proverb that says: ikut resam padi.
Well as for me, I've still got a long way to go, and everyday is a learning time.
And then I wish I can go on seminars all year long..and now wanting to further studies..
Boy I was really inspired! (There was once I got fed up with studying~ after 17 years of formal education I really felt education and me went well like school on fire!)

But when I came back from work~ you can just imagine the pile of works waiting for me!

two piles of files. And a can of lite-coke. Works out fine for me.

There's this client (really kiasu) who I had just sent a demand notice against the neighbours of the client's condominium construction site to "vacate encroachment".
He came a day before the 14 days had lapsed because he wants to bulldoze the encroaching permanent structures. Banyak chantek.

another day, another building.. another problem = another $$

And another client came, wanting his Bill of Cost (comprising three apex courts) ready by the end of the week. Baru dapat judgment last week!
Seriously, do they really think we're robots.

Hmm I really have to get the Taxation specialists' contact numbers. I'm made to understand there are some court clerks who will tax the Bill for a reasonable payment, so whoever has the details, please let me know a.s.a.p.
And thanks in advance.
Kalau tak kena la aku terkial2 buat.

But now.. one thing at a time.. lek2 dulu.. pastu baru kerja gila2!.
See ya guys around!

Never Date a Leo

Dramatic, egotistical, and emotional - a Leo is way too high maintenance for you!

And forget about a quick fling with an alluring Leo. It's either everything or nothing with this sign!

Instead try dating: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, or Cancer

p/s: Not that I believe Horoscopes, its just that when I did the quiz I didn't realise that "signs means horoscope signs". Haha. Blur memang blur. oh anyway. Mr k is a Capricornian (is that how they say it?).


Anonymous,  3 June 2008 at 15:41:00 GMT+8  

m a virgo.Wil U date me,insted?

mr k,  3 June 2008 at 19:28:00 GMT+8  

she is mine.. im sorry mr virgo..

...but I digress 3 June 2008 at 20:08:00 GMT+8  

sah2 virgo itu adik bradik org..hahaha..

alalala cyg.

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