Saturday, May 03, 2008

all out

the culprit

I didn't realise what I got myself into when I agree to "go all out today" with ZI.
No offense, but what could happen so much in a day that starts at 12?
(and ends hopefully before my own self-restricting curfew at 11)

Especially with someone who is known prominently to arrive fashionably-late-my-foot minimum 2 hours?
But she asked me to give her benefit of the doubt.
Which I agreed to, but with a condition that the unfortunate late-comer is made payable to the usual crap 8% per annum.
Shheeesh lawyers.
(note: I do not condone the riba practices.)

She arrived 3 minutes late.
Only 3 minutes late.
World record!
Hoot hoot!

We actually planned to go to Arts for Grabs exhibition but we stumbled upon KL Alternative Bookfest.
Not bad.
A lot of independent publishers and actually the highlight of the day would've been meeting Farish A. Noor but he wasn't there....
I got myself few books. And three of it was free of charge.
SiS was there and made me answer their poll "would you read banned books"

1. yes
2. no.
3. I don't care
4. I don't know

Is that even a fruitful question.
I was really tempted to say don't you have any idea if its any books that should be banned, it should be any of those from your publication save from amusement purposes, but I gritted my teeth and on the recycled paper I said Hell Yes and got myself a free pen.

(Though later, while signing something else someone had pointed out :
Eh you sure got ink one that pen?
And I ever the naive one said : why, its a new pen I just got from Sis.
Someone: Yalor, like them la menapousal already~)
Shoot hahaha. Naughty naughty.

There was a talk on the Bersih rally, I think, because I saw Mak Teh the reformasi photographer so I pushed myself into the annex hall and listened until NY's favourite Quranic translator came in and suddenly I lost my appetite and dragged ZI to the top floor for the Arts for Grabs exhibition.

This one is really gooooood.
The artworks displayed were very impressive although I didn't spend anything there but the whole thing of endless gawking and ooohh-aahhhing took us 2 hours.
The crowd was a good mixture of people, but I guess me and ZI were the only two tudung clad girls.

I could sense our invisibility while I was standing still for 20 minutes looking at a pop-art photography when an American couple came to observe what I was watching for so long, the pop big head artist handed them his brochure and business card but not to me!
Annoyed because I thought artsy people are saved from shallow mindedness of labelling and biased judgments.
Then again I am, like I just did just now, generalising.

And to the next exhibitioner when she was told that we were lawyers by profession (at first she called us "adik", judging from our sneakers and shabby non-fashionista shirts and backpacks)
she only had this to say: Oh you lawyers like art too?
(she insisted to know. I did say I'm a student (of life) but she knows I was not telling the (whole) truth)

Hm we eat rice, too, you know.

ZI had wanted to go to this Bloggers gathering. A.k.a Maskara.
It starts only at 8.30 pm and we have 3 hours to kill.
So what next?

We decided to pay the Capitalist Centre a visit.
The Pavillion.
And after an hour of endless searching for something we can afford, we gave up.
And spent the next half an hour searching for the car!!!!!!!
I'm not gonna go Pavillion babilion ever!
(Cop2. Org Islam yang baik tidak akan mencarut)

And we resumed our journey to feed our art hungry soul to Maskara.
At Rumah Pena.

As a first timer, I'm pleased to witness masih ada jiwa jiwa anak melayu yang kritis.
The thinking malays are still here.
(Tonight coincided with AIM and AF something~ but that did not hinder full house at Rummah Pena)

I met Cik Daun, Sinaganaga and Taf Tah in person, and they're really nice people despite the fact that they're all celebrity bloggers.
When they asked for my blog address, I wished I'd the will to lie them in the face that I have none of it, because these people are really good at what they're doing and me I'm just a small-timer blogger jadi mek segan laaa.

Came back home really exhausted, my other half was studying and I hoped my absence gave him enough time to revise =)

I'll sleep happy today.
Dead tired too.

I'm well chuffed!


mr k,  4 May 2008 at 02:58:00 GMT+8  

byknye tempat dia berjalan... sukenye dia happy! apela org tu ingat syg student. n tataw pape ttg art. tapi sy tau syg sy ni..cukup! semasak-masaknye.. takyah nk malu, ni la blog plg best skali abg penah jumpa! ^_^ wish to there with u.. jeles dgn Zi

::zet0ty[-_-"]:: 4 May 2008 at 14:12:00 GMT+8  

x rse papepon bubu..
bese je..


hida 4 May 2008 at 16:24:00 GMT+8  

Affie, someone is so eager to meet you. He even asked me which weekend we can go and see you and talk about art? He loves rembrant too.

Bole tak die nak jumpa kau more than he wants to see me..ish..ish

mr k,  4 May 2008 at 18:23:00 GMT+8  

tak boleh...kedekut! hoho

...but I digress 4 May 2008 at 20:45:00 GMT+8  

haha what sisters for, huh?

rembrandt and edgar de two favourite painters =)
i guess he is as stoked as i am, sbb susah nak jumpa org yg appreciate art..but otherwise im of no use,m just a friend to his wonderful girlfriend =)

mr k honey bubu cyg cyg alala:
tak boleh apenya cyg..hehe..
u're the only one who says this blog is of any good,n sorry u have to be the one person that suffers much to my blabbering talk of art.You're my art =)

fraulein nadia 5 May 2008 at 21:54:00 GMT+8  

Ok, 1st, whos NY's fave Quranic translator?

2nd, I hate Farish Noor (any1 who wants to link this comment to Farish Noor's email,I hv the right to hate.Haven't u read William Hazlitt's The Pleasure Of Hating? Try it, u'll find out hating is inevitable no matter how much u deny it.)

3rd- Arts for Grabs. I'd always be there.Last time around I spent over rm200.This time around hd to pass. Mmg u'd be the only one yg brtudung.Tp I've never hd the treatment u got.If dorg ckp kt aku camtu, mmg kena lah with me.

4th: I like Rembrandt van rijn too! Can u figure whose painting is that yg Coldplay amek jd their latest album Viva La Vida's cover? I heard it's Frida Kahlo.(ps: with song title like "Famous Old Painters", I'm putting high hopes on the latest album)

5th : Pavilion mmg ...harrumph!!

...but I digress 6 May 2008 at 00:29:00 GMT+8  

here goes nuthin'

1.Dgn nada perli shj (I know u despise him) Kawan baik MIS

2.He's one naughty chap,yes.

3.but u dress nicely.U know me and t-shirt get along like school on fire.Still,no time to revamp the wardrobe just yet.

4.yes i too suspected kahlo.she had always been a lesbian,so tgkla dia lukis ape besar2.Im sorry im still trying to adapt to their latest single...mcm susah nak digest...

5.well u know who'll be happy to go there.Obviously not me,not u,not zaza,not fad.Anti capitalism (but to those capitalists,sila lah membeli belah untuk memajukan negara)

cik daun 6 May 2008 at 14:33:00 GMT+8  


Hi.. Nice to meet you. Seronok nampak muka baru tau di Maskara.

and satu lagi.. alamak.. Saya bukan selebriti blogger, cuma prolific blogger. Ehehehe.

Jumpa lagi di maskara akan datang!! Jangan serik yach?!

...but I digress 6 May 2008 at 17:48:00 GMT+8  

eh cik daun =O

see..merendah diri lagi =)
maskara mmg best sgt2,insyaAllah we'll meet again (masa tu status cik daun dah tukaq jadi puan daun)


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