Tuesday, May 06, 2008

murmurs of the heart

From Abu Said:
There will be someone exiting from hell, a person with a drop of zarrah of imaan in his heart.
Abu Said then said:
For those who doubt, he should recite this: Innallaha laa yadzhlimu mithqaala dzarrah.
(Allah will never opress, even for an atom's weight)

note: hadith marfu'.
Reported by Tarmidzi and Bukhari as marfu' relating to an estensive hadith of syafaah.
(Kitab Ibnu Kathir 1/497)

Ibn ‘Athaillah in Al-Hikam stated:

telah di dalam kitab al-Hikam:-

"I therefore say what is measured by Allah is what is in the heart. Because of that the journey of the heart is utmost important and unchallenged by any other priorities. Knowledge in relation to that is extremely noble, as the purpose of learning Al-Kitab and As-Sunnah is for the improvement of Iman.

Yahya ibn Muazd was asked:

"When is a servant is considered truly sincere?"

He replied: when his akhlaq is comparable to an infant being fed, ignoring those who praises and those who condemns him.

When sincerity dwells in the heart, worldly affairs mean not a thing in self, the soul and the heart.


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