Wednesday, August 01, 2007

got ticket to ride?

Baiklah baiklah I would post.

A short one though, I’m in the office trying to look "workaholic as ever" (NOT!) .

I was recently contacted by my old friend the South African Layala from Syria who told me she’s coming for the Fiqh Convention in Putrajaya (the one Dr Syeikh Wahba Mustapha Al-Zuheili came for). Sensing that she needed some kinda assistance from the long-distance call, I stupidly asked: “Do you need directions to reach here?”

When I said “here” I meant from “KLIA to the convention”, not from Syria to Malaysia.
But nonetheless Layala said: “You don’t need to ask for directions for faraway places, dear Faraeshtey”.
"you only need to know what to do for you to get there"

But of course.
You don’t need to ask for directions for faraway places.
Because you only need to know how to prepare yourself for the “faraway places” and be that as it may, you will reach there where even no maps could provide the location

Where not even stupid SAT navs would help. (Not that it does. Reliance to gadgets can only make you more senseless than you're already are.)

Faraway places huh.
We’ll get there someday. Biiznillah.

Lets make a date outside al-Rayyan of any of the seven heavens, shall we?


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