Wednesday, August 08, 2007

i just hate indecision!

I can stand waiting in the pouring rain waiting for an answer.
I can wait three hours minimum for a bare reply yes or no.
Meanwhile I can just check my E-book pretending I don't mind.
No really I don't mind.
Patience is nothing for me.
Afterall, I get paid for it waiting, all in a day's job and it is at your expense.
So I can wait all you want and you can do your nonsense all the while.

You can yap with your elders father and mother and grannies and busybody aunties.
Check and re-check again and again for umteenth time.

hey, afterall you said it's your call.
You only need to confirm.
Go on.
Try me.

But I can't take it people being indecisive at other people's cost.
I'm sick of you pulling yes no yes no oh maybe i don't know yes no maybe again.

And stupid of me I passed your affirmation for others to act on.
Only to find out that you're unsure at the first place.

Regret is good if I can burn myself away from the embarassment you caused others.
If it's only me, hey dawg do it all the time.

Main-main je korang ni.
Kalau tak sure, don't la main confirm.
Kalau tak nak, cakapla.
Kalau nak, cepatla.
From where I came from, we don't play around.

Thats why we don't mind waiting, if needed be, any thorough consideration.
Take your time.
Go ahead.
Knock yourself out.

Cos once you said yes, there's no turning back. No u-turn. No not even illegal u-turns you can easily pay the compound away with. No no.

Thats why they say "

10 years of practice means 2 years of real practice and 8 years of waiting"

Bloody hell.


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