Saturday, August 04, 2007

just so faraway

Babes, bring me to Monaco.
You know, can we go there, once we’ll get down to south of France.
I need to go to Monte Carlo.
With you.

You can try on the classic Enzo and I can snap away on our eos 400d. If we’re lucky, we can watch our rookie Hamilton, after lazing and eating fish and chips at the docks. Luzern, our favourite lake is still not so faraway and if you like, we still can rent a car and look like million dollar tourists arriving in style, and pretend that we’re the Malaysian Beckhams or something (not that I look or want to be her. Eurgh)

Truth be told I rather sleep in cheap b&Bs but we still can afford to feel valuable.
At least to each other. You know you are precious to me.
But I just want to go there with you.
I don’t know.

Memories. The winds, the city, the Italian-like demeanors in an European city, (you know they're all emotional but entertaining storytellers) while listening to Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow’s eyes or pretending to like Pavarotti (he’s not too bad you know- once you get what he's trying to say) and maybe we can watch the classical obscenes in French Operas.

Or we can watch from our balcony down yonder the race starts.

Or sleep the whole day.
I don’t know.
Up to you.

I just want to be there with you.
Correction: I just want to be with you.
KL is just so lonely without you.


mr k,  8 August 2007 at 15:31:00 GMT+8  

im always with u darling.. add Monte Carlo in our list k? ^_^

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