Friday, August 03, 2007

i aint no reliance insurance agent

No pun intended, seriously.

I have been told by a person of discerning views that:

"it is only when someone relies on you, actually that same person is holding you up”

If you ask me, that sound more like modern-time slavery, bound and chained to fulfill your obligations, a terse volume of expectancy.

I would rather prefer in spite of persons relying on you, or no one at all relies on you, you have all the liberty to succeed.

Liberty to succeed when you are free from anything tying you down is sweeter than being pushed into a corner and forced to act in certain ways.

While choosing to be chained to be relied upon in order to succeed is, exuberant rhetoric, and while I don’t dismiss it in disdain, but I think we all should stop from finding our parachutes but begin to learn how to fly.

Free falling is scary but yeah, its so much better feeling than knowing to be strapped on your parachutes everytime you fall. And having to live with it.

I am careful when I say this that no one depended on Prophet Muhammad saw for him to suceed on them holding him up.

Remember his wife Khadijah was a wealthy trader and all that is left for our beloved to provide was more well to do than he was.

Remember how he was rejected by his own people of Quraisy led by his uncle.
But he did okay.
If he was to use this notion, his mission would fail.
But it did not.

From there on he became a source of wisdom, guidance, provisions and protection.

Yes some people relied to him for protection and guidance, but it is not them who held him up.

A mission of strategic dakwah it is, but morally, he has clear perspective on human relations, which directs to Almoghty God anyway.

I agree up to a point that every human needs moral support, but that kind of support sometime is not in human form. Its what the image in our perspective projects the mirror to our inner being. Yes to some extent, the control of reliance forms our beings, but that is so much to do with wisdom and guidance, not dependency in toto.

In someways, it is so much better to have no safety-net as we can plan to prepare ourselves while not depending on people leaning on you. These kind people offer us so much in life but they are all mortals, just like you and me, we live and we die. What if the person you rely on dies, or became an invalid access of reason, is the same way vice versa what if you die when you have others relying on you?

Surely this came a long way but to talk of material aspects, but more to moral building of human characteristics. That is why, arguably, poorer people have more character than boring rich men playing golf all day. I say it is arguable because, not all poor persons are saints, and not all rich datuks are sick twarts.

Hmm. But let me tell all of you this, while all the world loves you, it is you who needs to love yourself. I am emphasizing on independency in all forms of life. Its good that you’re paying your dependants monthly for them to get by. But they should not be the reason (in their absence more than their presence) for you to fail in life.

For I believe, our own good selves should be the ones holding ourselves up and high and mighty.

If you have trouble finding Izzah all this while..
Dont be surprised to find it deep in your heart.


'Ayn,  2 August 2007 at 12:19:00 GMT+8  

i respect to those who blame others for their downfall, and hopes others to develop.Syndrom anak manja/pekerja malas/pelajar corot.

'Ayn,  2 August 2007 at 12:21:00 GMT+8  

i respect 2 those who blame others 4 thr downfall, n hopes others 2 help him or her develop.Syndrom anak manja/pekerja malas/pelajar corot.

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