Tuesday, August 28, 2007

playing chess

This is what I’ve got to say why I said No.
I have no right to decide, but i can't just sit and watch the whole Titanic sinking, can I?
No this is not "I'm hollier-than-thou-mode", I'm just disgusted because we have a choice.

I remember first time meeting that friend of yours in a programme held by a rival uni, he was suddenly there as a “sub-committee member” though the last I checked the programme was only open for more senior member.
I was irritated to know he got in because like many other affiliation members (exclude moi the blacksheep non-partisant) he was in that particular political party.

Favoritism seems to work for the docile looking boy.

But for me, first impression is the only impression that matters.

For the sake of the stupid affiliation, I said nothing and even upon knowing his alma mater (which suddenly, became my hobby) I even spoke to him when my friend M told me the eerie downfall.

Let me get you this one straight.
From where I come from, (clubbed where those political party where I intentionally detached myself from) we were always always always concerned about the younger generations (affectionately referred to “gen pewaris”), despite my non-political backround (though vocal some would say) and their overzealous policy, we kinda clicked rightaway.

That’s why (Melati would’ve noticed. She said I’d keen interest with schoolchildren. On a different note relating to Khalis but that’s another story is it) I think that’s the only meeting point why I joined the marathon with them.

Having me in is like keeping Pompey in Rome.

You can imagine how I hated being associated with them, but I continued to run and did arrive on the finishing line in style (why not. We ended the tenure with so much “openness”. Poor Romans!) The first agm there was to be opened to be commented upon. And god it lasted 5 hours. It’s a record. Most would only last 30 mins).

I think the hate was mutual.
But I had my friends and them on the other side.
I had to be fair, no?

But anyways.
I had few dialouges with this blue eyed boy, really anticipated his participation when i realised that he only like his name to be everywhere.
This friend of yours showed no interest whatsoever.
He shrugged off saying oh yeah. Uhuh uhuh.
I could’ve given him a tight slap for his nonchalant ways I could.

I realised he just need a platform, a Maximus he is, no motive (even joining a yuck party but all of them seemed to enjoy the motive and missions thingy). Tin kosong rupanya.

Its okay.
I quickly dismissed the guy, thinking hey he might need something to feel his time, (and his mind, hopefully) so why not give him a chance. Afterall, not everyone is born a Hang Jebat or other patriotic hangs, right (discount me. I fail too) But this is my point.

Few a times I knew (d’oh man. We met always by and by) he’s not up to what he hopes to project his image to others, well hearsays aside, but lets just say I got many versions of his fallacies and while others commits sins and lies all the time, this is one to be expected from an illness.

You got plagued.

I knew from the start that that bloke is one poker faced. You know the usual talam dua muka. The kind of face you get uneasy just looking at them.

While I don’t play poker and I just shoot all them mockingbirds for all I care, that guy is just… living under a surface. Hiding behind a facade of lies.
Why not. It has been proven. Again and again.
You’re stupid.

Build the whole wall surrounding you for all I care.

Get strong, do whatever.
Hire the whole barricade of an army. Yeah.

But why you built it on a piece of land of repeated occurrences of earthquakes is quite stupid.

“Quite” not in Malaysian-usage form (not-so), but in the real English sense meaning extremely really.

Run for your life.

yes you are blinded, but omg, like not by birth and you can always unfold the blindfold like magic. Only it is not.
Stop wailing like a little child and now its your move.
Checkmate and the King is stumbled.

Why we go on doing what we do might have to do with our own ignorance, but really, how stupid do we want to gamble our future for something so unsure of when it has been repeated all over again?

Again, in my (non)political review, if I had been cruel, it is only because I pity.
A non-partisan like me, would shrug off heading on my own to my own in no mans land (haha no pun intended) rather than voting for a tyrant leader for a want of nation.

Choose wisely.
Leaders shape those cute gen pewaris.
Cos everything is relative, including your genetics.


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