Sunday, August 05, 2007

got wheels?

So not keeping up with Joneses.
Just the latest news ya. (Niat baik)

SR had upgraded to a Camry 2.0
SN got himself a Beemer 5 series and CK an S series Merc.

Enough with some news from the former offices of mine, climbing down the ladder, to our circle of friends: Its all good news they’re doing good.

Farhan is getting the Camry (well, his current ride is a Merc anyway).
Ijat himself a Latio (eugh Ijat, hodoh la keta tuh) and Fara (not having her driving license yet but still) a Vios.

Ooh Amin bomoh jawa now awaits for thr big fat grill for his brand new Audi A4.
Hana and her man joined the big boys club and rode off in a Kawasaki Vulcan.
Mich Chung is off in a Lexus after his Murano got stolen.
I heard him telling me with my mouth forming into a perfect “o”.


Well, from the other side of the world: the green people

You have the relentless Yah with her bus number 11 (that’s pejalan kaki for you) yup she’s an environment activist suddenly so I think the only car she would use is the boring sleepy Prius which is unavailable in our country anyway.

Well, the partner in my ex-firm DN is still relying on his Perdana, courtesy of a company he helped once and not budging for any sort of temptation even after winning a Nissan X-trail free and easy.
He sold the X-trail and gave the money to an orphanage.
He’s the man.

So is the senior N.
Had always been faithful with his 1996 320.
When he can afford something flashy like the S-type jag.



I’m a little bit of both.
I don’t even have time to wash poor Bakri and do you think I have time to adore the new car if I buy one?

Go have a wild guess.
I love cars.
I talk about them all day.
Much to Yah's annoyance when she was telling some important "news" when I cut off the conversation and would point out "Damn, look at that Lancer. Oooh".

Judge from how dusty and dirty the car looks, and you know the answer.
Bakri even got a caked dust up his nose, man.

(maybe I should head up to the nearest car wash).
Not now. Not soon.
I’m just happy with the cranky old man.
some genius on one really dirrrrrrrrrty car.


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