Friday, November 28, 2008

short lived joy

The only thing that keeps the current gomen in-tuned with the whole judiciary reform is that they do not want to lose out foreign investors. Other than that, why do they even bother.

I wonder if this dependency should be of any good, its not as if our country is not that resourceful, and I keep on reminding myself that Buy Malaysian products only appeals to only some of us. The only way out of Globalisation is to stay out of it.

We still need the daily dose of Starbucks, Wendy's and Tony Romas, when Kopi cap Mawar, Ramly burgers and Ayam Golek Lima Bintang tastes better but for the packaging.
Malaysians and their capitalists idea of living. Ingat hidup ni nak enjoy looking good sahaja.

I had the first paragraph thinking when i was served with a sealed summons in chambers to set aside Judgment by the opponent solicitor on the same day I managed to get Judgment againt the opponent, earlier in the day.

How is that possible?
When usually well-drafted order (with certificate of urgency perhaps) takes almost 3 weeks to be approved, and this SIC is signed and sealed in half a day.
And I haven’t gotten my draft order out yet.

If the system has finally found its way to expedite things, I’m all up for it.
And if the gomen's service has suddenly improved, I applaud all the steps in ensuring so.
But seriously, don't you thinks its a bit peculiar? its too quick, too effective.

I wondered how, and stopped thinking why.


fadiahnadwafikri 28 November 2008 at 13:54:00 GMT+8  


foreign investors are treated as if they are gods, if they leave, we are all gonna die...pelik tapi benar!

venezuela has been blockaded by the US and its allies for God knows how long, the people still survive, and they almost have 0% of illiteracy because chavez doesnt mourn and cry when foreign (US and its allies)are no longer around, instead he opts to empower the people so that they can be independent enough to run their own country without being dictated by the US and its allies.

all medical students are given scholarship without any exception.

their doctors are sent out to help improve other third world countries' health care system.

health care is free for every one.

scholarship is not only offered to its own people, but students from countries in conflict are eligible to apply.

and surprisingly, other foreign investors(not the US and its allies) still maintain a good relationship with these independent latin american countries.

see, all you gotta have is faith.

mr K 28 November 2008 at 19:27:00 GMT+8  

im looking for asam yg org cicah jambu tu... anybody? i dont care its looking good or not. im craving for it. haha

AALAA' 1 December 2008 at 18:21:00 GMT+8  

wow..kool eh venezuela?!

eh skarang ade burger tersedap di KL, name die Otai Burger.. kalah ramli u!

(x mampu la haku nak berstabak hari2~ kate pun ahli PPM :p)

Amicus Curiae 3 December 2008 at 18:37:00 GMT+8  

guess we didnt earn that independence deep to our roots, eh.seems everything hv to depend on something.

nak dapat contract,kene ada contact.
nak dapat scholarship, kene ada cable.

damn la umno.

Venezuela's petrol is cheaper than mineral water.

mr k darling:
jgn makan banyak2 :P

am so sorry..the past week my internet connection at home takde.and these 3 weeks i takde kat ofis sbb court memanjang,tak sempat nak tgk blog org lain pun....will do it once evrything is OK,dear sis.

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